Kavanaugh, Social Justice, and #MeToo

An alternative title for this post could have been “Justice is Never Wholesale.”

Justice is always particular, having to do with individuals and their situations. You can never buy justice in bulk at CostCo. At the general level, there can be just laws, but if you apply those laws woodenly and indiscriminately across the board, the only thing you will get is injustice. Unfortunately, injustice can be manufactured and distributed in bulk.

Our failure to understand this basic truth lands us in a morass of silliness, from which there is no apparent escape. As Sen. Murkowski recently illustrated for us, as she was making up her mind, part of the process included her meeting with various “survivors.” Like a double-stuffed Oreo, there is some extra here. First, it is as though Murkowski were a juror trying to determine whether the butler did it. But it does not help to establish motive if she were to meet with a group of disgruntled butlers, all of whom had abusive bosses who yelled at them, and all happening in twenty different states. When it comes to justice, there is no such thing as butler solidarity. Second, even if the presence of such butlers was somehow relevant, let us leave open the possibility that some of them had all the veracity of a Julie Swetnick. Say.

Give some people a new horse, and they will ride it till it dies. Then they will beat it for a while. But while they are solidifying the Netroots base in that fashion, there are a multitude of onlookers who are not entirely devoid of common sense. It turns out that #BelieveTheWoman is the kind of slogan that Potiphar’s wife could get behind, but not too many other women. Because do you know who knows that women are capable of lying? Women know that. Who knows that women are capable of lying about sexual assault and rape? Women know that too. And who has fathers, brothers and sons, all of whom could be destroyed by false allegations? Women have such male loved ones.

This is one of the reasons progressives have so clearly overreached. They have been describing their own peculiar views of reality as “women’s issues,”  “women’s health,” and “women’s studies” for so long that they are in the unfortunate position of that newspaper propagandist who started drinking his own ink. It turns out that women are actually people, with their own individual views and everything.

And who is it that says that a woman cannot be a conservative Christian without being a traitor to her sex? Well, that would be the feminist.

It seems to me that we are almost at the point where the whole thing might be toppled with a well timed horse laugh.