Up to Our Knees

Black Abortion

In my recent reply to Matthew Vines, one of my responses that got kind of a reaction in a number of places was my answer to his sixteenth question. 16. Do you think supporting same-sex marriage is a more serious problem than supporting slavery? Yes, far more serious. This was taken by some as a weird defense of slavery as a positive good, like food, air or sunshine. Some who take me that way are just confused, while others are malevolent. Those who are confused deserve an answer while those who are malevolent need to have their mouths stopped. Fortunately, both goals can be achieved at just one go, and so let me unpack my answer to that question a bit further. 1. We know that sodomy is worse than slavery by how God responds to it. In the book of Jude, we are told how the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the surrounding cities, gave themselves over to the celebration of fornication and "going after strange flesh." In doing this, they were imitating the angels who abandoned … [Read more...]

Time for a Little Q & A

So in response to Kevin DeYoung's very pertinent questions to rainbow-affirming Christians, Matthew Vines has responded with 40 questions of his own, these directed at Christians who are, as he puts it, "non-affirming." Being as I am found in that latter category, let me have a shot at it. What I want to do is either answer Matthew's questions, or explain why I will not take the bait of answering a particular question. Put another way, I will answer the questions, but not the loaded questions. 1. Do you accept that sexual orientation is not a choice? First, I do not believe there is one answer that fits for everyone living a homosexual lifestyle. For some it is very much a choice, while for others the inclinations that lead to same sex attraction run very close to the bone. I do not believe there is one Platonic form of "homosexuality." Having said this, I would then point out that sin is defined by Scripture, and not by our guesswork on the strength of our abilities in … [Read more...]

An Obergefail Word Salad

I'd rather not, thanks.

Having read the majority opinion for the Supreme's Obergefail decision, I am now in a position to describe what Justice Kennedy's dog gets for breakfast. In that opinion, he did try to be nice to those who differ, but being nice and being coherent are not the same thing. He tried to head off the pc-martinets by saying that "the First Amendment ensures that religious organizations and persons are given proper protection." Very nice, very thoughtful. And then this, one week later -- the Kleins of Oregon (who had politely declined to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian phantasmagorithon) had their fine of 135K finalized by an administrative judge. Moreover, Brad Avakian, this Oregon Labor Kommissar who finalized the fine, also ordered the Kleins to "cease and desist" from talking about it. Pay the money, and put on this gag. I have been somewhat heartened by the blowback the Supreme Court decision has been getting from Christians. It is true that we do have to figure out how to … [Read more...]

Or Lose the One We Have

I was reminded yet again this morning about how worldviews work. For those who want to read a bit more on this, you can check this out. One of the reasons conservatives have been outmaneuvered on the same sex mirage deal, even while knowing it to be a mirage, is that they have not engaged in every place where the battle was being fought. A worldview wheel has four spokes -- and all worldviews (in order to be genuine worldviews) must necessarily have all four. We have only been using one spoke, which means we have had to treat it like a jerry-built pogo stick. And that, in turn, means we cannot roll. We have not yet progressed to the development of the wheel. This means we must either regain the other three, or lose the one we have. The four spokes are catechesis, lifestyle, narrative, and symbol/liturgy. We have generally wanted to fight a catechetical battle about lifestyle (which is not the same thing as living a lifestyle). Generally we have neglected narrative (or have … [Read more...]

Like Cheap Cinder Block


In the aftermath of the Obergefell decision, the kultursmog churned out by our media elites has been thick enough to cut into 8 inch high sections for use as cheap cinder blocks. Cinder block is what the new sexual utopia is going to be built out of, lit up at night by those gaudy rainbow lights, which is, come to find out, cheaper than paint. Of course, whenever the sun is up we will have to deal with life in bunkers made out of cinder block, cut from rancid kultursmog. But you can't have everything. For those who do not fancy such an existence, and don't like how enthusiastically the future is being promised to you, I would like to take a moment to sketch out three lies that are being told you, lies you should take care to hold in derision. The first lie is that there has been a "sea change" in American public opinion, and that all this tumult around us is the result of that sea change. This is not even close to being true. This has been a power play to establish such a sea … [Read more...]

Tolle, Leg It

Christian Kids

In the aftermath of the Obergefell decision by the Supreme Court, a lot of Christian parents are reeling. They know they must do something, but what can they do? The decision was so high-handed, so arbitrary, so insolently rendered, that it would be easy to assume that there is nothing we can do about it down here at street level. But this is false. There is are many steps we can take, and some of the first ones are steps we must take. Here is one that millions of parents could take in just a small number of weeks -- they could pull their kids out of the government school system. The necessity of doing this has been growing increasingly obvious every year, and now the need for it is open, manifest, and pretty much on fire. What can Christian parents do? If their kids are already receiving a Christian education, they can be encouraged and stand fast -- and they can use the opportunity to openly appeal to Christian friends who still have their kids in the government school system. … [Read more...]

