Reading List of Completed Books

As you peruse this list, please keep in mind that these books were read, and evaluated, over a period of many years. As my understanding of God’s Word (not to mention theworld) has grown, the predictable result is that I would now evaluate many of these works differently —DW


1The Man in the DarkWilsonwhattabookJanuary
2Out of the Silent PlanetLewisgreatJanuary
3The Art of Divine ContentmentWatsonreally goodJanuary
4The Air We BreatheScrivenerquite goodJanuary
5The Case for Christian NationalismWolfereally goodJanuary
6The Lion, the Witch, and the WardrobeLewisgreatJanuary
7Reformed PreachingBeekequite goodJanuary
8Preface to Paradise LostLewisgreatJanuary
9Epic English WordsDevoefunJanuary
10The Pot-huntersWodehouseokayJanuary
11What Calvinism Has Done for AmericaMonsmagoodJanuary
12Foundations of a Moral GovernmentMiltongoodJanuary
13All Things ConsideredChestertongoodJanuary
14On Writing and WritersLewisgreatJanuary
15Essay Collection and Other Short PiecesLewisgreatJanuary
16Common SensePainesurprisingly goodJanuary
17The Four LovesLewisgreatJanuary
18The Truth and BeautyKlavanreally goodJanuary
19The Voyage of the Dawn TreaderLewisgreatJanuary
20Knowledge and PowerGildergreatJanuary
21Life TogetherBonhofferreally goodJanuary
22The Anglosphere’s Broken CovenantWagnerpersuasiveJanuary
23Letter to the American ChurchMetaxassolidJanuary
24Pilgrim’s ProgressBunyangreatJanuary
25Messiah ben JosephMitchellgreatJanuary
27Reforming MarriageWilsonwhattabookFebruary
28The Plan of SalvationWarfieldgoldFebruary
29The Cultural MindWilsonwhattabookFebruary
30When the Man Comes AroundWilsonwhattabookFebruary
31The New Testament (Cash)Holy SpiritScriptureFebruary
32The Sins of G.K. ChestertonIngramsdecentFebruary
33The Wonderful Works of GodBavinckgreatFebruary
34A Dictionary of Kiwi SlangMcGilldecentFebruary
35Authority in the Christian LifeBerthoudsolidFebruary
36The Secularization of ScienceDooyeweerdgoodFebruary
37DemonsHeiserreally goodFebruary
38The Word HordVideenquite goodMarch
39Jesus: The Incarnation of the WordMitchellfantasticMarch
40Power in WeaknessHughesreally goodMarch
41Why Liberalism FailedDeneenspottyMarch
42Live Like a NarnianRigneyvery goodMarch
44Untune the SkyWilsonwhattabookMarch
46Ride Sally RideWilsonwhattabookMarch
47How to Write Science Fiction and FantasyCardgoodMarch
48Susan CreekWilsonwhattabookFebruary
49Two WilliamsWilsonwhattabookFebruary
50Barbary JihadWilsonwhattabookMarch
51Ride Sally Ride (again!)WilsonwhattabookMarch
52Untune the SkyWilsonwhattabookMarch
54Writing Great FictionHynesreally goodApril
55The 15 Invaluable Laws of GrowthMaxwellgoodApril
56True CompanionWilsonreally goodApril
57The Christian SabbathJohnsongoodApril
58The HobbitTolkienjust greatApril
59The Emotional Life of our LordWarfieldgoodApril
60Two WilliamsWilsonwhattabookApril
61Over SeventyWodehousefunApril
62Reading the Bible with the Founding FathersDriesbachgoodApril
63Spurgeon on the Power of ScriptureAllenvery goodMay
64The Webster BibleHoly SpiritScriptureMay
65Skin and BloodWilsonwhattabookMay
66No ApologiesEsolenreally goodMay
67The Case for the Christian FamilyLongshoregreatMay
68Blackthorn WinterWilsonwhattabookMay
69Susan CreekWilsonwhattabookMay
70God’s BattalionsStarkreally goodJune
71Barbary JihadWilsonwhattabookJune
72Lex RexRutherfordgreatJune
73Final BattleHorowitzreally solidJuly
74Untune the SkyWilsonwhattabookJuly
75The World’s Last NightLewisgreatJuly
77Chestertonian CalvinismWilsonwhattabookJuly
78The Theory of Rene GirardOsbornfunJuly
79Pride and PrejudiceAustengreatJuly
81Why I Left Full PreterismFrostreally informativeJuly
82Wit’s EndGearyokayJuly
83Principles of WarWilsongreatAugust
84The Fourth Turning Is HereHoweprovocativeAugust
85The Case for Dividend GrowthBahnsenquite goodAugust
86The Book That Made Your WorldMangalwadigoodAugust
87Federal HusbandWilsonwhattabookAugust
88A New Day of Small BeginningsCourthialgoodAugust
89The New Testament (ESV)Holy SpiritScriptureAugust
90Domestic ExtremistKeenanquite goodAugust
91Andrew and the FiredrakeWilsonwhattabookAugust
92Notes from the Tilt-a-WhirlWilsonso goodAugust
93The Screwtape LettersLewisalways greatAugust
95Calvinist PoetryWilson, ed.really goodSeptember
96The Boniface OptionIskerquite goodSeptember
97Get the GuyWilsonwhattabookSeptember
98Get the GirlWilsonwhattabookSeptember
99Flight by FlightWebbongoodSeptember
100Men and MarriageGildergreatSeptember
101Adventures of SallyWodehousefunOctober
102Skin and BloodWilsonwhattabookOctober
103The God Who Is ThereSchaeffergreatOctober
104Decluttering Your MarriageWilsonwhattabookOctober


1300 Quotations for PreachersRitzemagoodJanuary
2Mike at WyrkynWodehouseenjoyableJanuary
3RiggedHemingwayvery fineJanuary
4Principles of WarWilsonseminalJanuary
5Smith of Wooten MajorTolkiengreatJanuary
6Revival God’s WayRavenhillgood/awfulJanuary
7Black & TanWilsonwhattabookJanuary
8The Emotional Life of Our LordWarfieldgreatJanuary
9Images of America: MoscowMonroefunJanuary
10Nice Guy’s Guide to RelationshipsStottsfunnyJanuary
11The Rational MaleTomassiinsightful/appallingJanuary
12Commentary on MicahCalvingoodJanuary
13In the House of Tom BombadilWileygreatJanuary
15Trust Me, I’m LyingHolidayinformativeJanuary
16To Be as GodRushdoonyquite goodJanuary
17Why Social Justice is Not Biblical JusticeAllengoodJanuary
18Basic Laws of Human StupidityCipollajust greatJanuary
19The Pilgrim’s RegressLewisgreatJanuary
20That Hideous StrengthLewismarvelous againJanuary
21The Politics of PornographyRushdoonygoodJanuary
22Basic Laws of Human StupidityCipollajust greatJanuary
23Book Lover’s Treasury of QuotationsHatherleighfineJanuary
24The Joy of PreachingBrooksreally goodJanuary
27Let the Stones Cry OutWilsonwhattabookJanuary
28The Discarded ImageLewisjust greatJanuary
29Experiment in CriticismLewisgreatJanuary
30The Light From Behind the SunWilsonwhattabookJanuary
31Watchdogs, Blogs, and Wild HogsJacksonfunJanuary
32It’s Good to be a ManFoster/Tennantvery goodJanuary
33Murder Your DarlingsClarkgoodJanuary
34To a Thousand GenerationsWilsonwhattabookFebruary
35The Storm Before the CalmFriedmanquite goodFebruary
36The Heresy of John Milton, CalvinistHornerpersuasiveFebruary
37Reforming HospitalityWaldmixedFebruary
38100 Ways to Improve Your WritingProvostgoodFebruary
39Has God Indeed Said?Kayser/Pickeringreally goodFebruary
40No Mere MortalsSumpterreally goodFebruary
41Chesterton’s GatewayNicollequite goodMarch
43The Basic Laws of Human StupidityCipollagreatMarch
44The Lord Gave the WordWattsreally fineMarch
45Steal Like an ArtistKleonsolidMarch
46Chesterton’s TavernBelmontereally goodMarch
47Answered PrayerWilsonreally goodApril
48The Reformed PastorBaxterquite goodApril
49Andrew and the FiredrakeWilsonwhattabookApril
50SlaveMacArthurreally goodApril
51There’s No Free LunchBahnsenreally goodApril
52An Apologetic for LibertyKookogeysolidApril
53The Confessional CountySimmonssolidApril
54Disunited NationsZeihanreally informativeApril
55Freedom and VirtueCareysolidMay
56Concise TheologyPackergreatMay
57Don’ts for HusbandsEbbuttquirkyMay
58Christianity and WokenessStrachanreally goodMay
59American AwakeningMitchellquite goodMay
60Why I Love the Apostle PaulPiperquite goodMay
61Not George WashingtonWodehouse/Westbrookhis worstMay
62Ride, Sally, RideWilsonwhattabookMay
63The Holy Bible(Moffatt)ScriptureMay
64Be Thou My VisionGibsongreatMay
65Vine’s Expository DictionaryVinegoodMay
66Eggs Are Expensive, Sperm Is CheapKrehbielvery goodJune
67That Hideous StrengthLewisevergreenJune
68The Battle for the American MindHegseth/GoodwingreatJuly
69The SwoopWodehouseno goodJuly
70The Economics of the ParablesSiricosolidJuly
71Sheltering MercySmith & Wiltquite goodJuly
73The Year of Our LordFergusonreally goodJuly
74Authentic MinistryReevesreally goodJuly
75Strange New WorldTruemangreatJuly
76The Wimsey PapersSayersfunJuly
77The Absent SuperpowerZeihaninformativeAugust
78The Psychology of TotalitarianismDesmetvery goodAugust
79The New Testament (NASB)Holy SpiritScriptureAugust
80Coincidence in the Solar SystemMartineaugreatAugust
81Humor SeriouslyAaker/BagdonamehAugust
82The Magna Carta of HumanityGuinessChristless wisdomAugust
83Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase & FableAytogreatAugust
84Christian NationalismTorba/IskergoodSeptember
85Life Is Hardy-Har-HardBanyanpretty goodSeptember
86UnimaginableJohnstonpretty goodSeptember
87The Didacheearly fathersgoodSeptember
88The Screwtape LettersLewisalways greatSeptember
89Mere ChristendomWilsonwhattabookSeptember
90The New Testament (NEB)Holy SpiritScriptureSeptember
91The Magician’s NephewLewisalways goodSeptember
92The Judeo/Christian TraditionNorthreally goodSeptember
93The Failure of Natural TheologyJohnsonreally goodSeptember
94True SpiritualitySchaeffergoodSeptember
95The End of the World Is Just the BeginningZeihangreatOctober
96The Horse and His BoyLewisgreatOctober
97Small PreachingPenningtonquite goodOctober
98The Emotional Life of Our LordWarfieldgreatOctober
99Tragic ConsequencesNorth/GoetschgoodOctober
100The Last BattleLewisalways goodOctober
101Self-Discipline for WritersMeadowsgoodOctober
102The Mark of the ChristianSchaefferreally goodOctober
103Be Thou My VisionGibsonexcellentNovember
104The Thing IsHousealvery goodNovember
105Blackthorn WinterWilsonwhattabookNovember


2Weakness is the WayPackergoodJanuary
3The Princess and CurdieMacDonaldfunJanuary
4Escape From ReasonSchaeffergoodJanuary
5What I Saw in AmericaChestertonfunJanuary
6Concerning the True Care of SoulsBucersolidJanuary
7Where I Come FromBragggreatJanuary
8The Westminster Shorter CatechismFergusonjust greatJanuary
9How to be Filled With the Holy SpiritTozerreally goodJanuary
10The Fear of GodBunyangreatJanuary
11Slave NarrativesassortedinformativeJanuary
12Slaying LeviathanSunshinereally goodJanuary
13On TemptationOwenquite fineJanuary
14Ancient Christian DevotionalVariousdecentJanuary
15A Short Introduction to Abraham Kuyper’s Lectures on CalvinismSumpterreally solidJanuary
16The Preacher’s Joke BookJonesfunnyJanuary
17English as She is SpokeCarolinohilariousJanuary
18The Maker v. the TakersBowyera great bookJanuary
19The Mystery of ProvidenceFlavelreally goodJanuary
20Intellectuals and RaceSowellgreatJanuary
21The Maker v. the TakersBowyerreally goodJanuary
22The Starfish and the SpiderBrafmangoodJanuary
23Shining Like the SunWenkelreally goodJanuary
24The Abolition of ManLewisevergreenJanuary
27Ideas Have ConsequencesWeaverreally fineJanuary
29More Than a BattleRigneyquite solidFebruary
30Mere ChristianityLewisgreatFebruary
31God is the GospelPipergreatFebruary
32Return of the Strong GodsRenoexcellentFebruary
33How to be Filled with the Holy SpiritTozerquite goodMarch
34The Great DivorceLewisgreat, as alwaysMarch
36Remembering the RightChroniclesinformativeMarch
37Fight by FlightWebbongoodMarch
38The English Reformation and the PuritansReevesreally goodMarch
39The Bruised ReedSibbesvery goodMarch
40The Forgotten TrinityWhitequite goodMarch
41Debating the Text of the Word of GodWhite/WilsonfunMarch
42The Return of the Chaos MonstersMobleyfascinatingMarch
43How to Win Friends and Influence PeopleCarnegiegoodMarch
44The Apocrypha (NEB)variousinformativeMarch
45Following God FullyReeves/Beekereally goodApril
47The Fear of GodBunyanreally goodApril
48The New Testament NKJV, read by CashScripture April
49The Rise and Triumph of the Modern SelfTruemanexcellentMay
50The Fourth TurningStrauss & HoweprovocativeMay
51The Jerusalem BibleScripturewonderfulMay
52The Return of PrayersGoodwinreally goodMay
53The Complete John PloughmanSpurgeonjust greatMay
54Prince CaspianLewisalways greatMay
55Liberty for AllWalkergoodMay
56Gentle and LowlyOrtlandreally goodMay
57Rejoice and TrembleReevesexcellentJune
58The Superstition of DivorceChestertongoodJune
59Fault LinesBauchamoutstandingJune
60Live Not by LiesDreherquite goodJune
61AuthorizedWardvery goodJune
62The Two TowersTolkienoutstandingJune
63Bunyan’s Dying SayingsBunyangoodJune
64Pictures from Pilgrim’s ProgressSpurgeongoodJune
65The Tortured PlanetLewisquite goodJune
66The Basic Laws of Human StupidityCipollainsightfulJune
67Cynical TheoriesPluckrose/Lindsayvery goodJune
68Justifying RevolutionStewarddeeply satisfyingJuly
69After HumanityWardreally goodJuly
70Ride, Sally, RideWilsonwhattabookJuly
72Judgment of the NephilimPittersonreally goodJuly
73WantingBurgisgood enoughJuly
74The Basic Laws of Human StupidityCipollastill insightfulJuly
75Save the CatSnyderreally goodJuly
76Anointed Expository PreachingOlforddecent/solidJuly
77Save the Cat Writes a NovelBroadyreally goodJuly
78The Basic Laws of Human StupidityCipollastill greatJuly
79ConscienceNaselli/Crowleyreally goodJuly
80Differences Baptism No BarBunyangoodJuly
81100 Tricks to Appear Smart in MeetingsCooperfunnyJuly
82The Return of PrayersGoodwinreally fineAugust
83Uncle Fred in the SpringtimeWodehousereally funAugust
84Triumphing Over Sinful FearFlavelreally goodAugust
85Devoured by CannabisWilsonwhattabookAugust
86The Return of the KingTolkiengreatAugust
87The Revolt of the PublicGurrireally goodAugust
88Save the Cat Writes a NovelBrodyquite goodAugust
89The New Testament (Lamsa)Scripture August
90Save the Cat Writes a NovelBrodyquite goodAugust
91The Maker v. the TakersBowyerreally goodAugust
92All Gong and No DinnerReesfunAugust
93The Sidney PsalterPhilip and MarygreatAugust
94The Old ReliableWodehousefunSeptember
95The Horse and His BoyLewisgreatSeptember
96The Proverbs of Middle EarthRowequite goodSeptember
97The Unquenchable FlameReevesvery goodSeptember
98There’s No Free LunchBahnsenvery goodSeptember
99The Christian in Complete ArmorGurnallgreatSeptember
100The Heart of Christ in HeavenGoodwinsolidSeptember
101ImportunityLovereally goodSeptember
102Brave Ollie PossumNicollefunOctober
103The Pastor and His CriticsBeekequite goodOctober
104Outside the CampGarwoodokayOctober
105When the Man Comes AroundWilsonwhattabookNovember


1The New Testament (KJV)Holy SpiritScriptureJanuary
2Imputation of Active ObedienceStrangemostly goodJanuary
3The Way of MenDonovandecentJanuary
4The Winter KingCohenquite goodJanuary
5Art and the BibleSchaefferreally goodJanuary
6The Year of Our Lord 1943Jacobsquite goodJanuary
7Dilbert’s Guide to the Rest of Your LifeAdamsfunJanuary
8The Calvinist Temper in English PoetryBoulgerinformativeJanuary
9Ball of CollusionMcCarthyreally solidJanuary
10A Christmas CornucopiaForsythinformativeJanuary
11Jack SayerquitegoodJanuary
12Wired for StoryCronreally solidJanuary
13The New TestamentKnoxScriptureFebruary
15Paul and First-Century Letter WritingRichardsreally goodFebruary
16Did America Have a Christian Founding?HallgreatFebruary
17Systematic TheologyFramereally goodFebruary
18The Age of EntitlementCaldwellmagnificentFebruary
19The Challenge of PreachingStottreally goodMarch
20Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern WorldWeatherfordreally funMarch
21Experiment in CriticismLewisstill greatMarch
22The Horse and His BoyLewiswonderfulMarch
23Leisure: The Basis of CulturePieperreally goodMarch
24The Great DivorceLewiswonderfulMarch
25Kindest RegardsKooserreally goodMarch
26Improving With AgeBriscoecorny but goodMarch
27The Decline of the NovelBottumreally informativeMarch
28Barbed ArrowsSpurgeongoodMarch
29Post ChristianVeithreally goodApril
30WatermelonsDelingpolereally informativeApril
31American NationsWoodardreally informative & sillyApril
32Preaching as RemindingArthursquite goodApril
33The Weight of GloryLewisgreatApril
34The Lordship of Jesus ChristPapereally goodApril
35Eugenics and Other EvilsChestertonquite goodApril
36He is There and He is Not SilentSchaefferstill goodApril
37Animal StoriesHerriotquite funMay
38Performing FleaWodehousejust greatMay
39Scrivener for MacPrincegoodMay
40Race in AmericaPeacockgoodMay
41A Conflict of VisionsSowellreally goodMay
42Flags Out FrontWilsonwhattabookMay
43Christianity and LiberalismMachengreatMay
44Prince CaspianLewisalways greatMay
45The Bible NKJVHoly SpiritScriptureMay
46Beyond Authority and SubmissionMillerlameMay
47The Mythology of ScienceRushdoonybracingMay
48EtymologiconForsythquite funMay
49Primal ScreamsEberstadtgoodMay
50Sex and the Unreal CityEsolenreally fineMay
51C.S. Lewis and the Christian WorldviewPetersongoodMay
52The Dragon’s ToothWilsongreatMay
53The Abolition of ManLewisperennialMay
54The Silver ChairLewisalways greatJune
55The Face of WaterRudemgoodJune
56Why We SleepWalkerreally informativeJune
57Albion’s SeedFischerreally fineJune
58The Person of JesusMachenreally goodJune
59The Drowned VaultWilsonwhattabookJuly
60The LawBastiatgreatJuly
61The Christian ManifestoSchaefferreally goodJuly
62The Man in the DarkWilsonwhattabookJuly
63Empire of BonesWilsonwhattabookJuly
64The 21 Irrefutable Laws of LeadershipMaxwellgoodJuly
65The Small BachelorWodehousejust greatJuly
66The Art of Divine ContentmentWatsonreally goodJuly
67Scrivener 3 for Mac: CompilingPrincegoodJuly
68Oxford Dictionary of Humorous QuotationsSherringoodJuly
69Academic GraffitiAudenfunJuly
70New Testament ModernizedGenevaScriptureAugust
71Scrivener, Pure and SimpleHornsbyokayAugust
72Summary of The Fourth TurningZoomfineAugust
74The Shorter CatechismFergusongreatAugust
75PenséesPascalreally goodAugust
76Against All OppositionBahnsenreally goodAugust
77The Head of Kay’sWodehousefunAugust
78Richard Rohr and the Enneagram SecretMontenegroinformativeAugust
79The HeartWilsonwhattabookSeptember
80DominionHollandreally goodSeptember
81Charter Schools and Their EnemiesSowellgoodSeptember
82Mere ChristianityLewisalways goodSeptember
83The Fellowship of the RingTolkienevergreenSeptember
84Commentary on 1 ThessaloniansCalvinsturdySeptember
85Cheap SexRegnerusinformativeSeptember
86American Negro Slavery: A SurveyPhilipsinformativeSeptember
87The Accidental SuperpowerZeihanreally informativeSeptember
88The Crook in the LotBostonreally goodOctober
89The Pilgrim’s Regress (Wade edition)LewisgreatOctober
91The Door BeforeWilsonwhattabookOctober
92Commentary on 2 ThessaloniansCalvinsturdyOctober
93The New Testament (Lexham)Holy SpiritScriptureOctober
94The Abolition of ManLewisalways greatOctober
95Ride, Sally, RideWilsonwhattabookOctober
96Ballad of the White HorseChestertonfunOctober
97The Great Gain of GodlinessWatsonreally goodOctober
98HereticsChestertonstill greatOctober
99The End of ChristendomMuggeridgereally goodOctober
100The Price of Panic Axe BriggsRichardsgreatOctober
102The Weight of GloryLewisgreatNovember
103The Princess and the GoblinMacDonaldfunNovember
104The PIG to the ConstitutionGutzmanreally goodNovember


