Delousing the Rich

[Speaking of 1 Tim. 6:17-18] “Those who are privileged are commanded not to be haughty, and to use their position of privilege in the service of others. They are to share what they have, not as though they are trying to be deloused (in order to give the lice to others), but rather because they are grateful, and they want to include others in the blessing.”

Skin and Blood, p. 59

Try the Mirror

“Whites must seek forgiveness from blacks (for their sins as biblically defined) and blacks must seek forgiveness from whites (for their sins as biblically defined). And if your reaction is defensive, seeing the need to seek forgiveness as a burden that only that other group has (whichever one it is), then congratulations—you are the problem.”

Skin and Blood, p. 59


“I have been in various forms of ’slavery controversies’ for at least a decade, and one of the most striking things about these controversies is the blithe disregard many Christians have for the blunt and very clear teaching on the subject in the New Testament. I have referenced a clear set of verses repeatedly, and over those years not one of my accusers has sought to engage with the plain teaching of the Bible. It is like I have been citing invisiverses.”

Skin and Blood, p. 57