Cheat Sheet #2

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If you have not yet obtained your very own copy of The Bestiary of Adorable Fallacies, I have only one thing to say to you -- and that is fie, fie! Actually, all right, that's two things. But even if you rush to the computer right now and order it, you will be without the information below for an unconscionable amount of time. So here it is, right now. For more info, just click on the image. … [Read more...]

A 7 Point Elevator Pitch in a Tall Skyscraper


I want to take a moment of your time to explain why you or someone close to you really ought to consider attending New St. Andrews College this fall. First, we provide a rigorous liberal arts education in the classical Christian tradition. It is important to note that the Christianity is not added to the liberal arts as a condiment supplied for the sake of flavoring. Our commitment to Jesus Christ is essential to every aspect of our mission, including our decision to offer a liberal arts degree. Second, we don't take Federal money. As the morass of statist entanglements continues to destroy higher education in America, making the whole thing a sinkhole the size of Rhode Island, NSA has kept itself free of all such entanglements. We are free to pursue and teach what we believe to be the truth, simply because we believe it to be such. We are not financially beholden to any form of paganism on the Potomac. Given the new despotic climate in our culture, especially with the new regime … [Read more...]

Greyfriars Hall

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If you have thought about training for pastoral ministry, you may want to check out Greyfriars Hall. Greyfriars is a ministerial training program that functions under the oversight of the session of elders at Christ Church. You can read more about the program both here and here. There are openings for the fall. If you are accepted, the tuition is free. You do have to buy your own books, and you still have to feed your wife and children, but there is no tuition. In addition, because of cross-listed courses, when you are done with Greyfriars, you will have about half of the work for New St. Andrews' MA in Theology and Letters completed. … [Read more...]

Eclectic Guitar 2015

Logos Dads Band | 2015 Concert Promo from David Johnson Productions on Vimeo. The Logos Dads' Band is an eclectic collection of musicians associated with Logos School, and some of us even play eclectic guitar. We periodically hold a fund-raiser concert to help raise funds for the music program at Logos School. For some it is just an opportunity to listen to music and donate to a great cause. For others it is more of a cautionary tale -- kids, you need to pay attention in your music classes so that you don't turn out like that. At any rate, we have a wonderful time playing covers from the classic rock era, and our next concert is being held the Thursday night right before the opening of the Grace Agenda. We hope to see you there. … [Read more...]