1Grace AboundingBunyanquite goodJanuary
2The Cult of Personality TestingPaulinformativeJanuary
3Militant NormalsSchlichterreally goodJanuary
4Lewis on the Christian LifeRigneygoodJanuary
5Skin in the GameTalebgoodJanuary
6Surprised by JoyLewisgreatJanuary
7The Marvelous CloudsPetersinformativeJanuary
8Ship of FoolsCarlsongoodJanuary
9The Horse and His BoyLewisgreatJanuary
10Zeal for Thy HouseSayersgoodJanuary
11Nature’s Case for GodFramereally goodJanuary
12The Devil’s Pleasure PalaceWalshreally fineJanuary
13The Writer SaysLippertgoodJanuary
14Revelation: Four ViewsGreggfantasticJanuary
15The Weight of GloryLewisalways greatJanuary
16Same Sex MirageWilsonwhattabookJanuary
17A Serrated EdgeWilsonwhattabookJanuary
18Skin and BloodWilsonwhattabookJanuary
19Learning ContentmentWilsonwhattabookJanuary
20The Abolition of ManLewisalways greatJanuary
21Reflections on the PsalmsLewismixedFebruary
22Flags Out FrontWilsonwhattabookFebruary
23Seeing GreenDillehayreally fineFebruary
24The Case Against EducationCaplankinda solidFebruary
25Overcoming Sin and TemptationOwengreatFebruary
27Love & RespectEggerichsquite goodMarch
28C.S. Lewis on Politics and the Natural LawDyer & Watsonreally goodMarch
29Lectures on the History of PreachingBroadusquite goodMarch
31The Virtue of NationalismHazonysuperbMarch
32Blood Bought WorldSumptervery goodMarch
33Papa Don’t PopeWilsonwhattabookMarch
34That Hideous StrengthLewisjust greatApril
35Social Justice and Its DangersEnicksolidMay
36A Little Book on the Christian LifeCalvingoodMay
37Demographics and the Demand for Higher EducationGrawesolidMay
38Galahad at BlandingsWodehousejust funMay
39The Great DivorceLewisgreatMay
40The Quest for Cosmic JusticeSowellso goodMay
41Clementine Vulgate New TestamentHoly SpiritScriptureMay
42The Ruling ClassCodevillareally goodMay
43The TempleHerbertgreatMay
44The Country ParsonHerbertgoodMay
45Nation of RebelsHeath & Potterreally solidMay
46The Man Born to be KingSayersmovingJune
47The Household and the War for the CosmosWileyfantasticJune
48Basic EconomicsSowellreally goodJune
49That Hideous StrengthLewisalways greatJune
50You WhoJankovicreally goodJune
51Why Ministers Must Be MenWilsonwhattbookJune
52The Screwtape LettersLewisgreatJune
53Religion and the FramersBradfordquite goodJune
54The Loveliness of ChristRutherfordoutstandingJune
55Lord Peter Wimsey Vol. 1SayersentertainingJuly
56Survival and ResistanceGribbenoutstandingJuly
57The Sacred Art of JokingCarylame mostlyJuly
58The Universe According to G.K. ChestertonAhlquistgreatJuly
59The Man in the DarkWilsonwhattabookJuly
60Mere FundamentalismWilsonwhattabookJuly
61Against Intellectual MonopolyBoldrin/Levinereally goodJuly
62Treasury of David Vol. 2SpurgeongreatJuly
63Planet NarniaWardstill greatJuly
64Marijuana DebunkedGogeksolidAugust
65Story Marketing for Christian SchoolsCochransolidAugust
66The New TestamentMoffatt ScriptureAugust
67The New TestamentPhillips ScriptureAugust
68Fed by RavensBullstimulatingAugust
69Paradise LostMiltongreatAugust
70Tell Your ChildrenBerensonreally informativeAugust
71Global Warming Skepticism for Busy PeopleSpencerreally goodAugust
72Studies in Medieval and Renaissance LiteratureLewisstill greatSeptember
73The Weight of GloryLewisstill greatSeptember
74Copy FightsThierer/CrewsinformativeSeptember
75Never Split the DifferenceVossquite goodSeptember
76Uncle Fred in the SpringtimeWodehousegreatSeptember
77Civil Rights: Rhetoric or Reality?Sowellso goodSeptember
78A Primer on Worship and ReformationWilsonwhattabookSeptember
79The Screwtape LettersLewisstill greatSeptember
80Why Children MatterWilsonwhattabookOctober
817 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleCoveydecentOctober
82God Dwells Among UsKim & BealegoodOctober
83Grace Upon GraceWilsonwhattabookOctober
84In Defense of TroublemakersNemethgoodOctober
85Calvin’s Company of PastorsManetschreally goodOctober
86The Saint’s Everlasting RestBaxteredifyingOctober
87Abolition of ManLewisoutstandingOctober
88The Four Loves (lectures)LewiswonderfulOctober
89The Everlasting ManChestertonstellarNovember
90Eggs Are Expensive, Sperm is CheapKrehbielstill funNovember
91Virgil WanderEngerreally good November
92Planning, Plotting and ProgressTeppogoodNovember
93The Madness of CrowdsMurraygoodNovember
94Jeeves and the King of ClubsSchottquite goodNovember
95Prayers of the ReformersMcPhersonedifyingNovember
96The Soul in ParaphraseRykenquite goodNovember
97The Best Poems of the English LanguageBloomgoodNovember
98Sunset at BlandingsWodehouseworthwhileNovember
99Intellectuals and SocietySowellgreatDecember
100RangeEpsteinreally goodDecember
101The Things of EarthRigneygreatDecember
102Dragons and DragonslayersChesterfunDecember
103The Abolition of ManLewisstill greatDecember
104Natural LawHaines & Fulfordreally solidDecember


1C.S. Lewis/Anti-DarwinistBergmanreally goodJanuary
2God in the DockC.S. LewisgreatJanuary
3Love Thy BodyPearceyreally goodJanuary
4Letters to an American LadyLewisquite goodJanuary
5Surprised by JoyLewisgreatJanuary
6The Dragon’s Tooth (WN)WilsonwhattabookJanuary
7The Weight of GloryLewisgreatJanuary
8Prince CaspianLewisgreatJanuary
9Man of the HouseWileyquite goodFebruary
10The Last of the Lost BoysWilsonwhattabookFebruary
11The Pilgrim’s RegressLewisgreatFebruary
12The Drowned Vault(WN) WilsonwhattabookFebruary
13The Voyage of the Dawn TreaderLewisgreatFebruary
14The Abolition of ManLewisgreatFebruary
15Crisis of ResponsibilityBahnsenreally goodFebruary
16The Weight of GloryLewisstill greatFebruary
17Scrivener EssentialsPrincequite goodFebruary
18Scrivener Absolute Beginner’s GuideKettlegoodFebruary
19C.S. Lewis’s Dangerous IdeaReppertreally goodFebruary
20Empire of Bones(WN) WilsonwhattabookMarch
21That Hideous StrengthLewissimply greatMarch
22After the FloodCooperlotta funMarch
23Jill the Reckless(WN) WodehousegreatMarch
2412 RulesPetersonreally worthwhileMarch
25Side by SideWelchunevenApril
26Feathers for ArrowsSpurgeongoodApril
27The Urban State of MindRenngoodApril
28Cultural RevolutionTaylorokayApril
29GraciousnessCrottsquite goodApril
30The Pilgrim’s RegressLewisstill fantasticApril
31The Screwtape LettersLewisjust greatApril
32Real Artists Don’t StarveGoinsdecentApril
33Approved by GodWright/Townsendhelpful but patchyApril
34Empires of DirtWilsonwhattabookApril
35All That Is In GodDolezalfantasticMay
36Traces of the TrinityLeithartgood bookMay
37Poetical FragmentsBaxterdecentMay
38American WitsHollanderokayMay
39That Hideous Strength(WN) LewisgreatMay
40Thinking Like Your EditorRabiner/FortunatogoodMay
41Full MoonWodehousefunMay
42Confess Your SinsStottsolidMay
43The New Testament in ScotsLorimerScriptureMay
44Essay CollectionLewisfantasticMay
45100 CupboardsWilsonwhattabookMay
46Spiritual FriendshipHillappalling/heartbreakingJune
47Lord PeterSayersfunJune
48Subtracting ChristianitySobranreally goodJune
49Biblical Authority After BabelVanhoozerreally goodJune
50A Different Shade of GreenWilsonwhattabookJune
51Darwin’s House of CardsBethellquite goodJune
52New Testament ESVHoly SpiritScriptureJune
53Suicide of the WestGoldbergquite goodJune
54The Horse and His BoyLewisalways greatJune
55Toxic CharityRuptongoodJune
56The Silver ChairLewisalways greatJune
57Out of the Silent PlanetLewisjust goodJuly
58Alice in WonderlandCarrollfunJuly
59Discrimination and DisparitiesSowelljust greatJuly
60Four Guys in a BoatBurrowfunJuly
61What the FBergeninterestingJuly
62The Genius of BirdsAckermanfascinatingJuly
63The Last BattleLewisalways greatJuly
64Through the LookingGlass CarrollfunJuly
65Against EmpathyBloominterestingAugust
66Confessions of a Food CatholicWilsonwhattabookAugust
67The Magician’s NephewLewisalways grandAugust
68Letters to MalcolmLewisstimulatingAugust
69Times ThreeMcGinleyquite funAugust
70Leadership and Self-DeceptionArbingerstill goodAugust
71The Proper ProcedureDalrymplewell doneAugust
72The Magician’s TwinWestreally fineAugust
73Christology, Cosmology and C.S. LewisWardreally goodAugust
74Knowing ChristJonesfantasticAugust
75The New Testament (NET)Holy SpiritScriptureAugust
76Expository ExultationPiperstellarAugust
77The Weight of GloryLewisalways goodAugust
78The Discarded ImageLewisgreatSeptember
79The New Testament(Philipps) Holy SpiritScriptureSeptember
80Dandelion FireWilsonwhattabookSeptember
81The Abolition of ManLewisevergreenSeptember
82The Pursuit of GloryJohnsongood stuffSeptember
83Through the Eyes of C.H. SpurgeonSpurgeongreatSeptember
84George MacDonald: An AnthologyMacDonaldreally goodSeptember
85The Daughter of TimeTeyquite informativeSeptember
86The Chestnut KingWilsonwhattabookSeptember
87Why Can’t We Be Friends?ByrdpoorSeptember
88MiraclesLewisstill greatOctober
89Selected Literary EssaysLewissuperbOctober
90Notes from the Tilt a WhirlWilsonwhattabookOctober
91The Preacher’s CatechismAllenreally goodOctober
92The Door BeforeWilsonwhattabookOctober
93The Demon in DemocracyLegutkoreally fineOctober
94PerelandraLewisalways greatOctober
95Three Men in a BoatJeromefunOctober
96The Lost Letters of PergamumLongneckerinformativeNovember
97Leepike RidgeWilsonwhattabookNovember
98The Pilgrim’s ProgressBunyangreatNovember
99Death by LivingWilsonwhattabookNovember
100Sacred ConvictionJayquite goodNovember
101Boys of BlurWilsonwhattabookNovember
102Sleuthing C.S. LewisLindskoogmixedNovember
104Hillbilly ElegyVancemovingNovember


2Christian ReflectionsLewisjust greatJanuary
3God & Man at YaleBuckleyhard-hittingJanuary
4Pursuit of GodTozerreally goodJanuary
5Paul Among the PeopleRudenquite goodJanuary
6Eve in ExileMerklegreatJanuary
7Letters to MalcolmLewisgreat, as alwaysJanuary
8Super Nuke!JettfunJanuary
9The Other Side of the CoyneWilsonwhattabookFebruary
10PoemsLewisgood funFebruary
11Practice of the Presence of GodBrother LawrencegoodFebruary
12Homiletics and Pastoral TheologySheddquite goodFebruary
13The Portable DanteDantegreatFebruary
14Writing ToolsClarkreally goodFebruary
15Rejoicing in ChristReevesreally goodFebruary
16Knowing GodPackergreatMarch
17The Purpose of ManTozerquite goodMarch
18The Necessity of ReformationCalvinvery goodMarch
19The Rational OptimistRidleyvery goodMarch
20Bring On the GirlsWodehousefunMarch
21All Things for GoodWatsongreatMarch
22A Little Book of the Christian LifeCalvinreally goodMarch
23Facts the Historians Leave OutTilleypretty goodMarch
24Wind in the WillowsGraemegreatMarch
25The Romance of ProtestantismAlcockvery goodMarch
26100 CupboardsWilsonwhattabookMarch
27The Door BeforeWilsonwhattabookMarch
28Deeper MagicWilliamsgreatMarch
29The Doctrine of RepentanceWatsonwhattabookApril
30New Oxford Book of Christian VerseDaviedecentApril
31Dandelion FireWilsonwhattabookMay
32Letters to a Romantic: On EngagementPerron/HarmonsolidMay
33The HobbitTolkiengreatMay
34The Whole ChristFergusonreally goodMay
35Swear Not at AllGeeokay in partsMay.
36Out of the AshesEsolenmagnificentMay
37The Chestnut KingWilsonwhattabookJune
38Samson Agonistes and Shorter PoemsMiltonquite goodJune
39The Benedict OptionDrehergoodJune
40Outlaws of TimeWilsonwhattabookJune
41Book of EnochEnoch and othersweirdJune
42The Minister’s Self-WatchSpurgeongoodJune
43Christian Economics in One LessonNorthsturdyJune
44The Nephilim ChroniclesZimmermanfun and weirdJune
45God is the GospelPiperwonderfulJune
46Favorite PoemsWordsworthquite goodJune
47The King James Only ControversyWhitemostly goodJuly
48Outlaws of Time (Glory and Ghost)WilsonwhattabookJuly
49Abolition of ManLewissuperbJuly
51Encouragement for Pastors’ WivesMartinquite goodJuly
52Open Air PreachingSpurgeongoodJuly
53The Appearance of ImproprietyMorgan/ReynoldsgreatJuly
54That Hideous StrengthLewismarvelousJuly
55In Praise of ProfanityAdamsmehJuly
56Letters to MalcolmLewisstill greatJuly
57Chicago PoemsSandburgall rightJuly
58Game of ThronesMartinclutteredAugust
59Social Media for WritersMorris/BallantinedecentAugust
60Glass JawDezenhallquite goodAugust
61Loyalty & DisloyaltyHeward-Millsquite goodAugust
62The Moral Case for Fossil FuelsEpsteinexcellentAugust
63The Personal HeresyLewis/Tillyardvery goodAugust
64A Conflict of VisionsSowellgreatAugust
65Evernote for DummiesSarnagoodAugust
66Reversing HermonHeisergoodAugust
67Hot WaterWodehousefunAugust
68The Allegory of LoveLewisgreatSeptember
69People’s RepublicSchlichterfunSeptember
70Ante-Nicene Fathers Vol. 7SchaffstrikingSeptember
71The Fractured RepublicLevingoodSeptember
72The Pastor as Public TheologianVanhoozer/StrachansolidSeptember
73C.S. Lewis’s Mere ChristianityMarsdenreally goodOctober
74The Grace of ShameBaylygreatOctober
75Anna KareninaTolstoyreally goodOctober
76EssaysC.S. LewisgreatNovember
77The Doctrine of RepentanceWatsonreally goodNovember
78Sex ScandalMcGuiregoodNovember
79You Have the Right to Remain InnocentDuanequite goodNovember
80AntifragileTalebreally goodNovember
81Publishing for ProfitWollquite goodNovember
82Good Advice on WritingSafire & Safirquite goodNovember
83The Art of IllustrationSpurgeondecentNovember
84Defending the Trinity in the Reformed PalatinateMerklegreatNovember
85Surprised by JoyLewisgreatNovember
86Experiment in CriticismLewisgreatNovember
87BiomythologyCookpretty goodDecember
88The Fellowship of the RingTolkienfantasticDecember
89The Lion, the Witch, and the WardrobeLewisgreat as usualDecember
90Wisdom, Not KnowledgeWilsonreally goodDecember
91Birds of the AirBullreally goodDecember
92BeautyScrutonquite goodDecember
93Scrivener EssentialsPrincequite goodDecember
94Collected PoemsDaviesdecentDecember
95A Grief ObservedLewisgoodDecember
96The Art of Writing and Gifts of WritersLewisvery goodDecember
97From Fall Unto ForeverZornesgoodDecember
98A Grief Observed(Audio) LewisgoodDecember
99Reformation SpiritualityVeithsuperbDecember
100The Magician’s NephewLewisstill greatDecember
101The Two TowersTolkiengreatDecember
102Letters to MalcolmLewisgreatDecember
103The Holy Bible (AV)Holy SpiritScriptureDecember
104The Return of the KingTolkienjust greatDecember


1Do More BetterChalliesvery goodJanuary
2Don QuixoteCervantesfunJanuary
3David and GoliathGladwellgoodJanuary
4Soft DespotismRahereally fineJanuary
5Mike and PsmithWodehousefunJanuary
6The Irish PuritansGribbengoodJanuary
7The Prayer of JabezWilkinsonsurprisedJanuary
8The Paradoxes of Mr. PondChestertonokayJanuary
9Favorite PoemsLongfellowgoodJanuary
10The Abolition of ManLewisgreatJanuary
11Letters to MalcolmLewisgreatJanuary
12The Abolition of ManLewisgreatFebruary
13God is Not a StoryMurphygoodFebruary
14The Prince and BettyWodehousefunFebruary
15The Pilgrim’s RegressLewisgreatFebruary
16Preaching in the Holy SpiritMartinquite goodFebruary
17The Four LovesLewisexcellentFebruary
18Narrative of the Life of Frederick DouglassDouglassvery goodFebruary
21Selected PoemsBlakeokayMarch
22The Faith of Christopher HitchensTauntonoutstandingMarch
23Reflections on the PsalmsLewismixedMarch
24King James VersionHoly SpiritScriptureMarch
25Bounds of LoveMcDurmongreatMarch
26American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European RootsWatkinsgoodApril
27Answering JihadQureshigoodApril
28Good Advice on WritingSafirequite goodApril
29Louder and FunnierWodehousefunApril
30Pride and PrejudiceAustengreatApril
31Rudyard KiplingKiplinggoodApril
32The Jefferson LiesBartondecentApril
33Leepike RidgeWilsonwhattabookApril
34The Greatest Fight in the WorldSpurgeonreally fineMay
35Holy CommunionOldgreat stuffMay
36The Napoleon of Notting HillChestertonfineMay
37Centuries of MeditationsTrahernegoodMay
38Suicide of the WestBurnhamgoodMay
39The DecameronBoccaccioerraticMay
40A Wind in the House of IslamGarrisonreally goodMay
41How to Read the BibleFee & StuartgoodJune
42Laughter at the Foot of the CrossScreechgoodJune
43Getting Jefferson RightThrockmortongoodJune
44Matthew ArnoldArnoldokayJune
45Selected Poetry of Ogden NashNashvery funJune
46Every Writer’s Guide to Copyright KozakgoodJune
47My Life as Author and EditorMenckenreally goodJune
48Essay CollectionC.S. LewisfantasticJune
49The Major WorksBaconimpressiveJune
50The Hammer of GodGiertzquite goodJune
51Three Men in a BoatJeromefunnyJune
52Bartlett’s Book of AnecdotesFadimangreatJune
53The Weight of GloryLewisgreatJuly
54Reflections on the PsalmsLewisstill mixedJuly
55The Abolition of ManLewisstill greatAugust
56Rules for ReformersWilsonwhattabook!August
58EutaxiaBairdquite goodAugust
59The Works of Thomas Reid Vol 1Reidquite strongAugust
60On PreachingH.B. CharlessolidAugust
61Advise and ConsentDruryreally funAugust
62Till We Have FacesLewisgreatAugust
63The Visionary ChristianLewisreally goodAugust
64Confessions of a Food CatholicWilsonwhattabook!August
65But GodLutequite goodAugust
66Empires of DirtWilsonwhattabook!September
67The Flags Out FrontWilsonwhattabook!September
68The Kingdom of SpeechWolfequite funSeptember
69Piers the PloughmanLanglandinterestingSeptember
70Christianity and AestheticsKilbyquite goodSeptember
71The Fundamentals/Vol. 2variousgoodSeptember
72That Hideous StrengthLewismagnificentSeptember
73New Testament, New Century VersionHoly SpiritScriptureSeptember
74Slavery in Early ChristianityGlancyquite goodSeptember
75The Life of God in the Soul of ManScougalquite goodOctober
76Excellent SheepDeresiewiczgoodOctober
77Catullus The Complete PoemsCatullusokayOctober
78The Scandal of MoneyGildergreatOctober
79Letters to MalcolmLewisgreatOctober
80Experiment in CriticismLewisfantasticOctober
81The Boys in the BoatBrownreally fineOctober
82The Roman Guide to Slave ManagementTonerquite goodOctober
83Hopkins: PoetryHopkinsgreatOctober
84Delighting in the TrinityReevesquite goodOctober
85Things Not SeenBloom quitegoodOctober
86Getting Things DoneAllengreatOctober
87Bitcoin: Mastering BitcoinHarrisgoodOctober
8875 Ways to Use Evernote to Supercharge Your LifeMcNallyfineOctober
89Dictionary of American SlangWentworthgoodOctober
90The Abolition of ManLewisgreatOctober
91The Quotable Matthew HenryHenryreally goodOctober
92The Unseen RealmHeisergreatOctober
93Then Tweets My SoulRegierfunnyNovember
94Dare to Be a Great WriterBishopdecentNovember
95Till He ComeSpurgeonsolidNovember
96The Fundamentals Vol. 3Variousreally goodNovember
97Do More BetterChalliesquite goodNovember
98What’s Wrong With the World?ChestertonbrilliantNovember
99How to Publish an Indie BookAsymetricalsolidNovember
100Evangelism and the Sovereignty of GodPackerreally goodNovember
101The Chestry OakSeredyreally goodNovember
102The End of ProtestantismLeithartokayNovember
103Thinking, Fast and SlowKahnemangoodNovember
104Christ and the CaesarsStaufferreally informativeNovember
105Self-Publishing SuccessRosenblumquite goodNovember
106Your Mind MattersStottgoodDecember
107SupernaturalHeiserquite goodDecember
108Lost in the MeritocracyKirnreally fineDecember
109Writers to ReadWilsonwhattabookDecember
110God Rest Ye MerryWilsonwhattabookDecember
111The Fundamentals Vol 4Variouspretty fineDecember
112Black Rednecks and White LiberalsSowellgreatDecember
114The Great Good ThingKlavangreatDecember
115Fail USykesreally goodDecember


