Woke Sisters

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One of the more important things my father taught me was always to act, “never react.” Now because we are creatures, we must react at some level, most notably in simple obedience to God and His Word. We are not autonomous beings, but rather creatures who are responsible to respond in appropriate ways. But if we respond to God in appropriate ways, if we are in step with the Spirit, it will look to the world as though we are radically out of step with them the entire time.

In short, the man who is utterly dependent upon God and His Word is going to seem to others as being radically independent. And even if he struggles against his remaining sin, and simply approximates that demeanor, not attaining to it fully, he will still seem to the watching world to be worthy of either imprisonment or stronger doses of medication.

I am frankly astonished at how much the evangelical world is capitulating to the tenets of political correctness. Our leadership is flaking on us, and we, dutiful followers, are flaking also. We live in a time when we need to be rallied by the Warriors of the Last Stand—and what we are getting instead is lectured by the Woke Sisters of the Prime Capitulation.

The worst of it is the appeasement. Churchill described an appeaser as one who throws others to the crocodiles, hoping to be the last one eaten. He knows what is going on, and is simply running a calculation that involves enhancing his chances of surviving. He says things like, “yes, I know, I am with you on the merits, and we all know that [the current outrage] is all messed up, but you just can’t say that. And if you insist on saying it, you are endangering us all, and we will have to take measures.” I won’t go into what those measures are, but it involves fat crocodiles.

To be sure, there are befuddled Christians who have actually bought into the Gramscian crap and so, bless their hearts, they are not appeasers. They really think it. When they urge us to embrace the group hug approach to every form of secular reconciliation known to man, be it racial, sexual, trans, denominational, or inter-galactic, they have not even noticed the tensions inherent in an approach that involves “embracing a group hug.” The whole thing is a contradictory shambles.