The Content Cluster Muster (03.22.18)

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Logos Online

Where I Debate Joel McDurmon

Lewis & Femininity

Longest Line in the US

What is the longest line in the lower 48? These guys figured it out.

Bilbo is Just Fifty Yards Further On

Open roads, open paths, whatever . . .

Now for another moment of liberal insanity

When Uncle Tom Becomes a Slur

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4 years ago

Interesting exchange with Joel McDurmon. Both parties in the debate are clearly very committed to the authority of God’s Word. Douglas Wilson maintains the more traditional hermeneutic that the homosexual laws have their basis in creational order and natural design and function, and that civil penalties would apply (in some form) under the sphere of civil jurisdiction in every age on the basis of, among other things, restraining cultural rebellion against the male and female design. On the other hand, Joel McDurmon seems to be advancing a “charim” argument that I’m not familiar with. He suggests that the homosexual act… Read more »