Fundie Homiletics

“The point of these stories had been pressed home to him to him by the kind of preachers who rolled up their shirtsleeves, threw their necktie over the right shoulder, and hopped around while they preached. Many Americans have complained of too many hellfire and damnation sermons in their past, but Bradford was one of the 112 individuals in our generation who had actually heard one. He was thirteen at the time and was a pretty good boy for five days afterward. So Bradford was thoroughly conversant on the Achan thing.”

Evangellyfish, p. 98

Something Else to Look At

So I wanted to let you all know about a pilot project we have underway. We are calling it Reformed Basics, and we currently have 3 episodes posted on Amazon Prime. Here is the link: The episodes are about twenty minutes long, and are geared at high school level (although I believe that both younger …

Viewing the NQN 2019 Game Film

Introduction: Well then, we have completed our second edition of No Quarter November, and with none of the support staff being hurt or maimed in any way. And as you may recall, last year I followed up all the NQN doings with a post mortem, which you can read here. The salient questions were, at …

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