A True Opportunity at Canon+

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Fair warning, right at the front end here. I am going to get to a pitch in the last paragraph, so if you don’t like pitches, then I suggest a penultimate stopping point. But first I want to tell you a few things about the reason for the pitch.

The last several years have been remarkable in many ways. The more obvious characteristics have been all the clown world features, but God is at work and has done some wonderful things with the folly of man. One of the dumbest things we ever did was the great lockdown, but God has used that in marvelous ways. For example, it forced many employers to acknowledge that a lot of their company tasks and jobs could be handled from home, and this in turn contributed to the Big Sort. If a man has been wanting for a few years now to move his family, oh, I don’t know, to Idaho, let’s say, and the lockdown forced him to do his job from across the metro area, without once coming in to the office, and his efficiency then went up, why would they say no to a move across the country? That has happened more than a few times.

I have also heard different accounts from people about how the lockdown altered their spiritual lives forever. It revealed to them the superficial nature of their faith in Scripture, or superficial nature of their church’s commitment to Scripture, or both, and in the middle of all that realization, someone turned them on to Canon+. Someone recommended Canon+ and they had nothing on their hands but time. Lockdown for them was a crash course in Reformed theology, the kind that comes out your fingertips. As I travel, I get expressions of gratitude all the time for the resources available at Canon+. Not for this book or that one, but rather for the torrent of content. I used to be thanked for a particular book that someone found helpful, but now I am getting thanked for the library. All the resources.

And in response to all the thanks, first, you are welcome, and second, this was the Lord’s doing. It was not the result of a master plan that we can take credit for. It was the result of the Lord dropping opportunity after opportunity on us. Some of them He dropped on our head.

All of this relates to another remarkable change, one that is really quite striking. Something I have noticed at conferences over just the last few years has to do with the kids. I am now approached, and thanked, a lot, by ten-year-olds. Like at a rate ten times more than whatever was happening before. My theory is that lockdown affected them also, and because I was on their home screens quite a bit, they got to know me, or the sound of my voice. And began tracking. That bodes well for the future.

So, anything I might be able to do to spread the resources available at Canon+ is something that I absolutely want to do. That said . . .

So here’s the pitch. At Canon+ we’re building a community of likeminded families and want to provide resources for reformation—meaning for both edification and entertainment—in their homes and towns. The Canon+ church subscription option, just now developed, allows church leadership or grateful patrons to give their own churches resources for the future by buying annual Canon+ family memberships at a significantly cheaper rate. To read more about all of this, go to the Canon+ Group Subscription page here or read the Canon+ Group Subscription FAQ here. For those who are just hearing of Canon+ for the first time, the “outfitters of the reformation” mission is explained here.

If you get involved with this, you are helping us to help you. So please consider this offer, with our thanks.