1Hard GreenHuberquite goodJanuary
2Preaching and Teaching with ImaginationWiersbegoodJanuary
3Preparation and Delivery of SermonsBroadusgoodJanuary
4Living ZealouslyBeeke, LaBellevery fineJanuary
5Ascent to LoveLeithartgoodJanuary
6The Experience of GodHartgood, terribleFebruary
7The HobbitTolkiengreat, as alwaysFebruary
8Outlaws of TimeNategreatFebruary
10Eichmann in JerusalemArendtgoodMarch
11Is Administrative Law UnlawfulHamburgergreatMarch
12The Last KingdomCornwellgoodMarch
13Holy Bible NT (ASV)Holy SpiritScriptureMarch
14Writing the Christian RomanceGaymerokayMarch
15The Gospel MinistryFoxcroftgoodApril
17Democracy in AmericaTocquevillegreatApril
18Old Earth Creationism on TrialChaffeygoodApril
19Christian ReconstructionMcVicargoodApril
20A Small Cup of LightPalpantreally goodApril
21Father HungerWilsonwhattabookpril
22A Plea for the WestBeechergoodMay
23Descent Into HellWilliamsquite goodMay
24The Problem of PainLewisvery goodMay
25The Screwtape LettersLewisoutstandingMay
26The Great DivorceLewisoutstandingMay
27Death Comes to PemberleyJamesdecentMay
28How Civilizations DieGoldmanreally informativeMay
29By the PeopleMurrayvery fineMay
30Splitting HeirsBluepretty goodJune
31Moby DickMelvillegreatJune
32Why Gender MattersSaxgoodJune
33French LeaveWodehousefunJune
35Mere ChristianityLewisgreatJune
36Twelve Keys to An Effective ChurchCallahanquite goodJune
37We Would See JesusHessionGoodJune
38The Servile StateBellocGoodJune
39Expositional PreachingHelmGoodJune
40Going PostalPratchettGoodJune
41Riots, Revolutions and the Scottish CovenantersJacksonGoodJuly
42The Valley of VisionBennettSolidJuly
43Intended for PleasureWheatGoodJuly
44My AntoniaCatherGoodJuly
45What is Marriage?AndersonGoodAugust
46Building a Timeless HouseHullGoodAugust
47Works of Alexander PopePopeGoodAugust
48What Does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality?DeYoungGoodAugust
49Smooth Stones from Ancient BrooksBrooksGoodAugust
50History in English WordsBarfieldGoodAugust
51The Fellowship of the RingTolkienGreatAugust
52Noah in Ancient Greek ArtJohnsonDecentAugust
53That Hideous StrengthLewis JustGreatAugust
54New TestamentLattimoreScriptureSeptember
55The Two TowersTolkienGreatSeptember
56A Conservative History of the American LeftFlynnGoodOctober
57Defending MarriageEsolenGreatOctober
58The Riot and the DanceWilsonReally GoodOctober
59The Return of the KingTolkienGreatOctober
60Royal InsigniaHarveyGoodOctober
61This Son of MineSmithDecentOctober
62If I Were YouWodehouseFunNovember
63The Five Red HerringsSayersRelaxingNovember
64The Emotionally Destructive MarriageVernickVery GoodNovember
65The Portable RabelaisRabelaisInterestingNovember
66Richard HookerLittlejohnquite goodNovember
68The White FeatherWodehousegoodDecember
69God MocksLindvallgoodDecember
70C.S. Lewis Essay CollectionmarvelousDecember


1The Pilgrim’s Progress (part two)BunyangreatJanuary
2The Power of GlamourPostrelreally fineJanuary
3Preaching That ConnectsGalligoodJanuary
4The Whig Interpretation of HistoryButterfieldickJanuary
5The Little NuggetWodehousefunJanuary
6Friends of Unrighteous MammonDavenportinformativeJanuary
812,000 Religious QuotationsMeadgoodFebruary
9Worship Wars in Early LutheranismHerlgreatFebruary
11Does God Listen to RapAllengoodFebruary
12The Obesity MythCamposvery goodMarch
13Common Sense 101AhlquistsolidMarch
14What Is Biblical Theology?Hamiltonquite goodMarch
15Financial IntelligenceBermangoodMarch
16Preaching With ConfidenceDaanegoodMarch
17HomeRobinsonvery goodMarch
18Holy Bible (ESV)Holy SpiritScriptureMarch
19God in the WhirlwindWellsgreatMarch
20Writer’s WisdomPricegoodApril
21Retreat to CommitmentBartleygreatApril
23Not CoolGutfeldquite goodApril
2421 Laws of LeadershipMaxwellgoodApril
25Christianity Is TestimonyKeillorreally goodApril
26Image and ImaginationC.S. LewisgloriousApril
27Rules for PatriotsDeacereally goodApril
28Desire and DeceitMohlergoodMay
29The K-12 ImplosionReynoldsgoodMay
301 & 2 SamuelBaldwinsolidMay
31Making Gay OkayReillygreatMay
33From Darwin to HitlerWeikartgreatMay
34A Lifting Up of the DowncastBridgereally goodJune
35Surprised by ScriptureWrightreally mixedJune
36On WritingKinggoodJune
37Seeing Beauty and Saying BeautifullyPipergreatJune
38The End of SacrificeStroumsagoodJune
39The Things of EarthRigneyreally goodJune
41The Creed of PresbyteriansSmithgoodJuly
42Mission DriftGreergood July
43EnvySchoeckvery fineAugust
44John Milson, Class. Learn., and the Prog. VirtueHornerquite goodAugust
45The Checklist ManifestoGawandegoodAugust
46Proclamation and TheologyWillimonquite goodAugust
47The Virtues of CapitalismRae and HilldecentAugust
48The Mischief of SinWatsongreatAugust
49Children of the Living GodFergusonreally goodAugust
50Samuel AdamsStollinformativeAugust
51Against the ChurchWilsonwhattabookSeptember
52The System Has a SoulBakerquite goodSeptember
53The Pickwick PapersDickensgoodOctober
54Psmith in the CityWodehousegoodOctober
55C.S. Lewis & Mere ChristianityMcCrackengoodOctober
56MozartJohnsonvery goodOctober
57MisericordeWilsonquite goodOctober
58The Rise of ChristianityStarkreally goodNovember
59Life of JohnsonBoswellexcellentNovember
60All Art is PropagandaOrwellvery good November
61God the PoetNiehausdecentNovember
62Collected Poem of YeatsYeatsimpressiveNovember
63The Dawning of Indestructible JoyPiperquite goodDecember
64The Doctrine of the Lesser MagistratesTrewhellavery goodDecember
65The Magdeburg ConfessionLutheran Pastorsvery goodDecember
66LilaRobinsona good bad bookDecember


1Conflict and SuspenseBellgoodJanuary
2The Conviction to LeadMohlergreatJanuary
3Zen and the Art of WritingBradburygoodJanuary
4The Joy of HateGutfeldinsightfulJanuary
5Now That’s FunnySimmons  okayJanuary
6He is Not SilentMohlerreally goodJanuary
7The Shaping of an Effective LeaderBeebeokay January
85 Cities That Ruled the WorldWilsonwhattabookJanuary
9The Genius of Ancient ManLandisfunFebruary
10Company for HenryWodehousealways funFebruary
11Start With WhySinekokayFebruary
12The Bed of ProcrustesTalebgoodFebruary
13A Meal With JesusChestergoodFebruary
14Same-Sex MarriageSullivanquite goodFebruary
15The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely ConvertButterfieldfantasticMarch
16Covenantal ApologeticsOliphintquite goodMarch
17Wisdom for Today’s IssuesVoorwindevery goodMarch
18Mulliner NightsWodehousefunMarch
19The Narnia CodeWardfantasticMarch
20Stuff Christians LikeAcuffgood March
21Wooden on LeadershipWoodenreally goodMarch
22Things of EarthRigneyvery goodMarch
23New Testament (KJV)ScriptureScriptureMarch
24Politics ReformedMootgreatMarch
25Medical EthicsFramereally goodApril
26Dangerous CallingTrippquite goodApril
27The Gospel of FoodGlassnerfunApril
28Between Babel and BeastLeithartgoodApril
29Death By LivingWilson greatApril
30Recovering Classic EvangelicalismThornburyreally goodApril
31The Rhetoric CompanionWilsonwhattabookApril
32The End is Near and It’s Going to be AwesomeWilliamsonvery goodMay
34Ring for JeevesWodehousefunJune
35This Is Your Brain on MusicLevitinquite goodJune
36Rich Dad, Poor DadKiyosakivery goodJune
37The Idea of the HolyOttoinformativeJune
38Christ and CultureNiebuhrvery goodJune
39The Art of WarSun TzubrilliantJuly
40WordPress in DepthSmithhelpfulJuly
41Knowledge and PowerGildersuperbJuly
42The Kind of Preaching God BlessesLawsonvery goodAugust
43Why Evolution is TrueCoynepoorAugust
45Good to Great for the Social SectorCollinsgoodAugust
46Dismissing JesusJonespoorAugust
47Mind and CosmosNagelreally goodAugust
48The Secret of ContentmentBarcleydecentSeptember
49Saving EutychusMillargoodSeptember
50Crazy BusyDeYoungquite goodSeptember
51Lit!Reinkevery goodSeptember
52Word Press Your WayHendricksonsolidOctober
5319 Ways of Looking at Wang WeiWeinbergergoodOctober
54The Book of Common Prayer: A BiographyJacobsreally goodOctober
55For a Glory and a CoveringWilsonwhattabookOctober
56Word Press DominationKleingoodOctober
57Covenant Representation and Infant BaptismCrawfordgoodOctober
58Pearls, Girls, and Monty BodkinWodehousegoodOctober
60A Tale of Two GovernmentsRenaudquite goodOctober
61Works of Jonathan Edwards, Vol. 21EdwardsoutstandingNovember
62Peace Like a RiverEngergreatNovember
63Purpose Driven LifeWarrensurprisingly goodDecember
64Citizen EmperorDwyergood December
66The Everlasting ManChestertongreatDecember
67Dove DescendingHowarddecent  December
68Absence of MindRobinsongoodDecember
69Does God Want All Men to Be Saved?PipergoodDecember
70The Food PoliceLuskvery goodDecember
71Light Theology & Heavy CreamCapondecentDecember
72Studies in WordsLewis  amazingDecember
73A Body of DivinityWatsonjust greatDecember


1The Pastoral Genius of PreachingVolbedagoodJanuary
2Real MarriageDriscollgoodJanuary
3The Escondido TheologyFramereally goodJanuary
4Does God Have a Nature?PlantingainterestingJanuary
5What’s the Difference?PipergoodFebruary
6Friedman’s FablesFriedmangoodFebruary
7The World-Tilting GospelPhillipsreally goodFebruary
8Love Among the ChickensWodehousefunMarch
9Beyond Smells and BellsGalligoodMarch
10QuadriviumMartineaureally goodMarch
11Reformer of BaselPoythressquite goodMarch
12The Christian AlmanacGrant/WilburgreatMarch
13Quotations from Chairman BillBuckleyfunMarch
14Free WillHarrisatrociousMarch
15The Quotable ChestertonChestertongreatMarch
16ESV Reverse Interlinear NTHoly SpiritinspiredMarch
17A Shot of Faith (to the Head)StokesgreatApril
18The Girl in BlueWodehousealways funApril
19Heaven Taken By StormWatsongreatApril
20A Rhetoric CompanionWilson/WilsonwhattabookApril
21How Sermons WorkMurraygoodMay
22Why We Get FatTaubesreally goodMay
23Music & MinistryJohanssongoodMay
24Triune ElohimMerklereally goodMay
25Five Dysfunctions of a TeamLencioniquite goodMay
26The TempleHerbertgreatMay
27The Tyranny of ClichesGoldbergreally goodMay
28PlatformHyattreally goodJune
29The Death of LiberalismTyrellgoodJune
30The Higher Education BubbleReynoldsquite goodJune
31Sams Teach Yourself SpotifyMillerinformativeJune
32Turning to GodWellsgreatJune
33How to Blog a BookAmirreally informativeJune
34From Garden to CityDyerquite goodJuly
36The Liberal ArtsFantgoodJuly
37Voices from the PastRushinggreatAugust
38A Prefect’s UncleWodehouseokayAugust
39If You Bite and DevourStrauchgreatAugust
40Boards That Make a DifferenceCarverreally goodSeptember
41By Good and Necessary ConsequenceMcGrawreally goodSeptember
42Bachelors AnonymousWodehousefunOctober
43The New TestamentLattimoreScriptureOctober
44Policy GovernanceCarvergoodOctober
45A Year With C.S. LewisLewisvery goodOctober
46The Imperative of PreachingCarrickreally fineNovember
47Fierce Wars and Faithful LovesSpensergoodNovember
49The Age of MelancholyBlazerdecentNovember
50Deep PreachingEdwardsokayNovember
51The Truth About Organic FoodAverygreatNovember
52Thank You, JeevesWodehousegood oneNovember
53Plot and StructureBellquite goodDecember
54Wit and HumorReader’s DigestfunnyDecember
55The Holy Bible (Authorized)Holy SpiritScriptureDecember


1Rescuing AmbitionHarveyreally goodJanuary
2Eggs, Beans, and CrumpetsWodehousefunJanuary
3The Hunger GamesCollinsokay maybeJanuary
4Going RoguePalinenjoyableFebruary
5Leaders Who LastKraftquite goodFebruary
6PsalmsPetersonpretty badFebruary
7The Code of the WoostersWodehousetop rateFebruary
8Your PC is Not a TypewriterWilliamsgoodFebruary
9Americaby HeartPalingoodFebruary
10Notes from the Tilt a WhirlWilsonfantasticFebruary
11How to Write a SentenceFishreally goodFebruary
12My Man JeevesWodehousejust funMarch
13My Life Behind the Brick WallBrennangoodMarch
15God is the GospelPipergreatMarch
16God’s TrombonesJohnsongoodApril
17Our WorshipKuypervery goodApril
19Joy in the MorningWodehousereally funMay
20Righteous IndignationBreitbartgood surpriseMay
21Confessions of Reformission RevDriscollreally goodMay
22Pastor DadDriscollgoodMay
23Godly and Righteous, Peevish and PerverseChapmangoodMay
24What Would Jesus Drink?McDurmonfunJune
25Jesus and the Victory of GodWrightgreatpoorJune
26Saving LeonardoPearceygreatJune
27Preaching Without NotesMacartneygoodJune
28Truck: A Love StoryPerryreally goodJune
30Phillips’ Treasury of Humorous QuotationsPhillipsfineJune
31Ice in the BedroomWodehousefunJuly
32The Masculine MandatePhillipsreally goodJuly
33Men and MarriageGildergreatJuly
34The Masculine MandatePhillipsreally goodJuly
35The Gold BatWodehouseokayJuly
36Up With AuthorityAustinreally goodJuly
37Among the TruthersKayreally goodJuly
38The Secret KnowledgeMametjust greatAugust
39To a Thousand GenerationsWilsonwhattabookAugust
40When the Kings Come Marching InMouwrefreshingAugust
41Pen of IronAlterfun stuffAugust
42The Upside-Down KingdomKraybill just poorSeptember
43The Cross of Christ (audio)StottgreatSeptember
44Summer LightningWodehousealways funSeptember
45God’s Own PartyWilliamsreally goodOctober
46A Few Quick OnesWodehousefunOctober
47The Barbary PiratesForestergoodOctober
49Between Two WorldsStottreallygoodNovember
50To Be Near Unto GodKuypergoodNovember
51X-Treme LatinBeardokay November
52A Failure of NerveFriedmanfirst-rateNovember
53The Puritan Origins of American PatriotismMcKennamagnificentNovember
54God and the AtlanticHowardreally goodDecember
55Contagious HolinessBlombergsturdy goodDecember
56Explaining PostmodernismHicksoutstandingDecember
57The Man UpstairsWodehousefunDecember


1Manifold WitnessFranketerribleJanuary
2The Gift of ThanksVisserreally goodJanuary
3Martin BucerGreshatfine readJanuary
4Expository PreachingHughesreallygoodFebruary
5Her Hand in MarriageWilsonwhattabookFebruary
6The Man With Two Left FeetWodehousejust funFebruary
7The Taste of SabbathBryanreally goodFebruary
8Isaac NewtonStokesreally fineFebruary
9Saint Thomas Aquinas/Saint Francis of AssisiChestertonquite goodMarch
10Desiring the KingdomSmithpretty poor overallMarch
11Son of HamasYousefmovingApril
12Summer MoonshineWodehousejust funMay
13As Certain as DeathYablaninformativeMay
14The Practice of Political SpiritualityLangleyquite goodMay
15Collected PoemsRichard WilburgreatMay
16Frozen AssetsWodehousefunMay
17The Authenticity HoaxPotterfascinatingMay
18The Rage Against GodHitchensreally goodMay
19Start Up NationSenorinformativeMay
20Preaching: A Kind of FollyPitt-WatsonspottyMay
22After the HangoverTyrrelldecentJune
23The Sacred AnointingSargentreally goodJune
24The Art of War for WritersBellquite goodJune
25Right ReasonHelsethfantasticJune
26New Testament (AV)Holy SpiritScriptureJune
27Save the CatSnyderfun stuffJuly
28Andrew and the FiredrakeWilsonwhattabookJuly
29Joy at the End of the TetherWilsonwhattabookJuly
30The Overton WindowBeckokayJuly
31To Change the WorldHunterokayAugust
32Stuff White People LikeLandersreally goodAugust
33Defending ConstantineLeithartoutstandingAugust
34The Black SwanTalebvery goodAugust
35Why Ministers Must Be MenWilson whattabookAugust
36PreachingMorganreally goodAugust
37Do Butlers Burgle Banks?WodehousefunSeptember
38The End of SecularismBakerreally goodOctober
40Loving the Little YearsJankovicwhattabookOctober
41Why Isn’t a Pretty Girl Like You Married?WilsonwhattabookOctober
42A Treasury of David, Vol. 1SpurgeonfantasticOctober
43The Ruling ClassCodevillareally fineOctober
45ThinkPipervery goodOctober
46The Genius in All of UsShenkquite goodOctober
47Pierre Viret: Forgotten GiantBertoudreally goodOctober
48Reformation and the Culture of PersuasionPettegreereally goodOctober
49Cocktail TimeWodehouselotsa funNovember
50God is the GospelPiperreally fineNovember
51ReworkFried, HanssonfunNovember
52John AdamsMcCulloughexcellentNovember
53Jerusalem’s GloryWatsonsolidNovember
54The Sidney PsalmsSidneygreatDecember
55The Official ExplanationsDicksonfunDecember
56Wise WordsLeithartreally goodDecember
57Don’t Vote: It Only Encourages the BastardsO’RourkeokayDecember
58A Pelican at BlandingsWodehousegreatDecember
59The BeatitudesWatsonreally fineDecember
60The ESV Reverse Interlinear NTHoly SpiritScriptureDecember


