Book of the Month/April 2021

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And here we have a book that a lot of orthodox Christians need. They know that they believe in the Trinity, but would be hard pressed to defend that belief if challenged on it.

This book is a marvelous introduction to the subject. And if someone complains to you that the word Trinity is not in the Bible, all you need do is point out that the word Bible is not in the Bible either.

White works methodically through the biblical passages that make a Trinitarian conclusion altogether necessary. Christians are monotheists; there is only one God. This God is tri-personal, and what does that mean?

Christians don’t confess that one is three, or that three is somehow one. Rather, we confess that we worship one God in three persons, Father, Son, and Spirit. The one and the three have different predicates.

This staggering conclusion was made necessary by the ministry and work of the Lord Jesus, who was entirely human, but who did not fit within any of our human categories. White demonstrates, from Scripture, that there is only one God, and that the Father is that God, the Son is that God, and the Spirit is that God, and that the Father is not the Son, etc.

White does a valuable service here. He simply shows what the biblical claims are, and does not attempt, like the heretics do, to make the math work out at their own pitiful level of understanding. The subject is immense, and White’s book is accessible. Highly recommended.