Who Sent You Here?

“Preaching has fallen on evil days because the sermon is regarded as just another form of human speech, rather than a special genre. The preacher is just another Christian without any special authority; the pulpit (whether within the church or on those frontiers where the church addresses the world) is just another platform or lectern—sometimes (even worse) it is a private stage. And when preachers believe this way, they lack the courage to speak with authority and to bless.”

James Daane, in Olford, Anointed Expository Preaching, p. 3

Looking In, Looking Out

“Lambeth’s eyes were dark to begin with, but in that moment there had seemed to be layers of black malice going all the way down . . . He decided later on that he had realized in that moment, somehow, that if you looked into eyes like that long enough, a time would come when you would be looking out of eyes like that.”

The Man in the Dark, p. 79

The Content Cluster Muster (06.04.20)

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