Sincerely Yours, November

I would like to thank all of you for your robust participation in this, our fourth No Quarter November, and this includes all of you—from those who left comments, to those who obtained free books, to the editors of The Guardian, whose crackerjack reporting discovered that people in Christ Church have paying jobs, down to …

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Life in Girl World

Dear Dawson, Thanks for contacting me. I actually wasn’t that surprised to hear from you, but I was perhaps a little surprised at how much detail you were able to provide. You have clearly done your homework, and I am glad you are working through these issues. You are clearly taking things seriously. Dealing with …

Liturgy that the Cat Drug In

“There have been churches where the organist thinks that God will be most honored if he, the organist, shows up with pink slippers with tassels on them. There is a toney, nose-in-the-air, tall steeple, moneyed attitude that is, as far as the Holy Spirit is concerned, just another thing that the cat drug in.”

Let the Stones Cry Out, p. 138