Those Darn Back Rubs

“Every month or so the stress of youth ministry—dealing with the kids and all their issues—would get to Johnny and so he would head on over to Brandy’s apartment to have her give him a neck rub, followed by her specialty back rub. But somehow her giving him a back rub always turned into him giving her a front rub, and then they would fall again. That was actually how their relationship started, which is to say, through those darn back rubs. It was her senior year in high school, and she was in Johnny’s youth group, which was a combination Bible study and daisy-chain back-rub circle. At the end of that year, they all had a good working knowledge of the gospel of Mark and significantly improved blood flow in the delts.”

Evangellyfish, p. 92

Electronically Dispatched Missives

Letter to the Editor: Last day of NQN coincides with last day to hunt with a rifle where I live. Coincidence?! Jordan -- Doug responds: Jordan, total coincidence, or at least as much of one as a Calvinist can allow. Letter to the Editor: Dear Pastor Wilson, Thank you for all the free books you gave ...

Exceptions and Loopholes

Introduction: The downward spiral we are now riding when it comes to sexual ethics did not begin with Obergefell. It did not begin in the homosexual enclaves and bath houses. Homosexuals did not want to participate in the great marriage joke until after heterosexuals had turned it into the great marriage joke. But once the center had given way, ...

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