Five or Six Carolina Reapers on a Plate of Kraft Mac and Cheese

Prolegomena to the Introduction: Admittedly, this post is going to start out somewhat mildly. But I am simply setting the table, and boiling the water. What I am serving today is Kraft Mac and Cheese, ...

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This Shamanism

“We see that science, rightly understood, is a glorious thing . . . The problem arises with all the bad information that we think is science, such as junk pop science or politicized science. Scientists who do not acknowledge a God with final ultimate knowledge of every created thing have a problem . . . when scientists refuse to acknowledge an omniscient Creator God, their pretensions to actual knowledge become funnier and funnier. This is because we all instinctively know that someone around here must be the omniscient one. If we have denied that God can be that one, then someone else must take on the mantle. In our society, this priestcraft, this shamanism, is performed with a white lab coat.”

The Cultural Mind, pp. 205-206

Giants Big Enough to Fight

“We want to face fifteen little Goliaths, one at a time. This is why when we focus on one little giant, the other fourteen take us down fairly easily. We need to recover the faith of David and pray that the whole system of unbelief, the massive resistance to discipleship, will be seen all at once, all together, lying on the ground with a stone in its forehead.”

The Cultural Mind, p. 200

Canon Press With a Christian Nationalism Press Release

For Immediate Release: In an attempt to silence productive conversation surrounding the book, The Case for Christian Nationalism, or to cancel it completely, critics have recently focused a great deal of effort on guilt by association. Allegations have recently been made against a man named Thomas Achord, allegations which he denies. Those allegations are that …

Girlfriend Music

“Most contemporary worship songs would be appropriate to sing to your girlfriend. Substitute ‘darling’ for ‘Jesus’ and the song still works. Try doing that with ‘Immortal, invisible, God only wise’. . . After a generation of singing such sentimental offerings to the Lord, He then becomes a girlfriend, at least in the minds of those who worship. But there is a vast difference between the omnipresent God who is everywhere present and a girlfriend who is ‘always there.’”

The Cultural Mind, pp. 195-196