1Between Pacifism and JihadCharlesvery fineJanuary
2Something FishyWodehousejust funJanuary
3The Courage to be ProtestantWellsoutstandingJanuary
4We Become What We WorshipBealeworld classJanuary
5GuiltyCoultervery goodJanuary
6How Football Explains AmericaPaolantoniopretty goodFebruary
7Total TruthPearceysuperbMarch
8JustificationWrightgreat, lousyMarch
9Doctor SallyWodehousefunMarch
10Dandelion FireWilsonwhattabookMarch
11The iPhone BookWhitereally goodMarch
12Aunts Aren’t GentlemenWodehousegreat funApril
13Pilgrim’s ProgressBunyanbrilliantApril
14Out of the Silent PlanetLewisrefreshingApril
15Why Johnny Can’t PreachGordongreatApril
16Pierced for Our TransgressionsJefferyreally goodApril
17The Mating SeasonWodehousegreat funApril
18PerelandraLewisreally fineApril
19GDPI (ESV)Holy SpiritScriptureApril
20New Testament (ESV)Holy SpiritScriptureMay
21That Hideous StrengthLewisjust wonderfulMay
22I Never Metaphor I Didn’t LikeGrothevery goodMay
23Silent Cal’s AlmanackPietruszavery goodMay
24The Girl on the BoatWodehousejust funMay
25Lord of the Rings BBC AudioTolkienjust greatJune
26Table TalkLutherfantasticJune
27Notes from the Tilt-a-WhirlWilsonfantasticJune
28Nothing SeriousWodehouselotta funJune
29The Road to SerfdomHayekreally greatJune
30Money, Greed and GodRichardsfantasticJune
31Blue IceEwertgood writingJune
32Rules for RadicalsAlinskygakkJune
33How Capitalism Saved AmericaDiLorenzoreally goodJuly
34The Expository Genius of John CalvinLawsonreally goodAugust
35On BullshitFrankfurtgoodAugust
36Calvin and the Biblical LanguagesCurridsolidAugust
37Old English Language and Its LiteraturePollingtongoodAugust
38The Victory of ReasonStark really fineAugust
39The New Testament(AV) Holy SpiritScriptureAugust
40The Art of ProphesyingPerkinssolid August
41The Luck of the BodkinsWodehouselotsa funSeptember
42The Writings of John Calvinde Greeffirst rateSeptember
43The Country ParsonHerbertgreatSeptember
44The Pastor as Minor PoetBarnesgoodSeptember
45When Helping HurtsCorbett and Fikkertquite goodSeptember
46The Four Loves(audio) Lewisfirst classSeptember
47Liberty and TyrannyLevinreally goodOctober
48Mystery of CapitalDe Sotoworld classOctober
49Screwtape Letters(audio) C.S. Lewisjust great October
50Deep ExegesisLeithartgood stuff October
51Dual CitizensStellmanokayOctober
52Pigs Have WingsWodehousegreat funNovember
53Carl Henry At His BestHenryvery fineNovember
54The Inimitable JeevesWodehousea good oneNovember
55Those Dirty Rotten TaxesAdamsquite informativeNovember
56Continuous RevivalGrubbgoodNovember
57The Israel TestGildergood stuffDecember
58HeavenAlcornsurprisingly goodDecember
59Real EducationMurrayreally goodDecember
60Liberal LearningSchallpretty goodDecember


1Mr. StandfastBuchangoodJanuary
2Quick ServiceWodehouselots of funJanuary
3Cancel Your Own Goddam SubscriptionBuckleyfunJanuary
4The Future of JustificationPipergood bookJanuary
5Christendom in DublinChestertonjust goodJanuary
6Tripping the Prom QueenBarashvery goodJanuary
7Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of WritingLeonardokayJanuary
8The Three HostagesBuchangood stuffFebruary
9The Supper of the LambCapongreatFebruary
10Liberal FascismGoldbergfantasticFebruary
12The Problem of PainC.S. Lewisreally goodFebruary
13IrenicumBurroughsreally goodFebruary
14Filthy ShakespeareKiernanokayFebruary
15Big MoneyWodehouseplain old funFebruary
16Sam the SuddenWodehousejust goodMarch
17PlayersFieldsquite thoroughMarch
18Is Shakespeare Dead?TwainfunMarch
19Martin Marprelate TractsMarprelatereally goodMarch
20Lessons on Living from ShakespeareMacroneokayMarch
22Carry On, JeevesWodehousejust funApril
23The Good of AffluenceSchneiderreally goodApril
24Surprised by HopeWrightoutstanding, atrociousApril
25Solomon Among the PostmodernsLeithartquite goodApril
26Leadership and Self-DeceptionArbingerfantasticApril
27The Doors of the SeaHartpainfully inadequateApril
28BlandingsCastleWodehousejust greatApril
29Young Men in SpatsWoudhousejust funMay
30The Vision of the AnointedSowellreally goodMay
31Ironies of FaithEsolenvery fineMay
32Planet NarniaWardstupendousMay
33God and GoldMeadvery goodMay
34Uncle DynamiteWodehousetopsMay
35Johnny Cash and the Great American ContradictionClapp goodpoorJune
36Reforming MarriageWilsonwhattabookJune
37In Praise of NepotismBellowvery goodJune
38Money for NothingWodehousereally fineJune
39God’s JudgmentsKeillorworld classJune
41Commentary on AmosCalvinreally goodJuly
42The World Was His ParishCozartendearingJuly
43Makers and TakersSchweizerreally goodJuly
44Faith of the FatherlessVitzquite goodJuly
45For Kirk and CovenantWilsonwhattabook!July
46Jeeves and the Feudal SpiritWodehousereallygoodJuly
47The Hobbit(audio) Tolkienreally goodJuly
48Mere Christianity(audio) Lewisreally goodAugust
49The Myth of a Christian NationBoydpretty badAugust
50Bill the ConquerorWodehousejust funSeptember
51Churchin CrisisO’DonovanickSeptember
52Is Christianity Good for the World?Hitchens, WilsonwhattabookSeptember
53Being ConsumedCavanaughmisdirectedSeptember
54The Deluded AtheistWilsonwhattabookSeptember
55God IsWilsonwhattabookSeptember
56Paradise Lost(audio) MiltonmagnificentSeptember
57The God of SexJonesfantasticOctober
58The ShackYoungterribleOctober
59Men Are from Mars, Women Are From VenusGrayquite goodOctober
60The Devil’s DelusionBerlinskioutstandingOctober
61Six Figure FreelancingJames-EngersturdyNovember
62A Damsel in DistressWodehousejust plain funNovember
63Basic Christian LeadershipJohn Stottreally goodNovember
64Evening in the Palace of ReasonGainesvery fineNovember
65Romancing OpiatesDalrympleeye-openingNovember
66Joy in the Morning(audio) Wodehousealways funNovember
67Fame JunkiesHalpernfineNovember
68Much Obliged, JeevesWoodhousegreatNovember
69God is a WarriorLongman, Reidreally fineDecember
70The Easter AnswerKingsleyquite goodDecember
71Memory MechanicsDe MargoodDecember


1Of Paradise and PowerKagangoodJanuary
2Jesus and MuhammadGabrielvery goodJanuary
3Poetry as a Means of GraceOsgoodchallengingJanuary
4The Great Siege: Malta 1565BradfordsuperbJanuary
5The New Pearl HarborGriffininterestingJanuary
6Islam and TerrorismGabrielvery goodJanuary
7Slavery, Terrorism, and IslamHammondgoodJanuary
8Differences: The Bible and the KoranSmithdecentJanuary
9Militant Islam Reaches AmericaPipesquite goodJanuary
10Self-Editing for Fiction WritersBrowne and Kingvery goodFebruary
11Wealth ConundrumDouderapretty goodFebruary
12Inspiration and IncarnationEnnsdecent/poorFebruary
13The End of the Barbary TerrorLeinergoodFebruary
14Evil and the Justice of GodWrightreallygoodFebruary
15Rallying the Really Human ThingsGuroiangoodFebruary
16Getting the Gospel RightVenemagoodFebruary
17Calvin and the Consolidation of the Genevan ReformationNaphyinformativeFebruary
18Justification by the Complete Life Lived?Pipervery goodFebruary
19The KoranDawood, transyikesFebruary
20Collected FictionsBorgesoutstandingMarch
21Covenant, Justification, and Pastoral MinistryClarklousyMarch
22The Dawkins DelusionMcGrathvery goodMarch
23Crunchy ConsDrehervery goodMarch
24The Abolition of BritainHitchensoutstandingMarch
25The Beauty of ModestyVaughanquite goodMarch
26The God DelusionDawkinsappallingMarch
27Alias ShakespeareSobranreally goodApril
28Letter from a Christian CitizenWilsonwhattabookApril
29By Faith AloneJohnson, WaterspoorApril
30The Promise of His AppearingLeithartvery goodApril
31Stop the PressesFarahokay, I guessMay
32Spurgeon’s Proverbs and SayingsSpurgeonfantasticMay
33The Return of the Village AtheistMcDurmonreally goodMay
34The New Faces of ChristianityJenkinsquite goodMay
35The Big SleepChandlerfunMay
36God is not GreatHitchenswell-written, badly done
37Leepike RidgeWilsonwhattabookMay
38Pilgrim’s Progress (I)Bunyanfirst-rateJune
39Wisdom and EloquenceLittlejohn and Evanspretty goodJune
40Farewell, My LovelyChandlerlotta funJune
41The Atheist’s BibleKonnerhuhJune
42The PIG to Global WarmingHornerexcellentJune
43On the Wealth of NationsO’Rourkevery goodJune
44The Baptized BodyLeithartoutstandingJune
45Blessed are the UncoolGrantpretty goodJune
46The Lord’s SupperWatsonvery goodJuly
47A Short History of JerusalemMillgraminformativeAugust
48AmericanismGelerentergood and lousySeptember
49Selected Literary EssaysC.S. LewisoutstandingSeptember
50Mars and Venus in the BedroomGraypretty good, actuallyOctober
51Colonial American EnglishLedererlots of funNovember
53If Democrats Had Any Brains . . .Coulterfun as usualNovember
54A Secular FaithHartinterestingNovember
55God at WorkVeithvery fineNovember
56Jill the RecklessWodehouselotta funNovember
57Thirty-Nine StepsBuchanfun againNovember
58The Girard ReaderGirardfantastic November
59In Praise of PrejudiceDalrymplereally goodNovember
60The Tipping PointGladwellgoodNovember
61The Trouble With PoetryCollinsgoodNovember
62Hebrews for EveryoneWrightvery goodNovember
63Who Really CaresBrooksvery informativeNovember
64Writing Novels That SellBickhamquite goodDecember
65100 CupboardsWilsonwhattabookDecember
66Writing the MemoirBarringtonkinda sorryDecember
67Mother KirkWilsonwhattabookDecember
68Wise BloodO’ ConnorgreatDecember


1The Foolishness of PreachingCaponpretty goodJanuary
2Table TalkLutherjust greatJanuary
3A Serrated EdgeWilsonwhattabookJanuary
4The Very Best of Malcolm MuggeridgeMuggeridgeoutstandingJanuary
5A Primer On PostmodernismGrenzokayFebruary
6The Poet’s Book of PsalmsWiederreally goodFebruary
7Tongues AflameWagnerquite goodFebruary
8Discovering the Rich Heritage of OrthodoxyBellpoorMarch
9The First Five PagesLukemangoodMarch
10Extreme RighteousnessHovestolvery goodMarch
11Mary—Another Redeemer?Whitequite goodMarch
12The Waters Under the EarthSiegelreally goodMarch
13The ScapegoatGirardfantasticMarch
14Interlinear NTHoly SpiritScriptureMarch
15The Paideia of GodWilsonwhattabookMarch
16The NarnianJacobsreally goodMarch
17What Is Christian Civilization?Bailliereally fineMarch
18Crying For JusticeDayvery goodApril
19I See Satan Fall Like LightningGirardgloriousApril
20Violence UnveiledBailieappalling/gloriousApril
21Graven IdeologiesBensonphilosophersaremaniacsApril
22Blind Man’s BluffSontag and Drewjust greatMay
23Is Everything Really Relative?CopangoodMay
24Blues PoemsYounggoodMay
25An Army of DavidsReynoldsdecentMay
26Above All Earthly Pow’rsWellsfantasticMay
27Christ in the PsalmsReardonreally goodMay
28Charles Simeon of CambridgeHopkinsquite goodMay
29One Hundred CupboardsWilsongreatJune
30The Ernesto “Che” Guevara School for Wayward GirlsGavinkind funJune
31GodlessCoulterreally goodJune
32Violence and the SacredGirardreally goodJuly
33Saving the QueenBuckleykinda funJuly
34The Federal Vision and Covenant TheologyWatersatrociousAugust
35Concerning ScandalsCalvinfirst rateAugust
36Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism?Smithhelpful but poorAugust
37The Little, Brown Book of AnecdotesFadimanlotta funAugust
38A Theater of EnvyGirardworldclassAugust
39The Old Way of SeeingHalereally goodSeptember
40A Field Guide to EvangelicalsKilpatrickfunny and shrewdSeptember
41Talk to the HandTrussquite goodSeptember
42Against ChristianityLeithartjust greatOctober
43Lewis AgonistesMarkosreally goodOctober
44A Case for AmillenialismRiddlebargerdecentNovember
45Practical Wisdom for PastorsThomassolidNovember
46Violence, Hospitality and the CrossBoersmainformativeNovember
47The Case for Classical Christian EducationWilsonwhattabookNovember
48Letter to a Christian NationHarrisatrociousNovember
49In, But Not OfHewittvery goodNovember
50America AloneSteynfantasticNovember
51Overcoming Onto-theologyWestphalreally poorNovember
52Deep ComedyLeithartoutstandingNovember
53Job: The Victim of His PeopleGirardsuperb, awfulNovember
54Idols for DestructionSchlossbergsuperbDecember
55LondonistanPhillipsvery goodDecember
56The Politically Incorrect Guide to IslamSpencerquite goodDecember
57Secrets of the KoranRichardsonpretty goodDecember


1Reclaiming the CenterEricksongood stuffJanuary
2Theopolitical ImaginationCavanaughprovocativeJanuary
4Light for the CityDe Kosterreally effectiveJanuary
5How to Talk to a LiberalCoultergreatJanuary
6The Postmodern WorldEricksonokayJanuary
7The Last DiscipleHanegraaff/BrouwerokayFebruary
9A New Kind of ChristianMcLarenappallingFebruary
10Born FightingWebbinformativeFebruary
11The Next ReformationRaschkeatrociousFebruary
14John Ploughman’s TalksSpurgeonvery goodMarch
15Eats, Shoots and LeavesTrussa lot of funMarch
16The History and Character of CalvinismMcNeillvery goodApril
18Tremendous TriflesChestertongreat funApril
19The AeneidVirgilgreatApril
20The Astonished HeartCaponatrocious/funMay
21The Lost Message of JesusChalkeblehMay
22Bringing the Church to the WorldWrightinstructive, awfulJune
23Swamp FoxBassreally goodJune
24Everything Bad Is Good for YouJohnsonlotta funJune
25SaratogaKetchumquite goodJune
26The Art of FictionGardnerfine stuffJune
27Handbook to PrayerBoagreatJune
28The Influence of Historic Christianity on Early AmericaJonesgoodJune
29Leepike RidgeWilsonjust greatJune
30Never Before In HistoryDembskireally goodJuly
31The Truth About ToleranceStetson, Contiquite goodJuly
32America’s Christian History: The Untold StoryDeMarreally informativeJuly
33Examining Alternative MedicinegreatJuly
34The Greatest Stories Never ToldBeyerfunJuly
35Black & TanWilsonwhattabookJuly
36The Right NationMicklethwait & Wooldridgereally goodJuly
37Pride & PrejudiceAustengreatJuly
38The Loved OneWaughfunny oddAugust
39The Book of GuysKeillorfunAugust
40The Book of Common PrayerCranmergreatAugust
41Men and Women: Equal Yet DifferentStrauchgoodAugust
42John Ploughman’s PicturesSpurgeonjust greatAugust
43Talking of DragonsNewsomreally goodSeptember
44Our Culture, What’s Left of ItDalrymplefantasticSeptember
45Life At the BottomDalrymplefantasticSeptember
46Elders in Every CityBeckwithreally goodSeptember
47Federal HusbandWilsonwhattabookSeptember
48Vile FranceBoylesreally informativeSeptember
49Deep BluesPalmerreally goodOctober
50If You Want to WriteUelandgood and atrociousOctober
51The Hunt for Confederate GoldMoorehuhNovember
52Becoming Conversant with the Emerging ChurchCarsonvery goodNovember
53The Plot ThickensLukemanquite goodNovember
54Noble SavagesRushdoonygreatNovember
55The Battle of CowpensRobertsgood stuffDecember
57A Generous OrthodoxyMcLarenpretty badDecember
58Samuel Johnson’s InsultsLynchfunDecember


1The Real LincolnDiLorenzogreatJanuary
2The Gods of RevolutionDawsonreally goodJanuary
3The Same Sex ControversyNiell & White very goodJanuary
4I’ll Take My StandAgrariansoutstandingJanuary
5Time on the CrossFogel & EngermanoutstandingJanuary
6TreasonCoulterpretty informativeJanuary
7The Homosexual AgendaSears & Ostenreally goodJanuary
8The Lord’s ServiceMeyers outstandingFebruary
9Humor in PreachingDrakefordatrociousFebruary
10Winds of DoctrineLeitchvery goodFebruary
11Letters to MalcolmC.S. LewisoutstandingFebruary
12Peculiar SpeechWillimonvery goodFebruary
13Finally Comes the PoetBrueggemannvery badFebruary
14For All the Saints?N.T. WrightgreatMarch
15Priesthood of the PlebsLeithartreally goodMarch
16Making Shapely FictionSternvery goodMarch
17The Total Money MakeoverRamseyreally fineMarch
18The Anglo Saxon AgeBlairgoodMarch
19The Cruelty of HeresyAllisonquite goodMarch
20How the Irish Saved CivilizationCahillquite goodApril
21BeowulfRaffelreally goodApril
25BeowulfLehmanreally goodApril
28The Myth of the American SuperheroLawrence/Jewettinsightful/cluelessMay
29The Protest of a Troubled ProtestantO.J. BrowngreatMay
30The Fatherhood of GodLidgettsolidMay
31Jesus in BeijingAikmanreally encouragingJune
32A Son to MeLeithartfine stuffJune
33C.S. Lewis and the Catholic ChurchPearcepretty fairJune
34The Magician’s NephewC.S. Lewiswonderful againJune
35The Lion, The Witch, and the WardrobeC.S. Lewiswonderful againJune
36The Horse and His BoyC.S. Lewiswonderful againJune
37Prince CaspianC.S. Lewiswonderful againJune
38The Voyage of the Dawn TreaderC.S. Lewiswonderful againJune
39The Silver ChairC.S. Lewis  wonderful againJune
40The Last BattleC.S. Lewiswonderful againJune
41The Shaping of the Reformed Baptismal RiteOldreally fineJune
42Standards for the Singing ChurchBeamerpretty goodJune
43Companion to NarniaFordgreat/appallingJuly
44Against ChristianityLeithartstill superbJuly
45Not Reformed At AllRobbins * GeretyatrociousJuly
46Deconstructing EvangelicalismHartquite goodAugust
47Resurrection and RedemptionGaffinvery goodAugust
4821stCentury Robert’s Rules of OrderPrinceton Language InstituteinformativeSeptember
49Mark Twain on Writing and PublishingTwainreally goodSeptember
50The Rare Jewel of Christian ContentmentBurroughsreally fineSeptember
51The Roman Catholic ControversyWhitequite goodSeptember
52The Word MuseumKacirkfunSeptember
53On Paradise DriveBrooksilluminatingSeptember
54The IliadHomer, LattimoregreatSeptember
55Pastor to PastorLutzerreally goodSeptember
56How to Worship Jesus ChristCarrollokaySeptember
57Peace KillsO’Rourkepretty goodSeptember
58The Poems of Rowan WilliamsWilliamsatrociousSeptember
59Trinity and RealitySmithgreatOctober
60God and AdamWardstupendousOctober
61Character AssassinsHammond/Abshirereally goodOctober
62Guards! Guards!PratchettfunOctober
63The Homiletical PlotLowryquite goodNovember
64On Marriage and Family LifeChrysostomreally goodNovember
65Sense and SensibilityAustenfine stuffNovember
66Miniatures and MoralsLeithartreally goodNovember
67Darwin on TrialJohnsongoodNovember
68The Humor of KierkegaardKierkegaardgreat stuffNovember
69Justification and the New Perspectives on PaulWatersvery goodNovember
70Florenceof ArabiaBuckleyfunNovember
71The OdysseyHomergreatNovember
72The Intellectual Origins of the European ReformationMcGrathvery goodNovember
73Taking Sex Differences SeriouslyRhoadsquite goodDecember
7420 Master PlotsTobiasdecentDecember
75A Father’s StewBeckpretty goodDecember


