A Mound of Pink Cotton Balls

Double Standards

More needs to said about the idea of cultural justification. Apart from an understanding of this, there is no hope of grasping the deep divisions that the debates over same sex mirages are revealing. Note that I did not say that these debates are creating these division, but rather that they are revealing them. Same sex mirage is the earthquake; different approaches to cultural justification are the tectonic plates. Justification is of course a theological category. For those who are in Christ Jesus, there is no condemnation. When God looks at believers, what He sees is the perfect obedience of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is our federal representative and head, which means that He is the appointed face of the new human race, the appointed face of the new humanity. And when God wants to communicate with that new human race, He addresses us to our face. All that righteousness, that goodness, that obedience, is credited to us, imputed to us, declared to be ours, and bestowed on us by a … [Read more...]

Millennials, Screwtape, and the Homo-Tsunami

Before making the illuminating comments I would like to present this morning, I need to prevail upon you to do a little refresher as necessary. As the sexual controversies of our day continue to unfold, the need of the hour is for believers to understand what is actually going on, and how we got to this place. In pursuit of this noble objective, I am going to be talking a little bit about millennials -- bless their little round faces -- and so I would refer you to this previous post I once wrote about hiring millennials. I do so because at that time, I surrounded my assertions with a host of refined qualifications, but after the fact got the kind of blow-back that ignored all the qualifications, and made me think bulls-eye to myself. Because this post addresses another weak spot in the millennial psyche, I make these prefatory comments in the hope that nobody makes me say bulls-eye to myself again. Self-congratulation is spiritually dangerous, and I would therefore ask you all to … [Read more...]

They Think They’re Jesus

Last night I had the privilege of sharing the platform at an event in Coeur D'Alene with Aaron and Melissa Klein. They were the owners of the bakery in Oregon that was shut down by the sexual totalitarians. They were then fined a chunk of cash by some despotic bureaucratic flunky, and when a GoFundMe campaign promised to raise the necessary funds in a matter of hours, the Liberal Forces of Enforced Tolerance did enough screaming to get that shut down. GoFundMe changed the terms of service, and said that Aaron was not a worthy recipient because he was guilty of a heinous crime. That heinous crime was that he told someone that he was very sorry, but that he could not bake a cake for their event. If you want to help them now -- and you should -- go to continuetogive.com, and search for Aaron and Melissa Klein. Give now, while there is time, before Christians helping Christians becomes a heinous crime. In my remarks, I basically made four points. First, these controversies are not … [Read more...]

My Militance

Reaching out to new dialog partners . . .

One of the stockbook arguments that liberals use is that conservative militance is "offputting." By "liberals" I am referring both to those who are openly so, as well as those who have that crisply moderate evangelical shell surrounding a gooey center. A sure way to identify a liberal disposition is to listen for warnings about hypothetical offenses. But if this were as real a concern as it pretends to be, surely someone would have taken note of the fact that liberal denominations are hemorrhaging all over the floor, while those offputting religious groups are keeping their blood inside the skin, and are continuing to grow. What if the key to growth in the next generation is standing strong against same sex mirage? Trying to anticipate all the people who might be offended sets up a demand for such people to start showing up, which they then do. If you build it, they will come. If you establish an infrastructure for catering to the Hurt Feelings of a particular class of duly … [Read more...]

No, No, Textual Orientation

In the recent edition of Table Talk, Scott Sauls wrote an article on the seventh commandment that contained many true and valuable observations, and which at the same time revealed the profound faint-heartness of contemporary Reformed evangelicalism. Here's a sample. "As once taboo expressions of sexuality become mainstream, and as colleagues, friends, and even family members share news of a pending "no-fault" divorce or same-sex or cohabiting heterosexual relationship, more and more Christians -– especially when friendships and family ties hang in the balance -– feel an urgency to sympathize instead of condemn, to support instead of separate, to affirm instead of deny. And yet, we are still left to wrestle with the biblical text." The entire problem is one of orientation. This being the kind of situation it is, let us call it our textual orientation. In the world of the New Testament, wrestling does go on, but it is not with the text, not like this. We wrestle, for example, … [Read more...]

