134: Did America Have A Christian Founding?

Welcome to the Plodcast! This week Doug chats about the Covid-19 crisis, unpacks the word aschemoneo, and plugs Mark Hall’s Did America Have A Christian Founding? Get Religious Affections by Jonathan Edwards with an introduction by Joe Rigney today: https://canonpress.com/products/religious-affections/

133: The Bible Reading Challenge

This week pastor Wilson encourages folks to jump in to the Bible Reading Challenge, unpacks the greek word asunthetos, and plugs Leftism Revisited.  Get George Herbert’s the Temple with a foreword by John Piper today: https://canonpress.com/thetemple  And join the Bible Reading Challenge here: https://www.christkirk.com/biblechallenge/

131: What I Saw in America

This week Douglas Wilson chats the Extremes and Moderates in the political circus, unpacks the greek word astorgos, and recommends GK Chesterton’s What I Saw in America. Get Martin Luther’s Bondage of the Will with a foreword by Douglas Wilson here: https://canonpress.com/products/the-bondage-of-the-will/

127: Primal Screams

Get your copy of Martin Luther’s The Bondage of the Will with an introduction by Douglas Wilson here: https://canonpress.com/products/the-bondage-of-the-will This week on the Plodcast Podcast Doug chats evangelical fascism, or the lack thereof, unpacks the greek work asophos, and reviews Mary Eberstadts’ Primal Screams.