1The Anti-ChristNietzschegreen vomitJanuary
2Counted Righteous in ChristPiperpretty decentJanuary
3Modern Art and the Death of a CultureRookmaakerreally goodJanuary
4Newspaper DaysMenckendelightfulJanuary
5A Serrated EdgeWilsonwhatabook!January
6Given for YouMathisonoutstandingJanuary
7Faith AloneSproulpretty goodFebruary
8Heathen DaysMenckengreatFebruary
9Doctrine of the Word of GodBarthjeepersFebruary
10The Sword of the ProphetTrifkovicgreatFebruary
11The Trinitarian FaithTorrancegreatMarch
12American EmpireBacevichgreatMarch
13The Imaginative World of the ReformationMathesonreally goodMarch
14Destined to Share the ThroneBillmanokayMarch
15Beyond Good and EvilNietzscheimbecilicMarch
19Christ and the MediaMuggeridgesimply greatApril
20The Vanishing WordHuntreally goodApril
21The Brothers KaramazovDoestoevskygreatApril
22Tolkien: A CelebrationPearcepretty goodApril
23Sacrifice of PraiseTrottreally goodApril
24Galatians CommentaryCalvingood workApril
25Love in the RuinsPercyfunMay
26An All-Round MinistrySpurgeongreatMay
27Against ChristianityLeithartstupendousMay
28Beyond the BoundsPiper, ed.really goodMay
29SatireHodgartquite goodMay
30The Cynic’s DictionaryDillon-MalonefunMay
31Sex, Art, and American CulturePagliaquite good, actuallyJune
32The Morality of LaughterBuckleyreally goodJune
33Poetic DictionBarfieldreally fineJune
34Till We Have FacesLewisstupendousJuly
35Basic Questions on Alternative MedicineVariousquite goodJuly
36From Silence to SongLeithartjust greatJuly
37A Little Exercise for Young TheologiansThielckereally fineJuly
38Finding the Will of GodWaltkeoutstandingJuly
39The Next ChristendomJenkinsgreatJuly
40Litany of the Long SunWolfelotta funAugust
42Christian Culture in a Multicultural AgeSchlisselreally goodAugust
43God in Three PersonsVander PoldecentSeptember
44The Hobbit (audio)Tolkienreally funSeptember
45BBC Collection of Humorous Poetry (audio)variousfunSeptember
46How the Scots Invented the Modern WorldHermanvery goodSeptember
47Still Bored in a Culture of EntertainmentWinterdecentOctober
48The Substance of StylePostrelreally goodOctober
49Mere ChristianityLewisgreatOctober
50The New Testament and the People of GodN.T. WrightgreatNovember
51The Sense of HumorRensburgbarely okayNovember
52Who Was Jesus?WrightgreatNovember
53The Elements of EditingPlotnikgoodNovember
54Wit and Wisdom of Poor Richard’s AlmanacFrankingreatNovember
55The Meal Jesus Gave UsN.T. WrightgoodNovember
56From Apostles to BishopsSullivanstupendousNovember
57Angels in the ArchitectureWilson/Joneswhattabook!November
58Lord ByronBiglandreally goodNovember
59The Norton Book of Light VerseBakergoodNovember
60Management by ProverbsZigarelliquite goodNovember
61A Nonsense AnthologyWellsgoodNovember
62What Went Wrong?Lewisreally informativeNovember
63The Holocaust IndustryFinkelsteingreatDecember
64A Consuming FireGenovesestupendousDecember
65Making Sunday SpecialMainsquirky but goodDecember
66The Art of WritingQuiller-CouchfascinatingDecember
67The Southern TraditionGenevosefine stuffDecember


1In Defense of WomenMenckenquite goodJanuary
2The Enduring CommunityHabig/Newsomreally goodJanuary
3The “Atheism” of the Early ChurchRushdoonygoodJanuary
4The Birth of TragedyNietzscheickJanuary
5Forbidden KnowledgeShattuckvery goodJanuary
6Spirits in BondageC.S. LewisdecentJanuary
7The Death of the WestBuchanangreatJanuary
8Shows About NothingHibbsvery goodFebruary
9The Writing LifeDillardquite goodFebruary
10The Triune IdentityJensonactually goodFebruary
11Monsters from the IdJonesgreatFebruary
12Capturing the CultureGreniervery goodMarch
13The CEO of the SofaO’Rourkequite goodMarch
14The Abbreviated PsalterBedereally goodMarch
15The Great DivorceC.S. Lewisjust greatMarch
16The Devil Knows LatinKopffreally goodMarch
17Meetings That WorkStrauchgood?
18The Song of SongsFalkgoodMarch
19Eccentric PreachersSpurgeonreally goodMarch
20Pop Culture WarsRomanowskigoshMarch
21The World’s Last NightC.S. LewisgreatMarch
22Honky Tonk GospelVeith & WilmethsolidMarch
23A Better WayHortongreatMarch
24Luther the PreacherMeuserreally goodApril
25The Church of Rome at the Bar of HistoryWebstergreatApril
26The HobbitTolkiengreatApril
27The Old LimeyCrockerokayApril
28The Way of All FleshButleramazingApril
29The Return of JeevesWodehousegreatApril
30Bertie Wooster Sees It ThroughWodehousegreatApril
31Spring FeverWodehousegreatApril
32New Testament (Weymouth)Holy Spiritreally goodMay
33The Complete Yes MinisterLynn & JaygreatMay
34The Age of ConsentKnightquite goodMay
35The Peter PrinciplePeter & Hullreally goodMay
36Feed My LambsGallantoutstandingJune
37Foolishness to the GreeksNewbiginreally goodJune
38AphorismsAudengood stuffJune
39Parkinson’s LawParkinson really greatJune
40Trinity BookSmithreally goodJune
41The Shape of Sola ScripturaMathisonsuperbJune
42Christian ReflectionsLewisgreatJune
43The Drawing of the DarkPowersfunJune
44Turning Back the DarknessPhillipsreally goodJuly
45Holy the FirmDillardvery goodJuly
46Future MenWilsonwhatabook!July
47Blood of the MoonGrantsolidJuly
48The Animal that Never WasMeggedgreatJuly
49Revisiting Paul’s Doctrine of JustificationStuhlmacherreally goodJuly
50The Ballad of the White HorseChestertongreatJuly
51Hollywood WorldviewsGodawagreatAugust
52The Mystical PresenceNevingreatSeptember
54Valleyof VisionBennettgoodSeptember
55Shadow of Christ in the Law of MosesPoythresssolidSeptember
56The Worship of the English PuritansDaviesreally goodSeptember
57The David StoryAlterreally goodSeptember
58BeowulfHeaneythe bestSeptember
59The Principle of ProtestantismSchafffirst rateSeptember
60The Catholic MysteryArmstronggoodSeptember
61The Millennium MythWrightreally goodSeptember
62The Case for Classical Christian EducationWilsonwhatabookSeptember
63SlanderCoulterreally well doneOctober
64Antagonists in the ChurchHaugkgoodOctober
65Well-Intentioned DragonsShelleyokayOctober
66Crowd CultureBellquite goodOctober
67Fighting WordsCharltonfunOctober
68Fantastic FablesBiercegreatOctober
69Brothers, We are Not ProfessionalsPiperreally goodOctober
70“Reformed” Is Not EnoughWilsonwhatabookNovember
71FirestormSusekpretty goodNovember
72Saga of the VolsungsByockgreatNovember
74Ancient Christian Commentary (Galatians)Odenreally goodNovember
75Paul for EveryoneWrightgoodNovember
76No Way to Treat a First LadyBuckleyfunNovember
77The Kingdom of MatthiasJohnson & WilentzfascinatingNovember
78God in the DockLewisgreatNovember
79The Sidney PsalmsSidneygreatNovember
80Small ComfortsBodettfunNovember
81A Third TestamentMuggeridgegoodNovember
82Upon This Slippery RockSvendsengreatNovember
83Space, Time and IncarnationTorrancestupendousNovember
84Face to FaceWilkinsreally goodNovember
85The New Architecture and the BauhausGropiuscrikey!November
86Splendor in the OrdinaryHowardreally goodNovember
87Calvin’s Ecclesiastical AdviceCalvingoodNovember
88The Thought of Gregory the GreatEvansquite goodDecember
89The Painted WordWolfegreatDecember
90The Catholicity of the ReformationBraaten & Jensongreat/awfulDecember
91Constantine the GreatGrantokayDecember
92The SkepticTeachoutreally goodDecember
93Smoke on the MountainDavidmangoodDecember


1Intimate IssuesDillow & Pinute (?)decentJan
2Preaching According to the Holy SpiritAdamsgoodJan
3Reformed WorshipJohnsongoodJan
4Brave New FamilyChestertongreatJan
5Finding the LandlordLindskooggoodJan
6T.S. Eliot: An Imperfect LifeGordon fine workJan
7Four QuartetsEliotgood/strangeJan
8Vere HomoMyersdecentJan
9Evangelicalism DividedMurraygreatJan
10The Blues: Roots and InspirationCollisgoodFeb
11The Democratization of American ChristianityHatchgreatFeb
12Greyfriars CovenantWilsonwhatabook!Feb
13Roar on the Other SideClarkgoodMar
15Children of AbrahamKingdonthe usualMar
16A Mind AwakeC.S. LewisgreatMar
17Old Testament (AV)Holy Spirityou knowMar
18Solomon on SexDillowpretty good, actuallyMar
19Rhyme’s ReasonHollandergoodMar
20Planets in PerilDowninggreatMar
21God’s AltarDalysuperbApr.
22Presbyterian Doctrine of Children in the CovenantSchenckgreatApr
23A Landscape With DragonsO’BriengoodApr
24Dictionary of Popular SlangPearlgoodApr
25Rediscovering CatechismVan DykengreatApr
26Collected PoetryChestertongreatApr
27How Readest Thou?RylegreatMay
28Oxford Dictionary of Humorous QuotationsSherringoodMay
29The Church in the Theology of the ReformersAvisgreatMay
30Modern MannersO’ Rourkefunny/crassMay
31The Quotable KnoxKnoxreally goodMay
32Why God Became ManAnselminterestingMay
33The Call of GraceShepherdreally goodMay
34Judges: God’s War Against HumanismJordanquite goodMay
35The Message in the BottlePercyreally fineJune
36Blessed Are the HungryLeithartgreatJune
37The Thirty Six Dramatic SituationsPoltiinterestingJune
38For the Life of the WorldSchmemannvery goodJune
39Bold LoveAllendersurprisingly goodJune
40Reflections on the Human ConditionHofferquite goodJune
41The Preacher’s PortraitStottoutstandingJune
42The Historic Reality of Christian CultureDawsongreatJune
43Pirates on the ChesapeakeShomettefascinatingJuly
44Right BehindWilsonwhatabook!July
45The Mantra of JabezJoneswhatabook!July
46The Nature of DoctrineLindbeckerudite/wretchedJuly
47TolkienCarpenter greatJuly
48Life of John CalvinBezagoodJuly
49State of Confusion, State of SiegeSchumachernot horribleAugust
50A General History of PiratesJohnsonfascinatingAugust
51Writing DialogueChiarellaquite goodAugust
52Return to WorshipOwenpretty solidAugust
53The Christian FutureRosenstock-Huessya strange fellowAugust
54The InklingsCarpenterdecentAugust
55O Come, Let Us WorshipRayburngreatAugust
56The Lord’s SupperLethamquite good  mostlyAugust
57I Only Say This Because I Love YouTannenreally goodSeptember
58Reformed EducationEngelsmagoodSeptember
60The SilmarillionTolkienreally goodSeptember
61Writing the NovelBlockgood stuffSeptember
62Reforming Pastoral MinistryArmstrong, ed.really goodOctober
63The New Testament (NEB)Holy SpiritobviousOctober
64A Confederacy of DuncesToolereally goodOctober
65Platitudes UndoneChesterton greatOctober
66Foundations of Christian EducationVan Til, BerkhofgreatOctober
67Master Plan of EvangelismColemanpretty goodOctober
68The Teaching Methods of JesusHuberyokayOctober
69The Destruction of JerusalemHolfordvery goodOctober
70Robert HerrickHerrickgoodOctober
71Medieval Exegesis, Vol. Idu LubacgreatSeptember
72Medieval Exegesis, Vol. IIdu Lubac greatOctober
73Song of SongsCurtisokayOctober
74An Introduction to Old EnglishPollingtonquite goodNovember
75Biblical Exegesis in the Apostolic PeriodLongenecker thoroughNovember
76The Letters of J.R.R. TolkienTolkienoutstandingNovember
77The Writer’s JourneyVoglerokayNovember
78All Shook UpHollowayquite goodNovember
79The Contemplative PastorPetersongreat/awfulNovember
80Against the Idols of the AgeStove really goodDecember
81On Being a ChristianWilsonquite goodDecember
82Creation in Six DaysJordanokayDecember
83The True ChristianRylereally goodDecember
84The One, The Three, and the ManyGuntonexasperatingDecember
85Shall We Know One Another?RylegreatDecember
86The Collects of Thomas CranmerBarbee/ZahlinterestingDecember
87Martin Bucer and Book of Common PrayerWhitakergreatDecember
88Of Other WorldsC.S. Lewisvery goodDecember
89No Other GodFramegreatDecember
91The Book of DeuteronomyCraigegoodDecember
93Christian Leaders of the 18thCenturyRylegreatDecember
94Fern Seed and ElephantsC.S. Lewisreally goodDecember


1Your Child’s Profession of FaithGundersensadJanuary
2Age and GuileO’ RourkehilariousJanuary
3The Future and Its EnemiesPostrelgreat
4Trouble in the WorldO’ RourkegreatJanuary
5Calvin’s Doctrine of Word & SacramentWallacestupendousJanuary
6Calvin, Geneva, and the ReformationWallacegreatFebruary
7The History and Character of CalvinismMcNeillgreat/astoundingFebruary
8The Works of Anne BradstreetBradstreetwonderfulMarch
9A Method of PrayerHenrywonderfulMarch
10For Kirk and CovenantWilsonwhatabookMarch
11Anne BradstreetPiercygood stuffMarch
12What Saint Paul Really SaidWrightgreat/troublingMarch
13Wine on the LeesWilsonwhatabookMarch
14The Challenge of JesusWrightgreatApril
15Dutch ColorJonesreally goodApril
16Puritan EvangelismBeekegoodApril
17Ancient RhetoricsCrowleygood/goshawfulApril
18Instruction in FaithCalvingreatApril
19Libertyof ConscienceGaustadwhoaApril
20What About Baptism?Bassreally pretty goodApril
21Everyday Life in Massachusetts Bay ColonyDowjust greatApril
22Plowing in HopeHegemanreally fineApril
23Measuring the MusicMakujinareally goodMay
24The Worldly SaintsRykengreatMay
25From Bauhaus to Our HouseWolfewonderfulMay
26A Rulebook for ArgumentsWestondecentMay
27A Bonfire of the VanitiesWolfegreatMay
28How to Get Happily PublishedAppelbaumdecentMay
29Calvin’s Doctrine of the Christian LifeWallacewonderfulMay
30“To His Coy Mistress” and Other PoemsMarvellvery goodJune
31The Lord and His PrayerWright greatJune
32An Account of Anne BradstreetCaldwellgood-strangeJune
33Agape LeadershipStrauch & PetersondecentJune
34The Christian Imagination?greatJune
35For All God’s WorthWrightsolidJune
36Literature and Theology in Colonial NEMurdockdecentJuly
37Great SonnetsNegrivery goodJuly
38Anne Bradstreet: The Tenth MuseWhitegreatJuly
39True HappinessLloyd-Jonesvery goodJuly
40Principles of WarWilsongreatJuly
41Lucky JimAmisfunnyAug
42Confessions, Vol. IIAugustinegreatAug
43The Reading & Preaching of Scriptures, IIOldvery goodAug
44A House for My NameLeithartgrandAug
45Ad Herennium?goodAug
46Shakespeare’s BawdyPartridgefascinatingSept
47The Elizabethan World PictureTillyardgoodSept
48The Idea of OfficeSietsmadecentSept
49Aspects of the NovelE.M. ForstergreatSept
50Calvin’s PreachingParkergreatOct
51How To Win an ArgumentGilbertdecentOct
52Race, Evolution, and BehaviorRushtonprovokingOct
53Thinking StraightFlewvery goodOct
54On Writing, Editing, & PublishingBarzunreally goodOct
56Bound Only OnceWilson, ed.whatabook!Nov
57The Surrendered ChildrenWilsonwhatabook!Nov
58How To Read MusicEvansgreatNov
60How to Write an Uncommonly Good NovelHooverdecent, kindaNov
61The American ReligionBloomprofoundNov
62Worship, Community & the Triune God of GraceTorrancehuhNov
63Evangelical is Not EnoughHowardfascinatingNov
64The Lord’s ServiceMyersgreatDec
65A Poem A DayMcCoskergoodDec
66Exquisite DesireWalshgood/head caseDec
67The Works of Rupert BrookeBrookegood poetryDec
68The Soul of SexMoorenutcaseDec
69My Father’s KingdomLaytonsolidDec
70The Devil’s MusicOakleyfascinatingDec


1Psmith JournalistWodehousefineJan
2The Lords and New CreaturesMorrisonappallingJan
3The Kingdom and the PowerLeithartgreatJan
4The Scandal of GenderMitchell quite interestingJan
5Prayers and Meditations of St. AnselmSt. Anselmglorious/awfulJan
6Pig Out?James Jordanvery goodJan
7Liturgical NestorianismJames JordangoodJan
8The Liturgy TrapJames Jordanvery goodJan
9The New Testament (AV tapes)Holy SpiritsuperbJan
10101 Great American PoemsVariousinterestingFeb
11Joy at the End of the TetherWilsonwhatabook!Feb
12Contextualization and HeresyHallquite goodFeb
13Daddy, Why Was I Excommunicated?LeithartgoodFeb
14In Bluebeard’s CastleSteinerprovocativeFeb
15On Poetry and PoetsT.S. Eliotvery goodFeb
16War Psalms of the Prince of PeaceAdamsquite goodMar
17Theses on WorshipJordaninterestingMar
18The Name of the RoseEcofascinatingMar
19The Quotable JohnsonJohnsonjust goodMar
20The Wasteland, Prufrock & Other PoemsEliotinterestingMar
21Brief Reader’s Guide to RevelationJordaninterestingMar
22The Plight of Man and the Power of GodLloyd-JonesgreatMar
23Angels in the ArchitectureJones/Wilsonwhatabook!Mar
24100 Best Loved PoemsSmithreally good!Mar
25Humorous Stories and SketchesTwainpretty funnyMar
26Ezra Pound Early PoemsPoundsurprisingApr
27Old Possum’s Book of Practical CatsT.S. Eliotpretty goodApr
28Foucault’s PendulumEcogood/awfulApr
29Happy DaysMenckengreatApr
30Mystery and MannersO’ Connerquite goodMay
31The Holy Bible (AV)Holy Spiritclass by itselfMay
32The Quotable Tozer ITozervery goodMay
33God’s Passion for His GloryEdwardsgreatMay
34P.G. Wodehouse: A BiographyDonaldsonvery goodMay
35Desiring GodPipergreatMay
36The Church ImpotentPodlesgreatJune
37C.S. Lewis: Man of LettersHowardquite goodJune
38Right Ho, JeevesWodehouse greatJune
39Aunts Aren’t GentlemenWodehousegoodJune
40Dismissing GodLockerbievery goodJune
41The Romance of ProtestantismAlcockgreatJune
42PostmillennialismMathisonquite goodJune
43Life After TelevisionGilderfascinatingJuly
44The Humor of ChristTruebloodgoodJuly
45Letters to MalcolmC.S. LewisgreatJuly
46Thrones, DominationsSayerspretty goodJuly
47The Fellowship of the RingTolkienwonderfulAugust
48The Two TowersTolkienwonderfulAugust
49The Return of the KingTolkienwonderfulAugust
50Knots UntiedRylegreatSeptember
51Advice to WritersWinokurgoodSeptember
52Symphonic TheologyPoythressstupendousSeptember
53Poetry for CatsBeardpretty funnySeptember
54That Hideous StrengthLewisstupendousSeptember
55Hell on TrialPetersonsturdySeptember
56Commentary on the Gospel of MarkAlexandergoodSeptember
57Expository Thoughts on (Mark)RylegoodSeptember
59Ancient Christian Commentary (Mark)FathersgreatSeptember
60The Burgermeister’s DaughterOzmentfascinatingOctober
61Samuel DaviesPilchergoodOctober
62The Gospel According to Mark LaneoutstandingOctober
63Golden MouthKellygoodOctober
64Light From Old TimesRylevery goodOctober
65The Unfolding MysteryClowneygoodOctober
66BreathmarksHothamvery goodOctober
68The Presbyterian ControversyLongfieldgreatNovember
69Full MoonWodehousefunNovember
70Anne BradstreetPiercydecentNovember
71Anne Bradstreet: The Worldly PuritanStandordvery goodNovember
72The Enlarged Devil’s DictionaryBierceoutstandingNovember
73Biblical LovemakingFruchtenbaumokayNovember
74Uncle DynamiteWodehouse greatDecember
75Narcissus Leaves the PoolEpsteinreally goodDecember
76Poetry HandbookDeutschgoodDecember
77Eat the RichO’RourkegreatDecember


