The Content Cluster Muster (01.14.21)

12 Things To Do in 2021: CC Missions Conference 2021: Jokes are Lost on Some: No Offense, But…: A police chief— Chief Miekelson – WATCH SCOT SQUAD ON IPLAYER (@ChiefMiekelson) January 12, 2021 Impeachwoments: What could go wrong?— Ben Zornes (@benzornes) January 11, 2021 And There You Go:

Aphorisms for a Tedious Week

You cannot invoke the gods of chaos without getting the gods of chaos. Offended by the president’s lack of basic decency, the respectable leadership of official Washington has declared that it was time to race him to the bottom. Turns out they show remarkable talent for it. Official Washington lecturing the president on his lack …

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Credit It, Of Course, But Especially Live It

“This activity of relating the message to the life of the preacher is especially significant if the preacher is preaching a lot of material he has gleaned from others . . . The bigger issue is that the ‘borrowed’ material needs to become a message that can be preached authentically through the preacher . . . You can use it, giving due credit; but make sure you have ‘heard’ it and responded to it, that the message is yours by virtue of personal submission and commitment.”

Olford, Anointed Expository Preaching, p. 178