Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve/Young Men and their Strength

Introduction: As we seek to address the marital dislocations that confront us in every direction, remember that we want to do so in a way that respects the men, particularly the young men. If they don’t solve the problem, then nobody is going to solve the problem. And if the problem is caused by our …

The Remains of Cute

“And Isadora was cute too, or had been once. The piercings and Halloween hair were now something of a distraction, and deep inside her soul Isadora had diligently been taking her ugly pills for at least ten years, and that was finally starting to show on the surface as well. They were slow-acting, time-release ugly pills, but they were nevertheless very effective. But there were the remains of cute about her still, depending on the lighting.”

Ride, Sally, Ride, pp. 150-151

Without Double Standards, No Standards at All

“And so it was that the two women drove off, back to their natural habitat, a deep thicket of double standards. No language was off-limits, no matter how crass, so long as it was uttered in the celebration of vice; and no language that indicated any level of disapproval of vice, no matter how mild, could be tolerated for a moment. All of it was lumped under the catch-all word hate.”

Ride, Sally, Ride, p. 146

The Content Cluster Muster (09.17.20)

Grace Agenda 2020 Messages: How to Read the Story You Are In | N.D. Wilson (GA 2020)The first message from #GraceAgenda2020 is now available!We will be releasing two messages a week on all of our platforms, including the ChristKirk app ( and ChristKirk sermon podcast.—The last several years Christ Church has tried an experiment in …