1Supremacy of God in PreachingPiperquite goodJan
2Taming of the ShrewEdward deVeregreatJan
3Defence of PoesieSydneygreatJan
4Living MachinesJones  greatJan
5The Culture We DeserveBarzungreatJan
6Hamletde VeregreatJan
7The Pleasures of GodPiperwonderfulJan
8The New Testament (KJV tapes)Holy Spiritobviously . . .Feb
9The Secret Life of Bill ClintonEvans-Pritchard very good Feb
10Augustine of HippoBrownoutstandingFeb
11Minority ReportMenckenreally pretty goodMar
12Time Bomb 2000Yourdonvery goodMar
13Dynamic of ServiceWilkesdecentMar
14American Tongue and CheekQuinnjust greatMar
15The Divine DramatistStoutquite goodMar
16How to Read the Bible as LiteratureRykengoodMar
17Facts Historians Leave OutTilleyokayMar
18Just A TalkerDuncangreatApr
19English Poems of George HerbertHerbertgreatMay
20Feminization of American CultureDouglasstupendousMay
21Weight of GloryLewisgreatMay
22Selected Writings of John Knox (Vol. I)Knoxvery goodMay
23The Genevan Book of OrderKnox (?)goodMay
24The Reading & Preaching of the Scriptures (I)OldgreatMay
25Life of KnoxMcCriegreatMay
26John Knox: Forgotten ReformerReedgoodMay
27Though the Darkness Hide TheeBauerquite goodJune
28John KnoxCowanpretty okayJune
29Conquest of CoolFrankpretty goodJuly
30New Testament (AV tapes)Holy Spiritsuperb July
31Angels in the ArchitectureJones/Wilson what a book!July
32Five Points of CalvinismBrysonarfulJuly
33Commodify Your DissentFrankbrilliant/stupidJuly
34The Sensate CultureBrowngreatAug
35Spirit Empowered PreachingAzurdiaquite goodAug
36Plagiarism & the Culture WarPappas  very goodAug
37Tyndale Commentary (Zechariah only)BaldwingoodSept
38Calvin (Zechariah only)Calvinvery goodSept
39Zechariah (only)Moorequite goodSept
40A Defense of LibertyJunius BrutusoutstandingSept
41The End of Ancient ChristianityMarkusvery goodSept
42Reading Scripture with the Church FathersHallgreat/ahrfulOct
43No Place for SovereigntyWrightgoodOct
44Song of Songs (New Century)SnaithokayOct
45Edward Hills’ ContributionLetisquite goodOct
46Reflections on the PsalmsC.S. Lewisglorious/awfulOct
47Losing Our VirtueWellsvery goodNov
48A Treasure of Great Poetry (audio)VariousgreatNov
49Hole in Our SoulBayles impressiveNov
50Early Christianity and Greek PaideaJaegerwonderfulNov
51Trousered ApesDuncanpretty goodNov
52PerelandraC.S. LewisgreatNov
53Confessions (Vol. 1)AugustinegreatNov
54A Treasure of Great Poetry (audio)VariousgreatNov
55For His GloryFarleygoodDec
56God in the WastelandWellsquite goodDec
57Tithing and the ChurchNorthquite goodDec
58The Restitution of ManAeschlimanpretty okayDec


1Surprised by LaughterLindvallgoodJanuary
2First Blast of the TrumpetKnoxpretty bad, actuallyJanuary
3Civil War TwoChittumfirst rateJanuary
4Fool’s Names/Fool’s FacesFergusonquite goodFebruary
5Studies in Medieval & Renaissance LitC.S. LewisoutstandingFebruary
6The New TestamentHoly Spirit (Lattimore’s translation)excellentFebruary
7Exegetical FallaciesCarson goodFebruary
8Song of SolomonCarrgoodMarch
9Allegory of LoveC.S. LewisgreatMarch
10Easy Chairs/Hard WordsWilsonwhat a book! March
11Makers of RomePlutarchquite goodMarch
12Letters of C.S. LewisC.S. LewiswonderfulApril
13After Modernity . . . What?Odengood/poorApril
14Understanding Fundamentalism & EvangelicalismMarsdenvery goodApril
15Leave it to PsmithWodehouse greatApril
16The Message of EcclesiastesKidnerquite goodApril
17Ecclesiastes: Total LifeKaiservery goodApril
18EcclesiastesBridgessorta goodApril
20Henry Vde Vere greatMay
21Sanctuary of SilenceKershawvery goodMay
22Alias ShakespeareSobransuperbMay
23My Lady NicotineBarrie quite goodMay
24The Idea of Decline in Western CultureHermongreatMay
25Dr. Atkins New Diet RevolutionAtkinsgoodMay
26Little Exercise for Young TheologiansThielickegoodJune
27Letters to an American LadyC.S. Lewisquite goodJune
28BeowulfAnonymus (Raffel)epicJune
29Institutio Oratoria Vol. IQuintilianvery goodJune
30Leading in WorshipJohnsonvery goodJune
31What’s Wrong With the WorldChestertonbrilliantJune
33Institutio Oratoria Vol. IIQuintilianvery goodJuly
34The Last LaughPerelman good stuffJuly
35Ante-Nicene Fathers Vol. IIrenaeus,et al.greatJuly
36Murder in the CathedralT.S. Eliotreally goodJuly
37Puritan ProfilesBarkermost informativeJuly
38The Debt Free ChurchBerg & Burgessreally quite goodJuly
39Book of Bad SongsBarryhilariousJuly
40Surprised by JoyC.S. LewisgreatJuly
41Principles of Biblical InterpretationBerkhofgoodAug
42From Forgiven to ForgivingAdamsjust greatAug
43The Arrogance of the ModernHallvery goodAug
44Institutio Oratoria Vol. IIIQuintilianvery goodAug
45Dionysos RisingJonesworld classAug
46Degenerate ModernsJonesvery goodSept
47Defeating DarwinismJohnsonvery good Sept
48The Ecclesiastical TextLetisfirst-rateSept
49Institutio Oratoria Vol. IVQuintilianvery goodOct
50How to Master the English BibleGraygreatOct
52On Politics: A Carnival of BuncombeMenckenreally goodOct
53From Nicaea to ChalcedonYoungquite goodNov.
54Commentary on First JohnCalvingoodNov.
56PrejudicesMenckenjust greatNov.
57Goodbye DescartesDevlinimportantNov.
58The End of ScienceHorganpretty goodDec.
59Starlight and TimeHumphriesprovocative/goofyDec.
60Brightest Heaven of InventionLeithartvery good Dec.
61The Impeachment of W.J. ClintonTyrellinterestingDec.
62Shakespeare’s Book of InsultsSedergoodDec.
63Future GracePipergreatDec.
64Much Ado About NothingEdward deVeregreatDec.


1The Quotable LewisC.S. LewisgreatJanuary
2An Experiment in CriticismC.S. LewisgreatJanuary
3Revival & RevivalismMurrayoutstandingJanuary
4Religion and the Rise of Western CultureDawsonjust greatFebruary
5The AeneidVirgilgreatMarch
6Public Education & IndoctrinationAssortedokayMarch
7The Screwtape LettersC.S. LewisgreatMarch
8English Literature in the 16th CenturyC.S. LewisstupendousMarch
9Baptized PatriarchalismNorthgoodApril
10WestminsterConfession (1646)variousgreatApril
11Webster’s Unafraid DictionaryLevinsonfineApril
12A Second Mencken ChrestomathyMenckengreatApril
13Be True To Your SchoolGarfieldgoodApril
141996 Cambridge PapersVariousquite goodApril
15The Coming Evangelical CrisisArmstrong, ed.greatApril
17C.S. LewisA.N. WilsongoodMay
18Truth is Stranger Than it Used to BeWalsh/MiddletongodforsakenMay
19Christian Apologetics in a Postmodern WorldPhilips/OakholmjeepersMay
20The Openness of GodPinnock, ed.hereticalMay
21Train Up A ChildPearlawful/greatMay
22Little Book/Christian Character & MannersDedrickgood/poorMay
23The Jesus PapyrusThiede/D’AnconaexcellentJune
24History of EducationGravesquite goodJune
25Uncle DynamiteWodehousegreatJuly
26Inventing the AIDS VirusDuesbergsimply greatJuly
27Worship in Spirit and TruthFramequite goodJuly
28America’s British CultureKirkgreatJuly
29Forgotten ConfederatesBarrow/Rosenburgreally goodJuly
30To A Thousand GenerationsWilson what a book!August
31Black Southerners in GrayRollins, ed.goodAugust
32Fighting for Liberty & VirtueOlaskygreatAugust
33Crossed FingersNorthjust greatSeptember
34Spurgeon & Hyper-CalvinismMurraygreatSeptember
35Enemies ListO RourkegoodSeptember
37J. Gresham MachenStonehousequite goodOctober
38Christianity & CultureT.S. EliotgreatNovember
39The OdysseyHomer/LattimoregreatNovember
40Selected PoemsT.S. EliotinterestingNovember
41Evangelical Heathenism?Beisnerquite goodNovember
42The Poems & Sonnets of Wm ShakespeareShakespearevery goodNovember
43The Epic of Gilgamesh?fascinatingNovember
44Darwin’s Black BoxBehestupendousNovember
45Southern Tradition At BayWeaversuperbDecember
46Joys of National ReviewBuckleygoodDecember
47Letters to ChildrenC.S. LewisgoodDecember
48Music of the Great ComposersKavanaughfascinatingDecember
49Godly Self ControlPierpretty good, actuallyDecember
50Standing on the PromisesWilsonwhatabook!December
51The BibleHoly Spirit (NKJV mostly)perfectDecember
52Protestant Ethic & Spirit of CapitalismWeberthot-provokingDecember


1Can Fallen Pastors Be Restored?ArmstrongoutstandingJanuary
2Latina Pro Populo/Latin for PeopleHumezpretty funnyJanuary
3Postmodern TimesVeithvery goodJanuary
4The Heavenly City of 18th Cent. Phil.Beckerjust outstandingJanuary
5A Biblical Introduction to ApologeticsBahnsengoodFebruary
6Words to Winners of SoulsBonarvery goodFebruary
7Essays Presented to Charles WilliamsC.S. Lewis, ed.goodFebruary
8Robespierre: The Voice of VirtueScottoutstandingFebruary
9The Return of JeevesWodehousevery goodMarch
10Give War a ChanceO’ RourkegoodMarch
11The Necessity of Reforming the ChurchCalvingreatMarch
12Hebrews/Tyndale NT CommentariesGuthriesolidApril
13On Writing WellZinssergoodApril
14Clear and Simple as the TruthThomas & TurnerfoundationalApril
15Song of SongsBloch & Blochquite goodApril
16Modern FascismGene VeithoutstandingMay
17The Reformation & Theology of ReformersCunninghamvery goodMay
18Biblical WorshipKevin ReedgoodMay
19More Quotable ChestertonG.K. ChestertongreatJune
20H.L. Mencken’s Smart Set CriticismH.L. MenckenbrilliantJuly
21The Vintage MenckenH.L. MenckengreatJuly
22Bills From Beyond the GraveNorthokayJuly
23On Remaking the WorldSchultzokayJuly
24The Scandal of the Evangelical MindNollgreat/poorJuly
25The Epistle to the EphesiansHodgegreatAugust
26Seven Promises of a Promise KeeperVariousokay/poorAugust
27Carry On, JeevesWodehousereally goodAugust
28HeresiesHarold O.J. BrownoutstandingAugust
29A Presbyterian Political ManifestoWagnerokayAugust
30White GlovesKotreinteresting & dumbSeptember
31State of the ArtsVeithvery goodOctober
32Man, Economy, and EnvironmentBeisnergoodOctober
33Strategies for Successful MarriageWagner/GruenlousyOctober
34Missing From ActionI forgetpretty goodOctober
35The Ten CommandmentsWatsongreatNovember
36The Messiah’s ReturnJamesokayNovember
37The Fate of EmpiresGlubbvery goodNovember
38Jus DivinumLondon ministersgreatNovember
39Making Shipwreck of the FaithReedvery goodNovember
40A Return to Christian CultureTaylorgoodNovember
41Present ConcernsC.S. LewisgoodNovember
42The Weight of GloryC.S. LewisgreatNovember
43Animal FarmOrwellvery goodNovember
44The Death PenaltyMartingoodNovember
45Fit Bodies Fat MindsGuinnessquite goodNovember
46The End of ChristendomMuggeridgegoodDecember
47The World’s Last NightC.S. Lewisgreat as alwaysDecember
48The Abolition of ReligionMorrisgoodDecember
49The Great TribulationJonesokay, but boringDecember
50The Crisis of Western EducationDawsongreatDecember
51A Preface to Paradise LostC.S. LewismagnificentDecember
52Superior Person’s 2nd Book of WordsBowlerokayDecember
53Drinking With Calvin and Luther!WestfunnyDecember


1The Ruling ElderMillerexcellentJanuary
2The Second Book of DisciplineThe KirkexcellentJanuary
3The Four LovesC.S. LewisoutstandingJanuary
4The Minister in the Reformed TraditionGoodykoontzquite goodJanuary
5Order in the OfficesBrowngreatJanuary
6Classical ApologeticsSproul, Gerstner, L .good/poorJanuary
7The Soul WinnerSpurgeonvery goodJanuary
8What Do Presbyterians Believe?ClarkgoodFebruary
9The Weight of GloryC.S. LewisgreatFebruary
10Wrongly Dividing the Word of TruthGerstnergoodFebruary
11The Great Awakening and American Ed.Sloan, ed.goodMarch
12What About Baptism?RayburnexcellentMarch
13The Visible Church & the Outer DarknessBacongoodMarch
14Revealed to BabesBacongoodMarch
15Signs and Seals of the CovenantKirkbygoodApril
16ImmersionMacKayvery goodApril
17Thornwell/Volume IVThornwellgreatApril
18The Reformation of the ChurchMurray, ed.greatApril
19The Church Under SiegeSmithgreatMay
20Commentary on First ThessaloniansCalvin very goodMay
21Refutation of Baptist TricksZwingligoodMay
22Coming HomeGillquistGodforsakenJune
23New Testament HistoryBruceoutstandingJune
24Concerning ScandalDurhamvery goodJune
25An Unshakeable KingdomGoodinggoodJuly
26Biblical Church GovernmentReedgoodJuly
27Dancing AloneSchaefferhorrendousJuly
28No Place for TruthWellsoutstandingJuly
29Holy BaptismSpencergoodJuly
30The PeacemakerSandevery goodAugust
31The Emergence of LibertyKellygoodAugust
32Principles of WarWilsongreatAugust
33Order in the OfficesMark Brown, ed.very goodAugust
34Christian NurtureBushnellexcellentAugust
35Building a Christian WorldviewHoffecker, ed.goodSeptember
36War Psalms of the Prince of PeaceAdamsjust greatSeptember
37Life of Christ in StereoCheneygreatSeptember
38When Fathers RuledOzmentquite goodOctober
39A Reformation DebateCalvin/Sadoletovery goodNovember
40Hebrews: A Devotional CommentaryThomasgoodNovember
41A Shield and Hiding PlaceShattuckvery goodNovember
42The Doctrine of ScriptureVan TilgoodDecember
43A Grief ObservedLewisgoodDecember
44Reading Between the LinesVeithvery goodDecember
45Four QuartetsT.S. EliotinterestingDecember
46The Apostolic ChurchWitherowquite goodDecember
47Liberty of Conscience/Puritan IdeaJohn Van TilgoodDecember
48TULIPDuane SpencerokayDecember
49The New EvangelicalismWoodbridgequite goodDecember
50How Can I Be Sure I’m a Christian?WhitneygoodDecember
51Guinness Book of Poisonous QuotesJarmangoodDecember
52The New TestamentNIV/NKJV/& tapesScriptureDecember


1Christianity and Classical CultureCochraneoutstandingJanuary
2Thoughts for Young MenRyleoutstandingJanuary
3What Calvin SaysCramptongoodJanuary
4Christian BaptismMurrayvery goodJanuary
5The Foundations of Social OrderRushdoonyvery goodJanuary
6A Question of Intelligence?SeligmangreatFebruary
7Studies in the Covenant of GraceNeilandsvery goodFebruary
8War on the IdolsEiregoodFebruary
9Infant BaptismSartellegoodFebruary
10Ecclesiastical Text & Claims of AnabaptistsLetisgoodFebruary
11Presbyterian GovernmentBreckinridgegoodFebruary
12The Praise of FollyErasmusvery goodMarch
13Why I Believe in GodVan TilgoodMarch
14He Shall Have DominionGentryvery goodMarch
15John Ploughman’s PicturesSpurgeongoodApril
16History of the Westminster DivinesHetheringtonexcellentMay
17The Ethics of RhetoricWeaververy goodMay
18The Magician’s NephewLewisexcellentMay
19Prince CaspianLewisexcellentJune
20The Christ of the CovenantsRobertsonvery goodJune
21HuguenotGardenJonesvery goodJune
22William the BaptistChaneyvery goodJune
23Infant BaptismMillervery goodJune
24The Horse and His BoyLewisvery goodJuly
25A Short History of the Westminster AssemblyBeveridgegood/poorJuly
26The Silver ChairLewisgreatJuly
27How Could Anyone Believe That?Boothvery goodJuly
28Voyage of the Dawn TreaderLewisgreatAugust
29How Could Anyone Believe That?Boothvery goodAugust
30A Mencken ChrestomathyMenckenoutstandingSeptember
31Men, Women, and Order in the ChurchCalvinvery goodSeptember
32The Burden of GodKelleyvery goodSeptember
33The Life of Samuel RutherfordAndrew ThompsongoodSeptember
34Warnings to the ChurchesJ.C. Rylevery goodSeptember
35The Teaching of . . . HebrewsVosgoodOctober
36Unity of the ChurchM’Crievery goodOctober
37Spirit of the DisciplinesWillardgoodOctober
38The Meaning and Mode of BaptismAdamsgoodOctober
39The New Testament (NKJV)Holy SpiritScriptureOctober
40Select Sermons of George WhitefieldWhitefieldoutstandingOctober
41Believers and Their SeedHoeksemagoodNovember
43God’s Last Word to ManMorgangoodNovember
44God’s ChurchStibbsgood, plusNovember
45What is Calvinism?SmithgoodNovember
46The Testimony of BaptismHulseokayNovember
47We and Our ChildrenHankoexcellentNovember
48Disciplines of the Christian LifeWhitneygoodNovember
49Baptists: Thorough ReformersAdams!November
50Infant Baptism in the First 4 CenturiesJeremiasvery goodDecember
51The Origins of Infant BaptismJeremiasgoodDecember
52Infant Baptism Briefly ConsideredDoanequite goodDecember


1Messiah the PrinceSymingtonexcellentJanuary
2Handbook of Church DisciplineAdamsgood plusJanuary
3New TestamentMKJVScriptureJanuary
4Family WorshipD’AubignegoodJanuary
5The Art of PersuasionBridges/Rickenbackergood plusFebruary
6Westminster Confession & CreedsDabneyexcellentFebruary
7God’s New SongSeidelgoodFebruary
8Historical Theology/Volume 2CunninghamexcellentFebruary
9New TestamentWeymouthScriptureMarch
10Historical Theology/Volume 1CunninghamexcellentMarch
11Necessity of Systematic TheologyDavisgoodApril
12The Covenant of GraceMurrayexcellentApril
13Reformation & RevivalArmstrong, ed.excellentMay
14New TestamentNKJV (tapes, @)ScriptureApril?
15New TestamentNKJVScriptureMay
16Alarm to the UnconvertedAlleinevery goodMay
17Churchof Christ/Volume1BannermanexcellentMay
18New TestamentNKJVScriptureJune
19Knowing GodJ.I. PackerexcellentJune
20Intercessory PrayerBradfordvery goodJune
21Intellectual Challenge of the GospelVan TilexcellentJune
22Redemption Accomplished and AppliedMurrayvery solidJuly
23Reforming EducationAdlerawfulJuly
24Amusing Ourselves to DeathPostmanwonderfulJuly
25Messiah: Governor of the NationsMcLeodexcellentJuly
26Churchof Christ/Volume2BannermanexcellentJuly
27Hebrews/Volume 1OwengreatAugust
28What is an Evangelical?Lloyd-JonesgreatAugust
29Last Days MadnessDeMargoodAugust
30Parliament of WhoresO’RourkeokayAugust
31The Hebrew RepublicWinegreatSeptember
32The Belgic ConfessiongoodSeptember
33The Ruling ElderMillergoodSeptember
34An Able and Faithful MinistryMillergoodSeptember
35The Plan of GodPackergoodSeptember
36Importance of the Local ChurchWraygoodSeptember
37Forbidden AlliancesGillespiegoodSeptember
38Hallelujah/Lord God OmnipotentAlexandergoodSeptember
39The Separated LifeVosgoodSeptember
40Shepherding God’s FlockBeardmoregoodOctober
41The True Nature of a Gospel ChurchOwengreatOctober
42How to Watch TV NewsPostman/PowersgoodOctober
43On MortificationOwengreatOctober
44John CalvinParkergoodNovember
45Born AgainToongoodNovember
46Thoughts for Young MenRylegreatDecember
48Man and Woman in Bib. PerspectiveHurleyvery goodDecember
49Church OfficersThornwell excellentDecember
50Amusing Ourselves to DeathPostmanexcellentDecember
51Paradise LostMiltonokayDecember
52Obedience to Laws of GodGreengoodDecember


