Plodcast Ep. 78 – South City Church Statement, How to Be Free From Bitterness, Aneleemon
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This week Douglas Wilson talks about the South City Church’s statement. He then goes on to suggest How to Be Free From Bitterness by Jim Wilson. Wrapping it up with a look at the New Testament word “Aneleemon.” Happy plodding!




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Show notes:

South City Church Statement

  • It’s lame. They beat around the bush.
  • Every Orthodox Christian believes that we must not be hateful to an image bearer of God
  • It will still be good enough for the PCA


  How to Be Free From Bitterness

  • By Jim Wilson
  • Bitterness is a very common sin (especially in the church).
  • This book shows that bitterness is the kind of sin that causes you to think of other people’s sins
  • Your Bitterness is your problem



  • “Aneleemon” is a word for unmerciful
  • Only occurs once in the New Testament.
  • Romans 1:31