Hanlon’s Razor and the Mar a Lago Raid

Introduction: My grandson has informed me of Hanlon’s Razor, which states “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” I was previously aware of the sentiment, but not the attribution. These are words to live by. But of course we should also keep in mind the fact that stupid people can be …

Hidden Debts

“So this is how a layman in the church might come to object to the study of ‘all this humanistic philosophy,’ and yet have his own general worldview shaped by the objectionable philosophy in question. Because he does not know his own presuppositions, he does not know if he shares them with anyone else, including Messrs. Plotinus and Locke. Avoiding philosophy does not work. American fundamentalism is notorious for adopting in substance various philosophies that have somehow been purified through an ignorance of the adoption.”

The Cultural Mind, p. 105