1The Reformation in Englandd’AubigneexcellentJanuary
2Recovering the Lost Tools of LearningWilsonwhat a book!January
3Marketing Your MinistryPearson/HisrichgoodJanuary
4The Defense of the FaithVan TilexcellentFebruary
5Spurgeon’s Sovereign Grace SermonsSpurgeonexcellentFebruary
6Van Til and the Use of EvidenceNotarogood plusFebruary
7Death of Death in the Death of ChristOwenexcellentFebruary
8Did God Know?Elsethawful!February
9The Evangelical DoctorWoodgoodFebruary
10Infant Baptism/Part and Pillar of PoperyGillgoodMarch
11Believer’s Baptism and Lord’s SupperGosdenokayMarch
12Free Grace Vs. Free WillBestgoodMarch
13Commentary on JonahCalvinexcellentMarch
14The Reign of GraceBoothexcellentMarch
15The Five Points of CalvinismHanko/Hoeksema/B.okayMarch
17Discourse on Free WillErasmus/Lutherpoor/greatApril
18Biblical EldershipStrauchgoodApril
19Books/God’s ToolsBockmuelgoodApril
20Woman’s OrgasmKline/Grabergood/awfulMay
21Joy in the MorningWodehousegoodMay
22HyperCalvinism and . . . GospelEngelsmaexcellentMay
23Doctrine of Absolute PredestinationZanchius excellentJune
24Code of the WoostersWodehousegood plusJune
25The Reformed Doctrine of . . .Boettner excellentJune
26ArminiusBangs   excellent/poorJuly
27Lectures on BaptismShirreffgood plusJuly
28Almost Christian DiscoveredMeadexcellentJuly
29Unpleasantness at the BellonaSayersgoodJuly
30Particular RedemptionRushtongoodAugust
31The Davidson AffairgoodAugust
32The Other End of the WorldRoger RuskawfulSeptember
33Thoughts on Public PrayerMillergreatSeptember
34Saved by GraceHoekemagoodSeptember
35Westminster‘s ConfessionNorthgoodSeptember
36Using Your Home for ChristStrauchvery goodSeptember
37One Year Bible (NIV)ScriptureScriptureOctober
38The Majority TextLetisgoodOctober
39Mind of the MakerSayersexcellentOctober
40Chosen by GodSproulgoodOctober
41Leftism RevisitedKuehnelt-LeddihnexcellentOctober
42The Long War Against GodMorrisvery goodOctober
43Biblical EldershipStrauchvery goodNovember
44Latin for All OccasionsBeardfunnyNovember
45Concerning the Eternal Predestination of GodCalvinexcellentNovember
46Pre-Wrath Rapture of the ChurchRosenthal!!!November
47Prophecy and the ChurchAllis greatNovember
48Evangelical ReunionFramegoodNovember
49Tyndale’s New TestamentTyndale ScriptureNovember
50Greatness of the Great CommissionGentrygreat December
51The Grand DemonstrationAdamsgood plusDecember
52The King James Version DebateCarsonokayDecember
53The Biblical Doctrine of Infant BaptismMarcel great/poorDecember
54The Coming Economic EarthquakeBurkettgreatDecember


1PerelandraC.S. Lewisgreat!January
2A Journey in GraceBelcherokayJanuary
3Jonathan EdwardsGerstnergoodJanuary
4The Providence of GodFarleyokayJanuary
5That Hideous StrengthC.S. Lewisgreat!January
6God and PoliticsSmith, ed.great!February
7Preaching With PurposeAdamsgood minusFebruary
8Where Two Creeds MeetMcKinley!February
9Political PolytheismNorthvery goodFebruary
10Predestination and Free WillBasinger, ed.okayFebruary
11The C.S. Lewis HoaxLindskooggreatFebruary
12The Mystery of ProvidenceFlavelgreatMarch
13The Inexhaustible GodGruenlergood plusMarch
14Something FreshWodehousegreatMarch
15House DividedBahnsen/Gentrygood plusApril
16The Legacy of Hate ContinuesDeMar/LeithartgoodApril
17The Apostolic ChurchWitherowexcellentApril
18The New Testament (NKJV)ScriptureScriptureApril
19Hoax of Higher CriticismNorthgoodApril
20Holidays in HellO’RourkegoodApril
21Quick ServiceWodehousegoodApril
22Concerning Eternal PredestinationCalvingreatApril
24The Five Points of CalvinismSteele/ThomasexcellentMay
25Preach the WordReymondgoodMay
26A Heart Set FreeDallimoreexcellentMay
27Republican Party ReptileO’Rourke goodJune
285 Points of Christian ReconstructionDuncan goodJune
29Grace of God & Will of ManPinnock, ed.poorJune
30On the Freedom of the WillEdwardsbrilliant!June
31Calvinism, H-Calvinism & Arm.Talbot/CramptongoodJune
32Divine Sovereignty and Human FreedomFiskpoor!July
33Sovereignty of God in ProvidenceReisingergoodJuly
34What is a Reformed Baptist Church?Poh Boon Sing good plusJuly
35God’s Foreknowledge and Man’s Free WillRiceawfulJuly
36Southern Reformed TheologyWells, ed.good plusAugust
37Dutch Reformed TheologyWells, ed.good plusAugust
38The Princeton TheologyWells, ed.good plusAugust
39Faith: The Gift of GodWells goodAugust
40The Bondage of the WillLuthergreatSeptember
41The Consolation of PhilosophyBoethiusgoodSeptember
42Calvinism and Evan. ArminianismGirardeauvery goodOctober
43II Peter 3: The Late Great KingdomPrestongoodOctober
44Man’s Total DepravityPinkgoodNovember
45Letter to Wesley on ElectionWhitefieldgoodNovember
46Reprobation AssertedBunyanokayNovember
47Display of ArminianismOwengreatDecember
48New Testament (NKJV)ScriptureScriptureDecember
49The Reformation in Englandd’AubignegreatDecember
50Puritan Economic ExperimentsNorthgood December
512nd Epistle to CorinthiansHughesgoodDecember
52John Calvin/His Roots and FruitsSingergoodDecember


1The Secret SixScottexcellentJanuary
2Dominion TheologyHouse/IcepoorJanuary
3Lectures to My StudentsSpurgeonexcellentJanuary
4Defense of CalvinismSpurgeongoodJanuary
5A Division in IsraelNelson good, plusJanuary
6What is Reformed Faith?deWittgoodJanuary
7Joy UnspeakableLloyd-Jonesexcellent?January
8Man’s Will/Free Yet BoundChantryexcellentFebruary
9Antidote Against ArminianismNessgoodFebruary
10Heavenly HumorWagnerokayFebruary
11Letter to WesleyWhitefieldexcellentFebruary
12The Cross/Vindication of GodLloyd-JonesgoodFebruary
13Making Schools BetterGlazergoodFebruary
14Science Held HostageVan Til, Young, M.good/poorMarch
15The Seductive ImageBillingslyexcellentMarch
16Exposing AIDS ScandalCameronexcellentMarch
17The New Testament (NIV)ScriptureScriptureMarch
18Fighting BureaucracyGruppgood, plusMarch
19Lectures On CalvinismKuyperexcellentApril
20Cromwell/The ProtectorD’AubigneexcellentApril
21RhetoricAristotlevery goodApril
22For Whom Did Christ Die?Kuipergood, plusApril
23A Primer on the AtonementGerstnergood, minusApril
24On Christian DoctrineAugustinevery goodApril
25A Primer on Free WillGerstnergood, minusApril
27Operation RescueTerrygood, plusApril
28Godliness Through DisciplineAdamsgoodApril
29What Happened in 70 AD?StevensgoodMay
30Why I Left SchofieldismCoxgoodMay
31Truth and HeresyGillespiegood, plusMay
33Beyond Good IntentionsBandowgoodMay
34Trespassing for Dear LifeNorth goodMay
36Freedom, Justice, and HopeOlasky, ed.good plusJune
37Salvation of All MenLongokayJune
38Definite AtonementLongexcellentJune
39Doctrine of Absolute PredestinationZanchius good, plusJuly
40Doctrine of RepentanceWatsongood, plusJuly
41Battle of the GodsMoreyexcellentJuly
42R.L. Dabney On PreachingDabneyexcellentJuly
43The Force of TruthScottgoodJuly
44Beast of RevelationGentry  excellentAugust
45The 1689/Faith to Confessgood/poor August
46Calvinism in HistoryMcFetridgegoodAugust
47Book of the Dun CowWaugeringood, plusAugust
48Golden Treasury of Puritan QuotationsThomas great August
49Christian SpiritualityAlexanderinformativeSeptember
50When Justice is AbortedNorthokaySeptember
51Withhold Not CorrectionRayexcellentSeptember
522 CorinthiansWilsongoodSeptember
53Face the MusicSeidelokaySeptember
54Accuracy of TranslationMartingood, plusOctober
55Structure of Scientific RevolutionsKuhngreatOctober
56Service With a SmileWodehouse goodOctober
57Plan of SalvationWarfieldgreatOctober
59That Hideous StrengthLewisgreatNovember
60A Call to DiscernmentAdamsgoodDecember
61Meaning and Mode of BaptismAdams!December
62Marriage, Divorce, and RemarriageAdamsgreatDecember
63Infant Baptism & the Covenant of GraceJewettoutstanding December
64Out of the Silent PlanetLewisgreatDecember
65Chosenfor LifeStormsgood, plusDecember
66On the IncarnationAthanasiuswonderfulDecember
67The Sovereignty of GodMurraygoodDecember


1Turning PointSclossbery/OlaskyexcellentJanuary
3Jonathan EdwardsMurrayexcellentJanuary
4Welsh Revival of 1904Evansgood/sadJanuary
5Horse and His BoyLewisexcellentJanuary
6The Missing PeaceSinclairgoodJanuary
7Education, Christianity and the StateMachengood  January
8Reformed PastorBaxterexcellentJanuary
9Lion, Witch, and WardrobeLewisexcellentFebruary
10Pat RobertsonRobbinsgood, plusFebruary
11Signs of the ApostlesChantryexcellentMarch
13Doonesbury DeluxeTrudeaugood, plusMarch
14Biblical Church GovernmentReed goodMarch
15The Ruling ElderMillergoodMarch
16Reduction of ChristianityDeMar/Leithartgood, plusMarch
17Last BattleLewisexcellentMarch
18Power in the BloodChiltonexcellent, okayMarch
19Winning the Battle for the Minds of MenPeacockegoodMarch
20Mrs. Wiggs and the Cabbage PatchRice  very goodMarch
21Marriage and DivorceStottgoodMarch
22The TrinityClarkgood, okayMarch
23New Testament (Phillips)ScriptureScriptureMarch
24Of EducationMiltongood, plusApril
25Marriage, Divorce and RemarriageAdamsexcellentApril
2615 Steps to Financial IndependenceNorth goodApril
27Baptism and Church Membership
29The Red PresidentGrossgoodApril
30No Holiness, No HeavenAldersongoodApril
32Kingdoms in ConflictColsonpoor/goodApril
33Christianity and LiberalismMachenwonderful!April
34Sword of SpringLehmanpoorMay
35The MilleniumBoettnergreatMay
36Theology of Christian ResistanceNorthgoodMay
37Reformed Doctrine of PredestinationBoettnervery goodMay
39Not Many People Know ThatCaineokayMay
40The Biblical Doctrine of ElectionReisinger goodJune
41The Biblical Doctrine of CalvinismMellgoodJune
42The Grace of God in the GospelAssortedgood, plusJune
43God TranscendentMachengoodJune
44Evangelism & Sovereignty of GodPackerexcellentJune
45Bondage of the WillLuthergood, plusJune
46Wrath of GrapesBustanobygoodJune
475 Points of CalvinismSeatongoodJune
48Marketing the ChurchBarnaokay/poorJune
495 Points of CalvinismSteele/ThomasexcellentJune
50Prodigal PressOlaskyexcellentJune
51O’ Life of a PreacherHillokay  July
52ElectionSpurgeongood, plusJuly
53Jonathan Edwards on RevivalEdwardsexcellentJuly
54Fellowship of the RingTolkien  excellent?
55The Two TowersTolkienexcellentJuly
56TULIPSpencergood, plusJuly
57What is Christian Reconstruction??goodJuly
58Full Service BanksCrenshawokayAugust
59The Doctrines of GraceGunngoodAugust
60The Forgotten SpurgeonMurrayexcellentAugust
61The 5 Points of CalvinismPalmergoodAugust
63ChosenBy GodSproulgood, plusAugust
64Return of the KingTolkienexcellentJuly/August
65World Running Down?NorthgoodAugust
66Sovereignty of GodPinkexcellentAugust
67God Sovereign and Man FreeRiceexcellentSeptember
68Something is Drooling Under the BedCalvin/HobbesgoodSeptember
69The Plan of SalvationWarfieldexcellentSeptember
70Amazing DiscoveriesWoodrowokay, plusSeptember
71Cardinal of the KremlinClancygood, plusSeptember
72Christian Response to D & DLeithart/GrantgoodSeptember
73Something Greater is HereDeMarexcellentSeptember
74Calvinism Pure and MixedSheddexcellentSeptember
75Wine in the Bible and ChurchWilliamsonexcellentSeptember
76Primer on DispensationalismGerstnergoodOctober
77James I; The Fool as KingScottbrilliantOctober
78The Reformed FaithBoettnergoodOctober
79Decisional RegenerationAdamsgood, plusOctober
80On Observance of Sacred DaysWilliamsonokayOctober
81Are 5 Points Enough?Coppespoor/excellentOctober
82The Elders of the ChurchEyresgoodNovember
83The Impossibility Thinking of R. S.BelchergoodNovember
84The Sovereignty of GraceCustancegood, plusNovember
85Reason Within the Bounds of Religion?poorNovember
86On Pulpit OratoryWesleygoodDecember
87Election: Love Before TimeJohnsokay/goodDecember
88Debate Over Christian ReconstructionDeMargood, plusDecember
89The Essential Calvin and HobbesWattermanexcellentDecember
90Far Side GalleryLarsenexcellentDecember


1Perfected or Perverted?Norman WardOkay
2Foundations for Christian ScholarshipGary North, ed.Great
3The PersiansAescylusGood
4By This StandardBahnsenGreat
5Seven Against ThebesAescylusOkay
6Moses & PharoahNorthGood
7Christians & PoliticsThoburnGood
8True or False?FullerGreat
9The Text of the NTMetzgerGood/Bad
10How to Write Book ProposalLarsenGood
11Paul at AthensVan Til VeryGood
12Days of VengeanceChiltonExcellent!
14Which Bible?FullerGood
15Absence of TyrannyBillingslyExcellent
16The LawBastiatExcellent
17High Finance of a Low BudgetSkousenExcellent
19Oedipus the KingSophoclesExcellent
20Christian Letters to Post-Christian WorldSayersGreat
21The Children TrapThoburnGood
22Honest MoneyNorthGood
23Inherit the EarthNorthGood
24The Poet’s HandbookJeromeGood
25In the Shadow of PlentyGrantGood
26It’s a Young World After AllAckermanGood+
27Who Owns the Family?SuttonGood+
28Ruler of the NationsDeMarGood+
29Epistle of BarnabasBarnabasOkay
30Present ConcernsC.S. Lewis Great+
31Your Finances/Changing TimesBurkettGood+
32The Magician’s NephewC.S. Lewis Excellent
33Master Your MoneyBlueExcellent
34That You May ProsperSutton Good/Atrocious
35Shepherd of Hermas?Poor
36Homosexuality-A Biblical ViewBahnsenGreat
37The Aids Cover-Up?AntonioGood
38Cornelius Van Til: Man & MythRobbins Good+
39Christ & Civil GovernmentWood Good
40Christ’s Victorious KingdomDavisExcellent
41The Invitation SystemMurrayExcellent
42The Puritan HopeMurrayLife-Changing
43Counterfeit or Genuine?Fuller, ed.Excellent
44Identity of the NT TextPickeringExcellent!
45Liberating Planet EarthNorthOkay
46Never Sniff a Gift FishMcManusHilarious
47Divorce & RemarriageWoodrowGood+
48Prince CaspianC.S. LewisGreat!
49Critical MassMurilloExcellent
50Patriot GamesClancyGood
52Lectures on RevivalSpragueExcellent
53Changing of the GuardGrantGood
54Unholy SpiritsNorth VeryGood
55Necessity of Christian SchoolOtisOkay/Good
56Christian & Alcoholic Bev.GentryExcellent
57Baptized InflationHodgeExcellent
58Revival & Its FruitRobertsGood
59Understanding the Difficult Words of JesusBivin BlizzardGood+
61Voyage of Dawn TreaderC.S. LewisExcellent
62The Great TribulationChiltonExcellent
63Tactics of Christian Resistanceed. NorthGood
64George Whitfield Vol. 1DallimoreExcellent
65George Whitfield Vol. 2DallimoreExcellent
66Dominion & Common GraceNorthGood


2The Last BattleC.S. LewisExcellent
3Peloponnesian WarThycydidesExcellent!
4Voyage of Dawn TreaderC.S. LewisExcellent
5Tithing and DominionRushdoony/PowellExcellent
6Lion, Witch, WardrobeC.S. LewisExcellent
7The Planet BuyerCordwainer SmithOkay
8Israel & The New CovenantCampbellExcellent
9Golden RendezvousMacleanGood
11Tug of WarWhiteGood
12The Twelve CaesarsSuetoniusExcellent
13Philosophy of HistoryHegelOkay
14Enquiry of Human UnderstandingHumeOkay
15Doonesbury DossierTrudeauGreat
16Sinai StrategyNorthGreat
17Master Plan of EvangelismColemanGood
18Thy Kingdom ComeRushdoonyGood+
19Single IssuesSobranExcellent+
20Wealth of NationsAdam SmithExcellent
21Tinge of GoldLehmanGood
23Heavy WeatherWodehouseExcellent
24The Superior Person’s Book of WordsBowlerGood
25Christ’s 2nd ComingBrownExcellent
26Reconstruction of RepublicH.O.J. BrownExcellent
27Pussycats Need Love TooBoothExcellent
28San AndreasMacleanOkay
29A Vietnam ExperienceStockdaleGood+
30Preface to Paradise LostC.S. LewisExcellent
31John Paul Jones-Fighting Sailor?Okay*
32Eschatology of VictoryKikExcellent
33The Conservative MindKirkExcellent
34Remembering Who We AreBradfordGood
35Journ. Xian Reconstruction Vol 3,#2Good+
3675 Bible QuestionsNorthGood
37Grace AboundingBunyanGood
38Letters of IgnatiusIgnatiusExcellent
39I ClementClementExcellent
40Temperament & Christian FaithO. HallesbyGood
41PC Write Doc.WallaceGreat!
42Ideas Have ConsequencesWeaverTop 10!
44Journ. Xian Reconstruction (Ed).Good
45Unconditional SurrenderNorthGood+
46Flight From HumanityRushdoonyGreat
47Infallibility: An Inescapable ConceptRushdoonyGood
48Red Storm RisingClancyExcellent
49Necessity of Systematic TheologyRushdoonyExcellent
50Law & LibertyRushdoonyGood+
51This Independent RepublicRushdoonyExcellent
52Far Side GalleryLarsenGood
53The Root of InflationRushdoonyGood
54The Business of HeavenC.S. LewisGood
55The Curate’s AwakeningMacDonaldGood


1Amplified NTHoly SpiritOkay
2Social Justice of Christian ChurchNashExcellent
3How Should We then Live?SchaefferExcellent
4PerelandraC.S. LewisExcellent*
5Modern TimesJohnsonExcellent!
6Old Testament NIVHoly SpiritExcellent
7Wisdom Lit (NIV)Holy SpiritExcellent
8The Liberal Crack-upTyrellPoor/Excellent
9The IliadHomerGood
10Mere ChristianityC.S. LewisGood
11Leaning Tower of BabelMitchellExcellent
12Economics in One LessonHazlittExcellent
13Wisdom Lit (NIV)Holy SpiritExcellent
14A History of Classical Greek LiteratureSinclairGood+
15Assorted Ancient Greek LiteratureThuy., Herod, Aes., Et al.Of course good
16A Comparison of World ReligionsHeydtGood+
17Abolition of ManC.S. LewisExcellent
18Escape From ReasonSchaefferExcellent
19The French & American Rev. ComparedGentzExcellent
20Wisdom Lit (Living Bible)Holy SpiritGood
21On the Nature of ThingsLucretiusGood
22Adventures of Robin HoodVivianGood
24Christian ManifestoSchaefferExcellent
25Book 1LivyExcellent
26SatyriconPetronius ArbiterGross
27Introduction to PhilosophyGeisler/FeinbergGreat
28Wisdom Lit (NIV)Holy SpiritExcellent
29That Hideous StrengthC.S. LewisExcellent*
30Philosophy of Christian CurriculumRushdoonyExcellent
31All Plato’s Dialogues (less Republic & Laws)PlatoGood
32Eternity in their HeartsRichardsenGood
33Pilgrim’s RegressC.S. LewisExcellent
34Intellectual SchizophreniaRushdoonyGood+
35If Foundations be DestroyedDraper/WatsonExcellent
36God & CaesarEidsmoeExcellent
37What is Secular Humanism?HitchcockOkay
38Pilgrim’s RegressC.S. LewisExcellent
39The Dilemma of Education in a DemocracyPowersExcellent
40Wisdom Lit (NIV)Holy SpiritExcellent
41The Generation That Knew Not JosefBillingsleyGood
43Leave it to PsmithWodehouseExcellent
44Just & PainfulNewmanOkay
45Wisdom Lit (NEB)Holy SpiritExcellent
46Death at ChappaquiddickTedrowExcellent
47Institutes of Christian Religion, Vol. 2CalvinExcellent/Poor
48Little Pilgrim’s ProgressTaylorGood
49Brer RabbitExcellent
50Tom SawyerTwainExcellent
51The Hunt for Red OctoberClancyGreat
53Wisdom Lit (NIV)Holy SpiritExcellent
54Enemies of SocietyJohnsonGood
55The Magician’s NephewC.S. LewisExcellent
56Suicide of the WestBurnhamGood
57The Way HomePrideExcellent
58The Discarded ImageLewisExcellent
59Parents’ RightsWhiteheadGood
60The Silver ChairC.S. LewisExcellent
61Holistic HealthGumprechtGood
62Wisdom Lit (NIV)Holy SpiritExcellent
63The Federalist PapersMad./Ham./Jay Excellent
64Prince CaspianC.S. LewisExcellent
65The Nature of American SystemRushdoonyGood+
66Paradise RestoredChiltonExcellent


11984George OrwellGood
2The Silver ChairC.S. LewisExcellent*
3Spiritual DepressionLloyd-Jones Good
4Institutes of Biblical LawRushdoonyExcellent
6Meaning of MilleniumClouseExcellent
7Panic Among PhilistinesGriffinExcellent
8Lion, Witch, WardrobeC.S. LewisExcellent*
9New TestamentNEBHoly SpiritExcellent
10Graves of AcademeMitchellExcellent
11Portable Conservative ReaderKirk (Ed.)Excellent!
12NIV NT on CassetteHoly SpiritExcellent
13Horse & His BoyC.S. LewisExcellent*
14Politics of Guilt & PityRushdoonyExcellent
15Death PenaltyIngramGood
16Christian Counselor’s NTHoly Spirit/AdamsExcellent
17The Old Testament NEBHoly SpiritExcellent
18Lonely on the MountainL’AmourOkay
19MiraclesC.S. LewisExcellent
20The HobbitTolkeinExcellent*
21The True BelieverHofferExcellent
22Great Evangelical DisasterSchaefferExcellent
23Confessions of Medical HereticMendolsonGood+
24Government by EmergencyNorthExcellent
25New Testament NIVHoly SpiritExcellent
26Spring FeverWodehouseExcellent
27In Teeth of EvidenceSayersGood
28Pink and Brown PeopleSowell Good+
29Clear and Present DangersEvans Excellent
30Fellowship of the RingTolkeinExcellent*
31American Tongue & CheekQuinnExcellent
32Never Sniff a Gift FishMcManusGood+
34Backward Christian SoldiersNorthGood
35Bad News for Modern ManSchaefferGood+
36Full DisclosureSafireGood
37BaalbaneE. WilsonGood+
38Paradigms LostSimonGood
39Personal Spiritual DisciplinesSizemoreGood/Poor
40A Defense of Virginia & South Dabney Excellent
4139 StepsBuchanGood+
42The Shadow of the CrossChantryExcellent
43Institutes of Christian Religion, Vol. 1Calvin Excellent
44The Writer’s ArtKilpatrick Excellent
45Universe Next DoorSire Good
47Return of the KingTolkienExcellent*
48New Testament NIVHoly SpiritExcellent
49Out of the Silent PlanetC.S. LewisExcellent
50Old Testament NIVHoly SpiritExcellent
51My Utmost for His HighestChambersOkay
52The Far SideLarsonExcellent!
53In Search of the Far SideLarsonExcellent!


