Cheat Sheet #2

CheatSheet2_Gay Rights Fallacies-1

If you have not yet obtained your very own copy of The Bestiary of Adorable Fallacies, I have only one thing to say to you -- and that is fie, fie! Actually, all right, that's two things. But even if you rush to the computer right now and order it, you will be without the information below for an unconscionable amount of time. So here it is, right now. For more info, just click on the image. … [Read more...]

Moral Imagination and the Right to Life

Moral Imagination

The right to life is the basic human right. When it is denied, no other right will ever be recognized. When it is affirmed, and appropriately grounded, all other God-given rights will be recognized and defended in just the way they ought to be. In order to appropriately ground this right, however, we have to define our terms. We have to acknowledge what we are talking about, and this requires a moral imagination. But a functioning moral imagination is not possible without two things. The first is a fixed natural world, which runs as it does under the governance of God, and the second is a sure Word from the God who has done this for us. We need natural revelation, given to us by God, and we need Scripture to correct our sinful tendencies to veer off from what God has obviously presented to us in the world. Think of it this way. Every person reading this began his or her existence as a human being as a single cell. One of the largest cells in the human body, it is even visible to … [Read more...]

Hashtag Tactics

The outrage against Planned Parenthood is ongoing, and the third video released today. Thus far, the pro-life response has been vigorous, coherent and good, but unless we are careful, the outrage might begin to sprawl. Before I make some tactical suggestions to help keep it all focused, I suggest you watch the third video. Here it is: That said, here are three sets of hashtag strategies I would like to encourage everyone to use. 1. First, let me introduce a web site that can help us coordinate our efforts -- Cleaning House Clearing House. For example, one of the principles of war is concentration, and we do need to keep this focused. It would be far better, in other words, for everyone to be contacting the same corporation in the same week, instead of randomly. We can do this while keeping track of those corporations that distance themselves from Planned Parenthood. The speed with which some corporations have already done this indicates this is an achievable goal. … [Read more...]

A Rook for a Queen

Rook Queen

One of the most interesting things about the Planned Parenthood scandal is that it has blown the Obergefell scandal off the front page. This might seem problematic to some, given the travesty that was Obergefell, but to my mind it is entirely to the strategic good. In the long game, I am always willing to trade a rook for a queen. Don't mistake me here. Obergefell is the lamest of abominations, and it has to go. But the reason it was possible for it to be imposed on us in the first place was because of all the legal mayhem that had happened to heterosexual marriages over the decades prior. There are sadly multiple examples of this -- things like no-fault divorce -- but the crowning insult to heterosexual marriage was the bloody decision of Roe. That crowning insult was the attempt to make heterosexual unions fruitless, and to enforce that fruitlessness by declaring open season on the fruit. Not all babies are killed, but all the babies could be. According to that decision, … [Read more...]

Review: My Ántonia

My Ántonia by Willa Cather My rating: 4 of 5 stars I read this once before, a long time ago, and only remembered enough to remember that I had read it. But then I was given an audio version of it for my birthday last month, and have been listening to it in my truck. I really enjoyed it, thoroughly enjoyed it.Willa Cather set the book in Black Hawk, Nebraska, a thin cover for her home town of Red Cloud. The book was published in 1918, and taking a few clues from dates in the story, the fictional story ends in about 1928, ten years out from the time of publication. My father was born in Nebraska in 1927, just up the road a piece, which gave me a small twist of pleasure.A main character, it seems to me, is the Nebraska countryside. I was just talking about that aspect of it with my father, and he said people assume that Nebraska is flat because the highway runs through the Platte River Valley, which really is flat. My father then told me that his father once said that … [Read more...]

FAQs about Abortion

We can no longer pretend that we do not know.

Planned Parenthood is in the midst of a self-inflicted public relations nightmare. Our job is to keep it that way. But in the rolling aftermath of this disaster of theirs, many pro-life Christians are probably finding themselves in the midst of more conversations on the topic than has been true for quite some time. This really is a teachable moment for our nation, and one of the things we must provide in that teachable moment is answers. The propaganda machine surrounding abortion has created a lot of confusion. The sting videos have revealed the fact of the confusion, but they have not revealed where the confusions first began. That has to be done with careful explanation. So because many of you are now in conversations with family, friends or co-workers about "the videos," I thought I would put together a short list of FAQs that might help navigate some of the conversations that are likely to happen. 1. When does human life begin? According to Scripture, unborn … [Read more...]

