Lord Willing and the Creeks Don’t Rise

Here is the breakdown for our upcoming Trinity Fest, our second annual event of this nature and magnitude. Just around the corner, check your calenders.

That Monday, after registration and kicking off with some history lectures, the party begins with St. Brigid’s Feast. Last year we consumed vast quantities of bone-in chicken swimming in a custom Heirloom Electric sauce. This year we’ll pay tribute to the good life with grilled petite sirloin beef-skewers over a bed of zippily-marinated vegetables. After packing in the seams with fruit, bread, and of course, potato (living in Idaho as we do, the potato is the state flower), we then wrap things up with strawberry rhubarb pies (produced en masse by a dandy little local bakery) and Tillamook Vanilla Bean ice cream, overpacked into containers by people who apparently understand the meaning of the Sabbath, which around here amounts to “don’t say when.”

Monday night, New St. Andrews College is hosting themselves a ball (a windy we call them ‘round here) and when the little hand points to eight, a performance of P.G. Wodehouse’s Leave it to Psmith directed by Tom Garfield will begin. This is high comedy in the Wodehouse way, and we encourage your young men to come and learn something from Psmith (the P is silent).

Tuesday will see us working through a morning’s worth of talks (that amount to historical revisionism according to one local doctor of philosophy, which is okay with us, so long as the talks are true) and that afternoon, people can feel free to wander freely before the evening activities, or they can head down to Main Street to take in a some of activities scheduled for the two theaters, including a Chesterton marathon reading and some short films. We are thrilled to say that one of these films will be based upon a young Winston Churchill in captivity during the Boer War (filmed in stop action with lego men). We will also show a trilogy of short films written and produced by Douglas Jones.

At five o’clock two blocks of Main Street will close and at six the live music will start. The live music will be similar to last year, only better, and I will be singing at least one song that I first learned from Joan Baez. This year, the jumpy castle, and twenty-five cent sno-cones and cotton candy will be back, in addition to other food vendors and an official beer and wine garden (wine served by a local winery). Live music and hotdog/burrito/etc. consumption will continue there until ten, but at eight another performance of Leave it to Psmith will begin and, for those with overheated children, the local aquatic center will be open for T-fest families.

Wednesday will see more of us thinking deep historical thoughts as a result of the deep historical talks, and there will be some more downtown activities through the afternoon including a performance by a classical guitarist (Jordan Brownlee) and the winners of the Poetry on Meat readings. That evening, we will all collapse contentedly into seats at our main venue for a final concert.

We hope to see your smiling faces there. Official registration deadline is this Friday.

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