Lord of the Beans

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I have sometimes lamented our contemporary loss of any sense of antiquity, grandeur, or nobility. I have argued that the trivialization of Bible stories in things like Veggie Tales represents a far greater tone deafness to the story as God told it than any gain it represents in knowledge of broad plot outlines, or in the inculcation of the moralistic “lessons.”

As a reductio, I have sometimes used the absurd example of what would happen if radical contextualizing missionaries tried to reach out to Muslims by making a Veggie Tales rendition of the Koran. The unhappy result would be fatwas everywhere, and jihad in between. I have also tried to show how silly this would be if someone tried to do The Lord of the Rings as a Veggie Tale. Well, as I have noted in other contexts, these are difficult days to be a satirist. And they actually did it.

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