EP. 63 – Social Justice, Selected Literary Essays, Hamartia

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Welcome to the Plodcast! Listen in to hear Pastor Wilson discuss the relationship of social justice to justification. Then he talks about C.S. Lewis’ Selected Literary Essays and finishes things off with a look at hamartia in John. Happy plodding!

Show notes:


Social Justice:

  • The relationship of social justice to justification.
  • Social Justice is the sharp end of the spear advancing the entire socialist, Marxist, and egalitarian agenda – very different from the Biblical view of justice.
  • Every worldview has to have a justified class
  • Justification is necessary and you can’t just tag it on the tail end of a secular worldview.


Selected Literary Essays by C.S. Lewis

  • The most accessible out of all of Lewis’ academic writings.
  • A collection of literary essays from all over.
  • You can cut it up separately!
  • Great essays on many different topics by Lewis!
  • Go! Read! Do it!



  • Looking at hamartia in John
  • John 1:7, 1:8, 1:9, 2:2, 2:12, 3:4, 3:5, 3:8, 3:9, 4:10, 5:16, 5:17