Fight Laugh Feast/Knoxville 2022

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So this coming October, I’ll be in Knoxville Tennessee at the Fight Laugh Feast Network’s third annual conference. The theme of this year’s conference is “Lies, Propaganda, Storytelling, and the Serrated Edge.” The subtitle could be “Culture War Ain’t Beanbag.”

I’ll be speaking twice throughout the three-day event. On Friday night, the title of my talk will be what it already is—”Rated “R” Combat,” and then Saturday morning, I’ll be speaking on “Bad Words, Mockery, and Sarcasm.” I will also be joining my wife (together with Ben and Bekah Merkle) on a panel hosted by Chocolate Knox. The theme of that Fridayafternoon panel will be “Building Humans with Stories.”

Other speakers will include Pastor Toby Sumpter on the “Serrated Gospel,” Ben Merkle on “Propaganda, Grooming, and Discipleship,” George Gilder on “Seemly and Sanctified Sex,” and Jared Longshore on “Serrated Quiver.” Lord willing, there will be more announcements later.

Satan is the father of lies, and the mother of those lies is a government that has rejected God. We have been especially lied to these last two years, and the COVID panic has been one of the central mechanisms that our government has used to lie to us and to grab more and more power. Because Christians have not been reading their Bibles, we are susceptible to their lies, and have been terribly weakened in our ability to fight off these lies. God has given us His Word in order to fight Satan and his lies, and we need to recover all of God’s Word, including all its serrated edges. The fact that so many Christians don’t believe those edges are there is evidence enough that we haven’t be reading our Bibles, or haven’t been reading them right side up.

I have been informed by reliable sources that there will be a pre-business conference on Thursday, church leaders lunch on Friday, and a CEO luncheon on Saturday. The schedule really is packed out, and if you have questions or a need for details, you can email the crew at contact(@)fightlaughfeast(dot)com.

I am about to urge you to sign up, and really, why wouldn’t you? You can sign up for the conference here, as well as view the schedule, and book your stay at recommended hotels. Also, if you have been teetering back and forth on whether to become a Fight Laugh Feast Club Member, this right here should push you over the edge. You can get $100 off the cost of the conference with a club membership.

Or that’s what they tell me anyhow. If you encounter any difficulties with any of this, just remember that we weren’t put into this world for pleasure alone. And at the same time, you shouldn’t really ask me about it because I just go where I’m pointed.