Review: God Is Not a Story: Realism Revisited

God Is Not a Story: Realism Revisited
God Is Not a Story: Realism Revisited by Francesca Aran Murphy
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Good book, but dense. It is sad that she had to write it, what with so many bright souls writing so much theology with six-syllable words in such a way as to require an answer. But she did rise to the occasion, and we are glad. As modern theology marches steadily toward its terminus of perichoretic atheism, some people just sit there with their fingers in their ears. But Francesca Murphy wrote a book. However appreciate we might be, may the Lord hasten the day when all such books are unnecessary.

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Matt Massingill
Matt Massingill

Pastor Doug, I know this is just a short review, but your comments have made me curious here. Given your comments in the link below from 3:25 – 4:37, and similar comments you’ve made over the years in your teaching and writings, I would expect you to part ways with her. The book’s synopsis seems to indicate that the author sees the concept of story/narrative as applied to scripture as problematic. I’ve gotten the opposite impression from your teaching over the years (and to my great edification, I might add). What gives? Is she saying something a bit more nuance… Read more »

Andrew Lohr

Note the price is $126 per copy or so.


Then may the Lord hasten doubletime.