Trinity Fest 2005, Day One

Of course, this is actually the pre-func stuff. Trinity Fest proper starts on Monday, but people are starting to roll in from all over, and the “kick-off” event tonight was the ball sponsored by NSA, what they call their “Windy.” The SUB ballroom was full tonight, with hundreds of people having a really good time. I had the privilege of dancing at different times in the first dance, the Grand March, with two of my grand-daughters, Belphoebe and Hero, ages three and two respectively. They were a lot shorter than just about all the other dancers, but had a wonderful time. Hero even had the curtsey down by the end of the dance. The dances are great fun — for example, a Scottish polka, a reel, and a posties jig, which involves, I am convinced, a higher order of math.

As I was sitting out the Scottish polka (which is a mixer), I was blessed thinking about the Trinity and community, and the fact that our triune God is the only true basis for deep community. Each of the dancers is related in some way to each of the other dancers, but each is related fundamentally to the one they started with. Broad social relations are made possible, and yet you still “dance with the one what brung ya.”

While I was holding Judah, my nine-month-old grandson, he got my tie discombobulated, and when he was done, I was such a sight that my wife was embarrassed for me, took the tie off and put it in her purse. We left early — big day tomorrow, and a goodly amount of company after church to get ready for. And that is it for day one.

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