1On LibertyJohn S. MillGood
3Gaudy NightSayersExcellent
4The Last BattleC.S. LewisExcellent*
5Hangman’s HolidaySayersGood
6Book of InsultsMcPheeGood
7Myth of OverpopulationRushdoonyGood
8Practical Use of Greek N.T.WuestGood
9Rig Veda?Okay
10The Iron SceptreWhiteOkay
12Nuclear Holocaust & Christian HopeSider/TaylorAwful
13What’s Wrong With Human RightsIngramGood
14Did Phoenicians Discover America??Excellent
15History of Christian DoctrinesBerkhofGood
16Chasing After Wind?Excellent
17Presidential AnecdotesBollerExcellent
18Theological Interpretation of American HistorySingerExcellent
19Return to Christian CultureTaylorExcellent
20Princess & GoblinMacDonaldExcellent*
21The Last ThingsLaddExcellent
22I Believe in the Resurrection of JesusLaddExcellent
23The Ten CommandmentsMorganExcellent
24PoemsC.S. LewisExcellent
25Devil’s DictionaryBierceExcellent
26The Official RulesDicksonGood
27Pilgrim’s ProgressBunyanExcellent
28French LeaveWodehouseGood
29Golden NuggetsWuestExcellent
30Doonesbury’s Greatest HitsTrudeauExcellent
31Biffen’s MillionsWodehouseExcellent
32Brinkley ManorWodehouseExcellent
33People’s DoonesburyTrudeauExcellent
34Doonesbury ChroniclesTrudeauExcellent
35The Gandhi Nobody KnowsGrenierExcellent
36Book BurningThomasExcellent
37Strange Scriptures BowenGood
38Rich Man and LazarusNorthExcellent
39Abortion & Early ChurchGormanGood
40Bible History AtlasF.F.BruceGood
42Public NuisancesTyrrellExcellent
43Cocktail TimeWodehouseExcellent
44Idols for DestructionSchlosbergExcellent!
45Treasure IslandStevensonExcellent*
46Screwtape LettersC.S. LewisExcellent
47Four LovesC.S. LewisExcellent
49Wit and Wisdom of DL MoodyMoodyExcellent
50Christian ReflectionsC.S. Lewis Excellent
51Code of the WoostersWodehouseExcellent
52Fern Seed and ElephantsC.S. LewisExcellent
53Study in ScarletDoyleExcellent
54MIG PilotBarronExcellent
55Orig. Illus. Sherlock HolmesDoyleExcellent
56The Gravedigger FileGuinessGood
57Sign of FourDoyleGood
58No Other FoundationJacksonExcellent
59Magicians NephewC.S. LewisExcellent*
60The Last LionManchesterExcellent
62Descent of the DoveWilliamsGood
63Farmer Takes a WifeGouldExcellent
64Mrs. Bryne’s DictionaryByrneExcellent
65Prince CaspianC.S. LewisExcellent*
66The Unaborted SocratesKreeftExcellent
67The New Testament KJV Holy SpiritExcellent
68City of GodAugustineExcellent
69Dream ThiefLawheadExcellent
70Stealing of AmericaWhiteheadExcellent
71Caddie WoodlawnBrinkExcellent*
72Morning and EveningSpurgeonOkay
74Old TestamentHoly SpiritExcellent


1The Communist ManifestoMarx/EngelsAwful/Good
2Little Pilgrim’s ProgressTaylor/BunyanExcellent*
3Man’s Origin, Man’s DestinyA.E.Wilder-SmithExcellent
4History of Church From Christ to ConstantineEusebiusGood
6The Double ImageMacInnes Good
7Decline & Fall of Practically EverybodyCuppyExcellent
8Decision Making & Will of GodFriesen Excellent!
9The Challenge of MarxismBockmuehlGood
10The Battle for Your MindLaHayeOkay
11Little House in the Big WoodsWilderGood*
12The AeneidVirgil Good
13Service with a SmileWodehouseGood
14Who’s on FirstBuckleyGood
15The Butler Did ItWodehouse Good
16The Old TestamentHoly SpiritExcellent
17Plunkitt of Tammany HallPlunkittGood
18Something to Believe InShortAwful!
20Rich Christians in an Age of HungerSider Bad
22EEG Correlate of Glossolalia from Christian PerspectiveJonesGood
23Where is Noah’s Ark?BaileyGood
24As You Like ItShakespeareGood
25InerrancyEd. GieslerExcellent
26A Midsummer Night’s DreamShakespeareGood
28They Shoot Canoes, Don’t They?McManusExcellent
29The Troubled Waters of EvolutionMorrisGood
30Declaration of Independence. & ConstitutionAssortedExcellent
314 Trojan HorsesConnGood
32Magna ChartaBaronsGood
33Little Town on PrairieWilderGood*
34Lion, Witch & WardrobeC.S. LewisExcellent*
35The Resurrection of Human BodyCampExcellent
36Full MoonWodehouseExcellent
37The Light PrincessMacDonaldExcellent*
38Prince CaspianS. LewisExcellent*
39The Scarlet PimpernelOrczyGood
40The 2nd American RevolutionWhiteheadExcellent
41The KoranMohammedPoor
42A Fine and Pleasant MiseryMcManueExcellent
43The Hidden TargetMcKinnisGood
44Voyage of Dawn TreaderC.S. LewisExcellent
45Free EnterpriseLindsellGood
46The Fate of EmpiresGlubbExcellent
47Earth, Stars and the BibleStiehlExcellent
48Notes from UnderfootTrudeau Excellent
49The Silver ChairC.S. Lewis Excellent*
50A Hymnal: Controversial ArtsBuckleyExcellent
51He Who Thinks Has to BelieveSmithGood
52The Most of P.G. WodehouseWodehouseExcellent
53O Ye Jigs and JulipsHudsonGood
54Horse & His BoyC.S. LewisExcellent*
55Leading Little Ones to GodSchoollandGood*
57In the BeginningYoung Good
58Towerof GeburahWhiteOkay*
59Commentary on GalatiansLuther Good
60The Magician’s NephewC.S. LewisExcellent*
61Ethics Class NotesSeamanGood


1Stranger at WildingBrentFair
2Fish PreferredWodehouse Excellent
3Basic ChristianityStott Excellent
4George Bernard ShawChesterton Good
5Origins of NT ChristologyMarshallGood
6The New Testament/NIVHoly SpiritExcellent
7Today’s GospelChantry  Excellent
9Prince CaspianC.S. LewisExcellent*
10Blue BookGier Poor
11The New Testament/NIVHoly Spirit Excellent
12The BoggleKreuttnerGood
13The Epistles of John Comm.F.F. BruceExcellent
14Dawn TreaderC.S. LewisExcellent*
15Moon SpinnersStewart Good
16BabylonMystery ReligionWoodrow Good
17Golden RendezvousMaclean Excellent
18Scripture TwistingSireExcellent
19Ice Station ZebraMacleanExcellent
20The New TestamentHoly SpiritExcellent
21The Silver ChairC.S. LewisExcellent*
22Doonesbury ChroniclesTrudeauExcellent
23Answers to QuestionsF.F. BruceExcellent
24The World that PerishedWhitcombExcellent
25The New Testament/PhillipsHoly Spirit Excellent
26The Early EarthWhitcombExcellent
27Educating for EternitySchindlerExcellent
28The Christian School: Why it is RightKienelGood
29The Seven Laws of TeachingGregory Excellent
30The Universe & Dr. EinsteinBarnettGood
31The Weight of GloryC.S. LewisExcellent
32The Great Brain RobberyWatsonExcellent
33Stories for the Children’s HourKen TaylorGood*
34The Girl in BlueWodehouse Good
35The Purloined PaperweightWodehouse Good
36The Plot that ThickenedWodehouseGood
37Puppet on a ChainMaclean Good
38Wealth & PovertyGilder Excellent!!
39Uncle Fred in SpringtimeWodehouse  Good
40Horse & His BoyC.S. LewisExcellent*
41The Kingdom of the CultsMartinExcellent
42The Genesis FloodMorris & Whit.Excellent
43The Jesus HopeTravis Fair
44TYN Commentary — Colossians/PhilemonCarson Good
45Young Men in SpatsWodehouseGood
46The Magician’s NephewC.S. LewisExcellent*
47World of Mr. MullinerWodehouseExcellent
48Counterfeit MiraclesWarfieldExcellent
49The New Testament/NIVHoly SpiritExcellent
50BeauvalletHeyer Good
51The Crystal CaveStewartGood
52NICNT — RevelationMounce Good
53The New Testament/NIVHoly SpiritExcellent
54The SpikeMoss Excellent
55No Nudes is Good NudesWodehouse Excellent
56Plum PieWodehouse Good
57Mormon Revelations of ConvenienceMcElveenExcellent
58Don’t Miss it if You CanMoodyGood
59The Old ReliableWodehouse Good
60Message to Charismatic MovementChristensen Awful!
61The New TestamentHoly SpiritExcellent
62The Church at end of 20th CenturySchaeffer Excellent
63Free to ChooseM & R FriedmanExcellent
64The Forgotten FatherSmail Excellent!!
65Christian UnityLloyd-JonesExcellent
66Clockwork ImageMackayExcellent
67The Christian MindBlamiresGood
68Ice in the BedroomWodehouseGood
69Eternity in Their HeartsRichardsonExcellent
70The Intrusion of JimmyWodehouseGood
72The SwoopWodehouse Good
73Productive Christians in Age of Guilt .ManipulatorsChilton Excellent
74A Christian ManifestoSchaefferExcellent
75Hot WaterWodehouse Excellent
76N.T. in Language of PeopleHoly Spirit (C.S.) Excellent
772500 Anecdotes for all OccasionsFullerExcellent
78Have His CarcassSayers Excellent
79Sexual SuicideGilder Excellent


1The Black ArrowStevensonGood
2The Way to Dusty DeathMacLean Good
3Who Really Sends MissionaryGriffiths Excellent
4The Rest of the StoryHarvey Good
5In Two MindsGuinessExcellent
6The Painted WordWolfeExcellent
7Clouds of WitnessesSayersGood
8Unpleasantness at BellonaC. SayersGood
9How Right you are, JeevesWodehouseExcellent
10Stiff Upper Lip, JeevesWodehouseExcellent
11Jeeves and the Tie that BindsWodehouseExcellent
12The God They Never KnewOtisGood
13Knowledge of the HolyTozerExcellent
14Leadership (winter 80)RobbinsGood
15Developing a Christian MindBarcusFair
16Sacred RhetoricDabneyExcellent
17The MoonDeYoung/WhitcombExcellent
18HudsonTaylor’s Spiritual SecretDr./Mrs. TaylorExcellent
19Fern-Seed & ElephantsC.S. LewisExcellent
20Christian ReflectionsC.S. LewisExcellent
21God in the DockC.S. LewisExcellent
22George MacDonald: AnthologyC.S. LewisGood
23Against the PowersJim WilsonGood
24Murder Must AdvertiseSayersExcellent
25Letters of Samuel RutherfordRutherfordExcellent
26Fundamentalism & the Word of GodPackerExcellent
27Angels: God’s Secret AgentsGrahamGood
28Third World WarHackettExcellent
29When 8 Bells TollMacleanGood
30The Satan BugMacleanGood
31Peter, Stephan, James & JohnF.F. BruceExcellent
32Force Ten from NavaroneMacleanGood
33Jesus & Christian Origins Outside N.T.BruceExcellent
34The Bible in its WorldKitchenExcellent
35Absolute SurrenderMurrayExcellent
36Pantheism of Alan WattsClarkExcellent
37A Wrinkle in TimeL’EngleExcellent
38NICNT — HebrewsBruceExcellent
39A Wind in the DoorL’EngleExcellent
40N.T. Documents/Are They Reliable?BruceExcellent
41Swiftly Tilting PlanetL’EngleGood
42The Federalist EraMillerExcellent
43Out of the DepthsNewtonExcellent
44The Democratic RepublicSmelserGood
45Time for TruthSimonExcellent
46Paul, Apostle of Heart Set FreeBruceExcellent
47Guns of NavaroneMacleanExcellent
48Leadership (spring 80)RobbinsGood
49Leave it to PsmithWodehouseExcellent
50The Great DivorceC.S. LewisExcellent
51Out of the Silent PlanetC.S. LewisExcellent
52PerelandraC.S. LewisExcellent
53That Hideous StrengthC.S. LewisExcellent+
54Better is Your love than WineBanyolakGood
56Power Through PrayerBoundsExcellent
57Daniel WebsterBartlettGood
58Awakening of American NationalismDangerfieldGood
59John Quincy AdamsMorseGood
60TYN Commentary on JamesTaskerGood
61Strong PoisonSayersExcellent
62Unnatural DeathSayersExcellent
63Laughing GasWodehouseGood
64Indiscretions of ArchieWodehouseGood
65The Time is FulfilledBruceExcellent
66Busman’s HoneymoonSayersExcellent
67Riders of the Purple SageGreyGood
68The InfernoDanteExcellent
69The Davidson AffairJackmanExcellent
70Angels on AssignmentBuckAwful!
71Whose Body?SayersGood
72The Nine TailorsSayersGood
73Christ Died for MeE. WilsonGood
74The Feasts of IsraelBuksbazenExcellent
75Studies in PreachingAdamsGood
76Meet Mr. MullinerWodehouseExcellent
77Joy in the MorningWodehouseExcellent
78Jesus, Human and DivineMcDonald Good
79Thank You, JeevesWodehouseExcellent
80The Horse & His BoyC.S. LewisExcellent*
82The CharismaticsMacArthurExcellent
83Short Life of ChristHarrisonExcellent
84The Two BabylonsHislop VeryGood
85End of ChristendomMuggeridgeExcellent
86C.S. Lewis/Spinner of TalesGibsonGood
87Bible and Bermuda TriangleJohnson/TannerGood
88The Silver ChairC.S. LewisExcellent*
89Escape from ReasonSchaefferExcellent
90Elements of StyleStrunk & WhiteExcellent
91How Should We Then Live?SchaefferExcellent
92Water that DividesBridge & PhypersExcellent
93Highlights of Church HistoryVosGood
94Literary Impact of Authorized VersionC.S. LewisExcellent
95How to Witness to JW’sScnell Good
96Of Other WorldsC.S. LewisExcellent
97DarkTower& Other StoriesC.S. LewisExcellent
98Five Red HerringsSayersExcellent
99Lion, Witch & WardrobeC.S. LewisExcellent*
100Doonesbury’s Greatest HitsTrudeauExcellent
101Did Man Just Happen?CriswellExcellent
102Up from LiberalismBuckleyExcellent
103When God Moves in RevivalKivengereGood


2The Fellowship of the RingTolkienExcellent
3The Two TowersTolkienExcellent
4The Return of the KingTolkienExcellent
5Prince CaspianLewisExcellent
7NIC ActsFF BruceExcellent
8NIC GalatiansRidderbosGood
9TYN Commentary –ActsBlaiklockGood
10Missionary Methods/St. Paul’s or Ours?AllenExcellent
11St. PaulTraveler & Roman CitizenRamseyExcellent
12Death of ChristDenneyGood
13God was in ChristBailleGood
14Hist. Crit. Acts ApostlesWaltkeGood
15Place of the LionWilliamsGood
16War in HeavenWilliamsExcellent
17Descent into HellWilliamsExcellent
18Liberty of ObedienceElliotGood
19The Greater TrumpsWilliamsGood
20Protestant Biblical InterpretationRamm.Excellent
21Reflections on RevivalFinneyExcellent
22Worldly PhilosophersHeilbronerGood
23Situation EthicsMontgomeryGood
24Shadows of EcstasyWilliamsGood
25Old Testament SpeaksSchultzExcellent
26The Apostolic FathersSparksExcellent
27The White DragonMcCaffreyGood
28The Iron MarshallL’AmourFair
29The FinaleMillerExcellent
30The Holy Spirit in the Old TestamentWoodGood
31Where Eagles DareMcLeanGood
32Preaching & PreachersLloyd-JonesExcellent
33Something NewWodehouseExcellent
34St. Thomas Aquinas “Dumb Ox”ChestertonExcellent
35Grace AboundingBunyanExcellent
36TYN Commentary — Galatians ColeExcellent
37Sodom Had No BibleRavenhillGood
38Upon a Penny LoafPalms/BunyanExcellent
39Marvelous CanopySchwartzeFair
40Principles of WarWilsonExcellent
41The Flood (Abrg.)RehwinkelExcellent
42The Cross in the New TestamentMorrisExcellent
43The Black MothHeyerExcellent
44Apostolic Preaching of the CrossMorrisGood
45Glory in the CrossMorrisGood
46The Reformed PastorBaxterExcellent
47Luck of BodkinsWodehouseGood
48God IncarnateCareyGood
49John Calvin: Great StatesmanOlsonFair
50How do we know…God?MontgomeryFair
51The Bible & Roman ChurchMacaulayExcellent
52AuthorityM.L. JonesExcellent
53Law above LawMontgomeryExcellent
54You can tell the WorldWirtGood
55St. Francis of AssisiChestertonExcellent
56Introduction to Indian ThoughtHermanFair
57Ministry & Message of PaulLongeneckerGood
58See No EvilWilliamsExcellent
59Night without EndMacLeanGood
60The Omega DocumentMcKenzieGood
61Adam is God?VlachosExcellent
62The Secret WaysMacLeanGood
63Welcome to the FamilyWellsGood
64Fior, Son of the KingRobertsonFair
65A History of Christianity, Vol. 1LatouretteExcellent
66Will ‘Saints’ Go Marching InMcElveenExcellent
67Essential ChristianityMartinExcellent
68Life EverlastingMacDonaldPoor/Excellent
69Whatever Happened to the Human Race?Shaeffer/KoopExcellent
70Man From SkibbereenL’AmourFair
71Can We Trust the Bible?RadmacherExcellent
72The Universe Next DoorSireExcellent
73Many DimensionsWilliamsGood
74Paul & JesusBruceExcellent
75Clues to Creation in GenesisWisemanExcellent
76Lord Emsworth and OthersWodehouseExcellent
77Creation in ChristMacDonaldPoor/Excellent
78Unity in the DarkGilliesExcellent/Good
79The World of JeevesWodehouseExcellent
80The Golden Scales/Hear the Other SideIngramExcellent
81Drugs & Life of PrayerBarreauGood
82Eerdman’s Handbook to History of ChristEerdmansGood