Two Sides

“If we are to be true to what the Bible says about itself, we must recognize both the human and the divine authorship. Yet we must not allow either the divine or the human factor to take away from the other. Divine inspiration did not override the human authorship. Human authorship did not override the divine inspiration. The Bible is equally God’s words and human words.”

Stott, The Challenge of Preaching, p. 16

The Content Cluster Muster (12.05.19)

Not Too Soon to be Thinking of Summer: Always an Open Road Something: And as always, more to be seen here. A Kind and Thoughtful Take on Some of What is Going On Here: Evidentialist Apologetics: A bobcat jumps over a river with a single leap— Roberto Alonso González Lezcano (@robertoglezcano) December 1, 2019 …

Those Darn Back Rubs

“Every month or so the stress of youth ministry—dealing with the kids and all their issues—would get to Johnny and so he would head on over to Brandy’s apartment to have her give him a neck rub, followed by her specialty back rub. But somehow her giving him a back rub always turned into him giving her a front rub, and then they would fall again. That was actually how their relationship started, which is to say, through those darn back rubs. It was her senior year in high school, and she was in Johnny’s youth group, which was a combination Bible study and daisy-chain back-rub circle. At the end of that year, they all had a good working knowledge of the gospel of Mark and significantly improved blood flow in the delts.”

Evangellyfish, p. 92