Make It Even Clearer

“And this is why we now see the foolishness of dating things BCE (before the common era) instead of BC (before Christ), and CE (common era) instead of AD (anno Domini). Christian writers ought to fight with their editors for AD, and if they lose, they should then tell everyone that CE means ‘Christ’s Empire.’”

The Cultural Mind, p. 210

Content Cluster Muster [12-01-22]

Good One: More here. Caldron Pool Interview: A Song I Really Like for Some Reason: David Bahnsen’s New Show: Jokes I Like to Tell: How was copper wire invented?There were these two Scotsmen fighting over a penny. And Another Podcast Also: Featured Product: Song of Shulamith:This is a version of the Song of Solomon, set …

Five or Six Carolina Reapers on a Plate of Kraft Mac and Cheese

Prolegomena to the Introduction: Admittedly, this post is going to start out somewhat mildly. But I am simply setting the table, and boiling the water. What I am serving today is Kraft Mac and Cheese, ...

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