With Maggots Under Their Tongues

My friend Peter Leithart thinks the "most promising, and most peaceable" way out of our current marriage law impasse is a bill currently making its way through the Alabama legislature. “SB377 would remove the duty of confirming marriages from county probate judges and allow marriages to be recorded by the state after filing a simple contract between two people eligible to be married that is solemnized by a pastor, attorney, or other authorized witness. “This means that should the bill pass, only heterosexual couples will be eligible, but if gay marriage is legalized across the country by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, that eligibility would be expanded to homosexual couples.” And that last phrase shows why this proposal presents no way out at all. If the Supreme Court decides in favor of traditional marriage, then Alabama doesn't need to change anything. And if they decide against, then the change will have been worthless. It will have been worthless because states which are in … [Read more...]

A Dinghy Full of Two-Kingdom Theologians

When you write things that are kind of "out there," as I have sometimes done, you do have to explain different aspects of the situation from time to time. Consider this is one such attempt. First, let's deal with the optical illusion of "out there." The situation was first created when a bunch of us grew up in Sanityville and then, in response to strange impulses – my theory is mysterious beams from the UFOs – everybody up and moved to Crazytown. Some of us stayed behind, and so it is that we are now "out there." Why am I out there? Well, I think guys shouldn't wear dresses, and the lipstick is just creepy. I think that lesbian volleyball coaches shouldn't have the hots for their players, and I heartily believe that our sex ed courses should have done a much better job of teaching our youth about what goes where. And suffice it to say that I, simply by staying put, am now a hater. It is a very sad story. I also confess myself to be out of the mainstream. But that is just the … [Read more...]

Elsie Dinsmore With a Beard

Update: Those who wish to help the Kleins may still do so here. So I explained in a previous post how the homo-jihadis had successfully spiked my guns for a week or thereabouts. In response to my musings on this topic -- which was of some interest to me, I will admit -- one Christian observer said that he thought it was my tartness that was the source of all the trouble. As he said on Twitter . . . "If he spoke w/ compassion(Jesus-like)& represented opponents honestly & not in caricature he MIGHT get a hearing nstead of hatred." Now I do acknowledge that astringent adjectives sometimes do drift into my prose, and I acknowledge further that assorted cis-sies on the other side of this frank exchange of ideas don't like it when they do. My response to this very true observation is to not care very much because that is not the source of our troubles at all. If I were more like the Lord Jesus, more "Jesus-like," worse things would be happening to me than having my stupid … [Read more...]

How Blue the Sky Was


All right. I suppose I should explain to you all what was up with my near-week-long involuntary hiatus from blogging. There were various factors in play, but the central one was my misguided belief that I was somehow included in all that free speech business that Madison wrote about in the First Amendment. You see, say I were to write a "controversial" post about the homo-jihad, and say this post went nuts on Facebook with people reading it and stuff, suppose something like that. One of the things that usually happens when I misbehave like this is a series of cyberhack attacks on my server, conducted by the Anarchist Brotherhood in their ongoing fight for the Free Exchange of Ideas. In the aftermath of one such recent post, my blog's server wound up getting around a million hits a day, designed to crash the server. It did have that intended effect, and took down other web sites with me. My host company had no choice but to suspend my account. Like I said, there were other factors … [Read more...]

Doing the Sensitivity Sham

An extended discussion broke out in the comments of my "deny Him seventy times seven post," and it had to do with whether or not my way of expressing myself leaves someone who struggles with same sex attraction feeling quite "safe" around people like me. One of the themes of my writing is that of trying to get Christians to see how worldview assumptions are embedded in all language, like currants in the bread pudding. Everyone is standing somewhere, and everyone is trying to get us to go somewhere. Before we do so, may we be permitted to ask a few questions? I write something about the current homo-jihad -- because every obvious thing needs a noun -- and someone else inquires as to whether my use of such a phrase might be off-putting to a hypothetical visitor to my church, if such a visitor were struggling with same-sex issues. How will you reach him if he is offended by such language and disappears, never to be heard from again? … [Read more...]

