Totus Lex

“Therefore, the Reformed tradition (the real one) holds that when describing what the law is, in all its parts and relations, we are talking about totus lex. And totus lex has a subordinate and honored place within the covenant of grace. Then Reformed historically have not held to a kind of radical dualism with law over here in stark opposition to grace over there.”

The Auburn Avenue Chronicles Vol. 2, p. 771

True Integration

“But there is a place of integration, a point where everything hangs together. In Christ, do law and grace meet in perfect harmony? If someone hates Christ, repelled by His aroma, do they recoil from both law and gospel, or from just one? In Christ, what do law and gospel do? According to the Westminster Confession, they do ‘sweetly comply’ with one another.”

The Auburn Avenue Chronicles Vol. 2, p. 770

Wiring It Right

“A minister is like a licensed electrician. He has to wire the room so that the lights work. But a child can flip on the lights. I want high standards for the theological electricians because this is the house of the Lord, and don’t want it to burn down. I want low standards (work with me here) for the people who live in the house. I want every three-year-old with curious fingers, and a rudimentary knowledge of cause and effect, to able to reach that light switch.”

The Auburn Avenue Chronicles Vol. 2, p. 765

The Number of Chicken Bones is Irrelevant

“I have gone through enough theological paradigm shifts to know when it is happening. I used to be Arminian, and now am Calvinist. I used to be baptistic and now am paedobaptistic. I used to be premill and now am postmill. I have learned to recognize it when the scenery changes outside the car window. But I was brought up as an evangelical Christian, I am an evangelical now, and if the doctrine of perseverance is what I take it to be, I will die an evangelical. Bottom line, this means that I hold that a man must be born again, must be given a new heart, in order to see the kingdom of heaven. I don’t care how many chicken bones the priest threw in the air at his baptism. If he is not converted to God in his heart by the glorious gift of the Spirit, then he is going to Hell.”

The Auburn Avenue Chronicles Vol. 2, p. 760