Seriously. The Politics of Six Day Creation.

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So then, people. This coming October I’ll be in Williamstown Kentucky, and I will be there for the Fight Laugh Feast Network’s fourth annual conference. The theme of this year’s conference is The Politics of Six Day Creation.

I’ll be speaking two times—or dos times, as we bilingual people sometimes say— throughout the three day event. On Friday, the title of my talk is Social Contract Theory as Feathered Serpent—social contract theory is a made-up origins story, a replacement myth for the Garden of Eden, and is foundational to ever modern form of totalitarianism.

The title for my Saturday talk is Creation and the Nature of Nature. Because God made the world, saying that everything is, He also gets to say what everything is.

Other speakers include Ken Ham, Dr. Ben Merkle, Dr. Gordon Wilson, Pastor Toby, Joe Rigney and there will also be a live CrossPolitic show Saturday afternoon that I will be participating in.

On top of all the fun from the Fight Laugh Feast Conference, The Ark Encounter includes a lot for the shorter saints among us, such as touring the Ark, a petting zoo, a zip line course, an outdoor park next to the event center, and the Creation Museum. 

You can sign up for the conference here, as well as view the schedule, book recommended hotels, and contact the Fight Laugh Feast Network with any questions you might still might have. Also, if you have been teetering back and forth on whether to become a Fight Laugh Feast Pub Member, this might could push you over the edge—notice the adroit use of the Southern subjunctive, something we bilingual people sometimes do. You can get $100 off the conference fee with a pub membership. Or that’s what they tell me anyhow—I wouldn’t know otherwise. And for more information on memberships and stuff like that, you can visit . . .

Hope to see you there in a few months.