Job Opening . . .

We have a company here in Moscow called EMSI that is a great place to work. They are now looking for an experienced accountant and a few web developers. If you are interested in following up on this, check it out here.

Aleph, Bet, Gimmel, Darn

This coming May, in conjunction with BibleMesh, New St. Andrews is offering a week-long intensive course in biblical Hebrew for pastors. Further details can be found here. The course will be taught by Dr. Timothy Edwards, just to the right here, whose British accent will not Intensive Hebrewmake you learn it any faster, but we guarantee that it will make you think you are.

A number of other exciting developments are also percolating at NSA, and we hope to keep you abreast of them all. This is just the first. Stay tuned.


A Couple Shameless Plugs

So let me explain what happened. Some months ago, my CD player in my truck conked out. Nancy was kind enough to get me a new one for Christmas, which I then had installed. But in the meantime, a bunch of my Mars Hill Audio Journal CDs had backed up into a small pile, so I then went on a Ken Myer binge, which was fun, because in the middle of that, I went down to Monroe where he and I were both speaking at a conference together. Ah, a familiar voice. But, eventually I got caught up. Ken’s interviews are where I get many of my ideas for book purchases. So check it out, I tell you.

Also during this enforced-audio-hiatus-time, a former student sent me some samples of a project he and some others are working on — audio dramatizations of some of G.A. Henty’s books. So I just finished listening to their production of Under Drake’s Flag, and highly recommend it to any of you who have kids who like to have adventures while riding in the car. These productions values are high, and they got some real pros reading the parts. For just one example, Brian Blessed reads the part of Henty, and lots of action swirls around him. Check these out too.

Drake's Flag

Basic Christian Living

This coming semester I am going to be teaching an elective at Logos School on practical Christianity. The students will be using a workbook I put together, Basic Christian Living, and which Canon has just published. There are short teaching sections interspersed throughout, along with questions and Scripture references to look up to answer the questions.Basic Christian Living

There are chapters on worship, confession of sin, restitution, contentment, and so on. The point of the book is to help Christian young people learn the basics of Christian holiness. If you are in a position where you want to help a person in such a situation, take a look.

Chedorlaomer, UT Alum

The Sword of Abram just arrived in the warehouse yesterday, and are just sitting there, ready for shipping. The illustrations are fantastic, and though the thing is too big for a stocking, it is not too big to set the stocking on. Here is Chedorlaomer, disgruntled about something that happens in the story. To find out what that is, however, you will have to . . .

Sword of Abram

Registrations Open for the Grace Agenda

I am glad to announce that the web site for the Grace Agenda this spring is now live. You may take a gander here. One significant change this year is that registrations for the conference are now free. We will be happy to take donations, of course, but there is no charge for the conference itself this year. There is a short video invitation there — be sure to watch that.