With Stirrups Raised to Molech

Theology That Bites Back

The modern world has seen many revolutions, from the French revolution to the Russian, but the bloodiest of all of them has been the sexual revolution. And that provides the backdrop to our current uproar over the definition of marriage. We are now much occupied with the issues swirling around same sex mirage, but we need to take great care not to get distracted. Why have the homosexual activists gone all in on this issue? Why is their prosecutorial zeal so adamant? We went, in just a matter of months, from "let's let individual states" decide on this, to federal judges striking down state statutes, followed up hard by official harassment of florists, bakers, and photographers. Why the anger, and why the savage over-reach? And do they really think we wouldn't remember all the things they were assuring us of this time last year? I was talking last night with my daughter Rachel, and she mentioned something that she had observed, and which I believe is very much on point. The battle … [Read more...]

The 5 Smooth Stones of Theocratic Libertarianism

Things in our public life together are gummed up enough that I believe we can openly call for radical reform. Whether we do or not, I think we are going to get the same treatment. We might as well respond with something that might actually help. Whatever the case, we will not be able to trim or pirouette our way out of this mess. As an insightful sailor on the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor might have said, as the third wave of Japanese bombers flew over, "The time for nuance is passed." A few posts ago I mentioned the five smooth stones of theocratic libertarianism. This was in the context of an illustration using David and Goliath, and as with David, I think most of our problems would probably  be addressed in principle with just the first one. At any rate, here are the basic features of theocratic libertarianism. Here are my five smooth stones. 1. Jesus is Lord. I have been arguing for years now that what is required is a return to Christendom, but in a form that I call mere … [Read more...]

Deny Him Seventy Times Seven

If Someone Forces You to Bake a Cake for a Gay Wedding

I was recently asked how the radical ethic taught by Jesus -- if someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two -- relates to baking a wedding cake for a same sex mirage ceremony. And then shortly after that, I saw the meme off to the right floating around somewhere, and thought that it was perhaps time to shine my little flashlight, one of those two battery jobs, on this particular exegetical funny business. The first thing to deal with is the very glib equation of floral arrangements, wedding cake baking, and photography with carrying a Roman soldier's bag two miles instead of one. Back in the day, everyone who saw that civilian carrying the bag would know that the civilian had been pressed into service, and further, there is no sin involved in carrying a bag. The law allowed the Roman soldier to make someone carry his pack for a mile, no more. When the follower of Christ went the second mile, this was a means of assuming the center, taking control of the situation. When … [Read more...]

Our Transgressive Daisy Chain


The great need of the hour is for Christians in North America to get a map in their heads, a map that has an x on it, that x indicating "you are here." Related to this, we need to know how exactly we got here. We need to be oriented, and that means we need to be oriented by Scripture -- not by the secularists who taunt us, on the one hand, or by the evangelical bedwetters, who believe every last one of their taunts, on the other. It is not as though we were not warned. We were warned repeatedly, but we did not have the right categories in our minds to process those warnings. We had some prophetic souls who were able to point out where the x was going to be a century after their time. We are now standing on it and we still don't know. Here is Chesterton, near the beginning of the 20th century. "For the next great heresy is going to be simply an attack on morality; and especially on sexual morality. And it is coming, not from a few Socialists surviving from the Fabian Society, but … [Read more...]

On Taking Your Chimp to the Beautician

Liars are usually clever -- you have to give them that. And one of the things the really smart ones know how to do is to use the last lie you caught them in as a basis for getting you to believe the lie they are currently telling. Take the specter of Jim Crow laws and the current "scratch a liberal, find a totalitarian" frenzy that we have going on right now. Or, as Iowahawk aptly put it, "Hey, great job, 'coexist' bumper sticker community." The enabling problem with Jim Crow laws was the fact that they were LAWS. The sin involved was bigotry. The crime involved was coercion by the state. Bigots focus on the fact that people are white or black, and they run screaming to their first refuge, which is "there oughta be a law" that mandates the imposition of their bigotries. Entrepreneurs notice that everybody's money is green, and they don't demand that anybody do anything. And in a mixed community, where the free market is allowed to work, the general result is cosmopolitan. So Jim … [Read more...]