Book of the Month/February 2024

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Apart from any of the specifics, there are a number of obvious things about this book by Rosaria Butterfield. The first is that she serves a very good God. The second is that she has a very good husband. The third is that she has a really fine pastor. And God in His goodness gave her the last two, combined in one man, Kent Butterfield.

This woman thinks and writes like someone who is well-loved.

This is a marvelous book. If you read her earlier book, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert, you will be on familiar territory (but only here and there). In the earlier book, she simply gave her testimony. Here she is interacting with some of the most powerful lies of our age, and she does it by dissecting those lies, and at certain places giving us something of an annotated testimony. When she gets into her story of her pilgrimage out of radical lesbianism, it is the same basic transition, but with more information, and all very helpful.

I was grateful for a number of things. Her main target is revolutionary egalitarianism, an ideology which has a supporting cast of five lies. She is primarily writing for women who might be vulnerable and exposed to these lies. She is very straightforward about her attempts at sinful compromises earlier on in her Christian life (e.g. pronoun “hospitality”). She is unafraid to put her finger on the root spiritual issues—for example, the fact that the sexual revolution is being driven by envy. She is unembarrassed about defending biblical patriarchy. She is not spooked by scary words like patriarchy.

Kudos should also be extended to Crossway, for not editing her down to an orthodox nullity.

This book is really well worth your time.