Asahel’s Carcass

"Many preachers in our days are like Heraclitus, who was called the dark doctor. They affect sublime notions, obscure expressions, and uncouth phrases, making plain truths difficult, and easy truths hard. 'They darken counsel with words without knowledge.' Studied expressions and  high notions in a sermon, are like Asahel's carcass in the way, that did only stop men, and make them gaze, but did no ways profit or edify them. It is better to present truth in her native plainness than to hang her ears with counterfeit pearls" (Thomas Brooks, Smooth Stones Taken From Ancient Brooks, 177). … [Read more...]

Joshua and Julia

Everyone who has ever wanted to grapple with the reality of the human condition has needed to deal with two profound realities. The first is the nature of the Divine personality, what the triune God revealed in Scripture is actually like. The second is the reality and depth of the human apostasy and fall, with all the implications that follow from that. God is infinitely holy, and eternally merciful. The divine attributes are what they are, and are in no way negotiable. God is what He is, and this is what lies behind His great revelation of Himself to Moses when He gave out His name as I Am That I Am. The character of God is constant, without variation or shadow due to change. Man’s nature is mutable, changeable, but one thing about it does not change. It is always fallen. We are always dealing with the disappointing reality of our own selfish choices. We do bad things because we are bad people. Something is wrong, and we would like to be located in our circumstances, but it … [Read more...]

Their Respective Beheadings

High Double Standards

We do not yet know who the nominees for the two major political parties will be. Hillary is supposed to be a lock, although in my view there are significant signs of trouble. On the Republican side, they not only have a very deep bench, they also have a handful who ought not to have made the team, including a hot dog vendor, who is quite good at that I hear. But regardless who the two candidates are, the current job of every pro-life American is to continue to apply public pressure across the board on the ghastly reality of Planned Parenthood's body parts emporium. The pressure has to be unrelenting, constant, focused, and hot. If we do what we now have a plain opportunity to do, we can make the hideous strength of Planned Parenthood one of the central issues of the presidential campaign. If that happens, then it is likely that the choice will come down to a candidate who wants the DOJ to continue investigating the Center for Medical Progress and a candidate who promises to give … [Read more...]

Just Terrifgggkkkk . . .

And behold, Levi threw a bash . . .

When it comes to our interactions with unbelievers, we have two scriptural requirements we have to keep in mind. We have to do both of these things at the same time, which presents a monumental challenge to the tidy-minded. The question is this -- do we share table companionship with unbelievers and sinners? This question is an urgent one because of the current full court press coming from the totalitolerance brigade. And the answer of course is that we certainly may, and we must not. It is comparable to those two verses in Proverbs that are side by side: “Answer not a fool according to his folly, Lest thou also be like unto him. Answer a fool according to his folly, Lest he be wise in his own conceit” (Prov. 26:4–5). Do not get down on a fool's level because you don't want to become a fool yourself. Make sure you answer a fool at that level lest he walk away thinking he won the exchange. But when do you do which? You measure by the result. Did you become like him and feel … [Read more...]

Though Not Always

"If you stick your head through the hole in the canvas at the county fair, you have no right to be shocked and dismayed when people throw wet sponges at it. Fortunately, given the state of criticism these days, lots of people miss -- especially the feminists, who usually throw like a girl" (Rules for Reformers, p. 191). … [Read more...]

On Defending the Ghastly

Come out with your hands up!

The War Between the States would have ended a lot sooner if Meade had pursued Lee after Gettysburg. Ahithophel hanged himself because his counsel of pursuit of David by Absalom was rejected (2 Sam. 17:1-2). Gideon prevailed in his great battle with Midian because he honored the principle of pursuit (Judg. 8:4). Pursuit is crucial; follow through is essential. We have every reason to believe that the Center for Medical Progress is on top of this. The fact that they obtained the sting videos they did is beyond praise, and thus far they are dropping their grenades, two so far, with exquisite timing. Word has it that more are coming. We have every reason to believe that CMP understands the need for continued pressure and pursuit. At the same time, what they are doing will not work unless the pro-life public joins in the pursuit. That is what has made this so explosive so far, and if we continue to respond as we have been doing it will remain explosive. Without such pursuit, it … [Read more...]