Placement Matters

“What these people have in common is that they are all engaged in a hedonistic pursuit of sensual pleasure. They all want to get laid and loaded. The name of the game is sensory overload. Now if I were looking for a place to shelve ‘stoned out of his gourd,” would I be more likely to put it after joy and before peace, or after excess of wine and before revelling?”

Devoured by Cannabis, p. 20

Pot and Alcohol?

“Maybe this is simply a generational divide. One generation likes a dry martini after work, and a new generation prefers a smoky kick. Couldn’t it just be a matter of generational taste? One prefers a smoky kick with actual smoke, while the other wants the smoky kick of Laphroaig, which, as the ad copy once put it, ‘ tastes like a burning hospital’”

Devoured by Cannabis, p. 10

Some Rotgut Likker

“The toxicity of a Woodstock joint was relatively low—a modest amount of THC. Today the levels can get a lot higher, just like the user. And there are a number of people who are now using extracts that are almost entirely pure THC. Whatever kick that mule had back in the seventies, it is about four to six times greater than that now. This is kind of like the difference between a Bud Light and a shot of Old Gym Sock Corn Whiskey”

Devoured by Cannabis, p. 2