Brain Glitch and Correction

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Important correction: In a couple of responses to the Meet the Press segment, I responded to a comment by Brandy Sullivan on how our candidates were roundly defeated in the last couple of city council elections. In effect, I responded by saying that we didn’t have any candidates running, and so there. But I was just reminded today that our church did in fact have a member running (Steve Harmon). Steve was a long shot candidate, and I glibly assumed Brandy was talking about the three front-running conservative candidates, but the forgetfulness was mine, and it was a howler to boot

So, in the first place, my apologies to Steve Harmon. Really sorry about that. And, in the second place, I would also like to apologize to Brandy Sullivan for making it out that she didn’t know what she was talking about when I was the one who didn’t. Sincere apologies.