Stand By for a Cordial Discussion

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A number of months ago, John Armstrong asked me if I would mind writing a response to a review of A Serrated Edge in one of his publications, and I agreed happily. After they published it, we would then do the same. Unfortunately, they were providentially hindered from publishing the exchange and so the other day John suggested to me that we simply proceed. So the next post after this one will be a review of my book by John Frame, and the post after that will be my reply.

Hovering over the whole discussion will be the shade of Blaise Pascal. I came across this quote a while ago, and have been wondering where to put it. So why not here?

“Indeed, reverend sirs, there is a vast difference between laughing at religion and laughing at those who profane it by their extravagant opinions. It were impiety to be wanting in respect for the verities which the Spirit of God has revealed; but it were no less impiety of another sort to be wanting in contempt for the falsities which the spirit of man opposes to them”

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