Or Two Crinkly Bags

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“Nothing is being said here about the gourmand who knows and understands good food, and would consequently prefer a meal bursting with the interplay of numerous intelligently placed spices to a meal on the couch from a crinkly bag, the name of which ends with that pervasive food group suffix –itos” (Food Catholic, p. 12).

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6 years ago

Took me 50 years to discover.

And do you know how simple it is to roast your own coffee? (not to mention quick and fun)

If you’ve been giving the lady only dried flowers the whole time, and then suddenly discover they make those things fresh! …

Or if you’ve bought days & days old bread, only to come upon fresh baked; wow.

Fresh home coffee roasting advocacy needs to come down from your pulpit!

Bro. Steve
Bro. Steve
6 years ago

Fritos are still pretty good. With a Diet Dr. Pepper and a thankful heart, life is made a salty smidge better.