Red Queen Rising

I don't know what you mean by your way, all the ways about here belong to me.

After all those unpleasant choking sounds and the consequent demise of our constitutional republic, we are just a short way into the reign of our dear queen, the red one out of Alice. Her principal talent lies in her ability simply to insist on arbitrary authority, with no logic whatever to back it up. So in just the space of a few short weeks, Bruce Jenner identified as a woman, Rachel Dolezal identified as black, and I identified as svelte. Consider the possibilities before us! Okay, let us treat this thing for what it is -- an intellectually crippled attempt to build the Übermensch. This New Future Man has forearms that look like they came right out of 1930's Stalinist agricultural art, the better to pound you with, and a forehead that appears to be made of brass three inches thick, the better to not think very hard with. Allow me to cite one example before proceeding to some other words of sunshiny encouragement. Here is one tenet of the worldview that is being crammed … [Read more...]

Our Secularist Funhouse and the Impotence of the Gospel

Such courage. Such fun. What fearlessness.

Our secularist age has had it. Yesterday at the ACCS convention Al Mohler reminded us of Elton Trueblood's spot-on metaphor, when he said that our civilization was a cut flower civilization. And he said this back when the flowers were still nice looking -- we have now come to the point in the metaphor that is a lot more brown, and a lot more of us are curled up petals all over the coffee table. And as Mohler argued, this secularism has no way of repairing itself. The elites have consumed the Christian legacy they inherited, and the prodigal son is wondering how he can possibly afford to host the next bash. He is not quite yet at the point where he wants to eat the pig food, but we can see the trough from here. At the foundational level, the problem is that we do not want to have Jesus rule over us. We have revolted against God. Behind all the trans-sexual, trans-racial, trans-dictionary foolishness is the central foolishness of a race of sinners that wants to be trans-mortal. We … [Read more...]

Jeb! Taken Another Way

Sorry, kid. Your dad is a criminal, and so we have given you the sentence instead.

I watched an extensive interview with Jeb Bush the other night, and tracked with quite a bit of what I was hearing. On my list of candidates in the Republican primary, he has not yet been crossed off my list of potentials I could possibly vote for -- for various reasons I will no doubt be called upon to explain later. But that is for another time. That said, I want to take him to task for a basic blunder that usually goes unremarked when pro-life candidates commit it, as he certainly did. It was only not a gaffe because no one ever treats it like one. I am talking about the "rape, incest, and life of the mother" question. The pro-aborts always kick every abortion question over to the woman and her doctor. Educated pro-lifers notice the discrepancy, but want to leave well enough alone because the candidate in question at least promises to stop the "at-will" slaughter. The problem is not this exception treated as part of a pro-life incrementalism. The carnage is still atrocious, … [Read more...]

Woe Betide That Guy

Building a new normal takes a lot of work.

So let us talk about the care and feeding of the abnormal, and begin with some poetry. Yeats gave us some of the best lines composed in the 20th century. Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity. The problem is not that we have seen various individuals who needed to be constrained by societal norms -- for we have always had people like that -- but rather that our entire society needs to be constrained by societal norms. Now what? This is what it looks like when a center cannot hold, and is in the process of ceasing to be a center. We have always had individual norms that collided with societal norms, but usually societal norms were present in order to take the collision. Shortly after mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, we soon discover that there must be a center. … [Read more...]

Black Is Black, I Want My Country Back

Riddle me this. The fact that there are no serious answers does not mean that there is not a serious question. Why is it that Bruce Jenner, a male passing himself off as a female, is hailed by all and sundry for his courage, while Rachel Dolezal, a white woman passing herself off as black, is being treated as a fraud? Dolezai is the president of the Spokane NAACP, not noted for its roots among the Swedes. Why is Dolezal not permitted to play by the same rules as Jenner and simply self-identify as black? Her ancestry is Swedish, Czech, and German, but what is that compared to how she feels? If a woman can be trapped in a man's body, why can't other things be trapped down in there? Iowahawk nailed our drunk generation to the wall when he said that my gender is apparently what I think it is, while my race is what other people think it is. Let us draw a completely arbitrary line here, instead of there, and then steadfastly refuse to take any questions. But we have to take questions … [Read more...]

The One Thing Bruce Jenner Got Right

There are two primal drives that define men and women in this fallen world. There is the thirst for forgiveness and there is the lust to start over. Outside these two groups would be those who are not really paying attention. Both groups recognize that life as it is . . . is miserable. Both understand that something has gone radically wrong. This is the one thing that Bruce Jenner got right. What he got right was that everything is wrong. But once you recognize that the world is screwed up, there are always ways to screw it up more. This is where the two groups divide. Those who thirst for forgiveness understand that salvation must come extra nos, from outside us, while the other groups wants to "take personal responsibility" by commandeering our own regeneration. The former receives the virgin birth of Christ so that we might be begotten of imperishable seed, while the other tries to jury-rig its own form of parthenogenesis. The former results in true heart regeneration while … [Read more...]