What Trump is Up To Now, Along with Some Other COVID-Ends and Corona-Odds

What Goeth Down: So the president pulled an amazing volte-face just the other night, and I admire the chutzpah involved so much that I wanted to write about it for a little bit. After we all get tired of that, I want to write about some other stuff for another little bit. And by the …

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The Butterfly’s Nicest Pair

“He had once heard his grandfather say, in reference to his grandmother, that she was the butterfly’s boots, and this was a sentiment that Trevor now thought he understood the deeper meaning of. He had fallen for her voice—that voice!—the day of the rally out in front of the college, and then, when he had actually met her, he had decided within minutes that it would be criminal negligence on his part not to be in hot pursuit. Of course, he must not look as though he was in hot pursuit. Some girls don’t go for that. He ought to look like he was sauntering. Sauntering purposively.”

Flags Out Front, pp. 76-77

Like the Merchants of Babylon

Some friends have drawn my attention to a piece that N.T. Wright wrote for Time on the coronavirus here. Another friend of mine has already replied to him here, and just like my friend I agree that the article was better than the headline, which was gobsmackingly bad. But the article itself was still a …