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I have a friend here in Moscow who knows of some possible programming opportunities. That being the case, why shouldn’t you be aware of them? They are currently hiring both inexperienced & experienced C/C++ programmers, and offer the best programming salaries in the Moscow/Pullman area. Company prospects look good for at least the next two years. Anyone interested should contact:

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Andrew Lohr
Andrew Lohr
4 years ago

New topic: Song for Charlottesville / Christian reply /all may use feeely/ tune: Horst Wessel song Hitler’s in Hell, along with Mao and Stalin They did not kiss the Son, the Jewish King Triune Jehovah they did not bow down and worship Nor did they heed His call: Let freedom ring! Let freedom ring from murder and enslavement Let ring from crime and fraud, from lust and hate Let freedom ring for truth from bureaucrats and lawyers From Godless proud paternalistic state. For liberty Christ set us free together Gentile and Jew in Christ the two made one Teach ev’ry… Read more »