Life After Roe

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For those in the local Moscow area, I wanted to remind you of the Life After Roe event, which is this Friday at 7:00 pm at the UI Pitman Center. The event is free, but please register in advance, which you can do via the QR code on the flyer or at this link here.

The Federalist Society and the Hale Institute are sponsoring the event, which is a panel discussion, moderated by Ninth Circuit Judge Lawrence VanDyke. The topic is the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs and what it means for abortion law in America going forward. The panelists are heavy hitters—n the pro-life side is Megan Wold, who clerked for Justice Alito, author of the Dobbs opinion, and Francis Beckwith, a professor at Baylor and author of Defending Life. On the pro-choice side is Jenna Newmark, who acts as litigation counsel for Planned Parenthood, and Brian Smentkowski, a political science professor at UI.

Dobbs is clearly not the end of the struggle over abortion, but it does mark a new beginning of state-by-state litigation, with Idaho now at the forefront. The event is free, and the only requirements are that you register beforehand, and that you come prepared to be civil.