New Title?

After you enjoy the cartoon, I have to tell you a quick story.

Calvin's Institutes












A number of decades ago, before I was Reformed, I wanted to get a copy of Calvin’s Institutes, which I did not yet have. I was on the road and stopped in a Christian bookshop somewhere and asked if they had it. When I asked the question, this very thing happened to me. Years later, I was flipping through CT — back when I still did that — and came across this cartoon. “Nancy!” I said, “this exact thing happened to me.” Beyond coincidence, but I had no explanation. I was befuddled. But eventually I thought to look at who drew the cartoon. Ron Huggins drew it, a friend of mine, and all of a sudden the mystery didn’t seem so grand.

Basic Christian Living

This coming semester I am going to be teaching an elective at Logos School on practical Christianity. The students will be using a workbook I put together, Basic Christian Living, and which Canon has just published. There are short teaching sections interspersed throughout, along with questions and Scripture references to look up to answer the …