Keep Yourselves From Idols

Your only redemption is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Your only Redeemer is the Son of God sent from heaven. He is the image of the only wise God, and He is the way to the Father. You are called to worship God the Father through Him, and you are called to do so in honesty, truth, and humility.

None of you are idolaters in the gross sense. None of you, I trust, burn candles in front of grotesque statues, and you do not leave baskets of fruit on the doorsteps of heathen temples. But the human mind produces idols the way an open field produces thistles – it is not a difficult process. This remains a significant problem even when we have been converted to God. Throughout all Scripture, God’s people are warned away from idolatry, and it is a mistake of the first order to think this warning is satisfied through the simple abandonment of external idolatries.

So, hear this as your call to worship; dear children, keep yourselves from idols.

Abandon the idols of materialistic greed – a man is more than the sum of his possessions.

Abandon the idols of entertainment – a man must play to the glory of God, and not to the amusement of self.

Abandon the idols of the carnal intellectual – a man must bring every thought captive to Christ.

Abandon the idols of the American civil religion – we live in a time when it is most necessary for every Christian to know that the God on his coins is not the God of the Bible.

Abandon the idols of individualism – God will save and deliver His people, or He will save and deliver no one.

And having put aside all these idols, and any others you might find, come, enter into the worship of God, and renew the covenant with Him now.

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