What’s Wrong With Human Rights?

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As the prospective candidates for president are multiplying on the Left already, and as their competition with one another appears to be over which one can promise the most chocolate milk to everybody, absolutely free of charge, I thought it was time for a small tutorial, a refresher course.

The most recent splash was made by Kamala Harris, who promised us all high speed rail to the moon and back, I think it was. No, no, sorry. Mountain ranges of free health care. Oceans and oceans of free college. That was it. We are being urgently summoned to the next Great Leap Forward, which will land us on the Big Rock Candy Mountain, where the handouts grow on bushes.

Five year plans and new deals, wrapped in golden chains.

So fix this in your mind at the very beginning. It is the key to the tutorial. There are two different kinds of “human rights,” the good kind and the evil kind. Those who seek to protect and preserve the good kind are your friends, and those who talk up and promote the evil kind are your enemies and adversaries. Good rights protected and preserved will liberate and bless you. Bad rights instituted will enslave you.

The good kind of human right is bequeathed to us by God, and not by the government. The government—like all other creatures—is obligated by God to respect and honor such rights, and they honor them by leaving you alone. You write something critical of the administration, and they leave you alone. You buy an AR-15, and they leave you alone. You go to worship God on the Lord’s Day, and they leave you alone. You haven’t done anything that would compel an honest judge to issue a search warrant, and so they leave you alone. And one of the cooler features of this approach is that leaving people alone doesn’t cost anything. Not a dime. All you have to do is leave them alone.

Human rights of this kind are the grace of God. They are given by God. He pays for them. Because honoring the grace of God bestowed on others doesn’t cost anything, all we have to do is recognize that there is a God, and that He did create us in His image, and that He endowed all of us with certain inalienable rights. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. So all we have to do is deny Darwin and reject the foundations of the entire secularist project.

If there is no God over the secular state, then the secular state is god. And if the secular state is god, then elections will turn into what we see them turning into all around us. Democracy turns into a loose confederation of wolves and rabbits voting on what to have for lunch.   

If the secular state is god, then we find ourselves drifting into the other conception of human rights—the evil one. And while some might want to fault me for overheating things a bit, I can assure you, in the most moderate way possible, that this conception of rights is highhanded wickedness. It is a set of economic lies straight from the Pit. And it is masterminded by people who hate and despise you—people who, if they cannot herd you into their idea of liberation, would just as soon see you dead. Totally not kidding—this conception of rights has murdered over one hundred million people over the last century, and this approach to rights is totally geared up to do it some more.

And for them to get away with it, all they need is “free” government education that doesn’t teach anybody anything about the hundred million dead, or about the differences between liberty and slavery. All they need is a docile population of millions of Christians who like this kind of free education for their children, and who apparently want this kind of slavery for their grandchildren. And so far, the bad guys pretty much have what they need.

The kind of rights honored by the Constitution are rights that leave you alone. They are descriptions of the nature of your liberty. The kind of rights—let’s call them kamala-rights, shall we?—that are being heavily promoted by all the aspiring jitney tyrants, and which are being accepted by economic illiterates, are descriptions of the padlocks on your cages.   

The rights filed under this heading are the kinds of rights that Kamala dangles in front of you. Free health care. Free college. Free prescriptions. Free and affordable—so affordable. So affordable. Are you starting to salivate yet?

So let’s contrast the essential difference between the two kinds of rights. If you, my neighbor, have the right to own a gun, all everybody else has to do is let you. But if you, my neighbor, have a right to a free college education, then this means that somebody else has a corresponding obligation to pay for it.

I wonder who that somebody else is. I wonder if that slave has a name.

Hey, tax season is coming up. You may have already had your tax forms mailed to you. Why don’t you look at what was withheld this year? Just curious. Also—still curious—I wonder if that withholding amount might ever grow at all. After all, you apparently have an obligation to pay for a lot of stuff.

And what happens if that slave fails to meet his obligations? What happens when there is a bit of difficulty over you paying his fair share? That’s when the men with guns come to his house.

So here it is. When someone declares that anything with a price tag is “a right,” whether it is affordable housing, insurance that must ignore pre-existing conditions, free college tuition, single payer health care, or five-gallon drums of chocolate milk, remember that the reception of this right by the beneficiary is paid for by the enslavement of someone else.

And we should also prepare ourselves for this—just so you are ready. In the next election, there will be more than a few Christian thought-leaders urging all the rabbits to vote for the wolf.