The Content Cluster Muster (04.01.21)

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I’ll be fighting’, laughing’, and feastin’

Come out for SD for the FLF conference, I will be speaking, along with Ben Merkle, Rev. Joe Boot, N.D. Wilson, Steve Deace, and Sheriff Wheeler.

Sign up and register at

So There We Have It

Two Good Ones

More here.

Comfort Food

There Are People Out There Who Care About Things Like This

It is a serious problem, guys.

The Spirit That Made America Great

When you survive a bear attack and then celebrate with your friends afterwards with ice cream

Why Boys Need Parents

Is ACSI Going Woke?

Go to the five minute mark and watch. ACSI stands for the Association of Christian Schools International.

Only One K Short in the Initials Department

Some thoughtful soul with the initials KK gave a donation to the Northwest Abortion Access Fund folks in my name. I guess that showed me.

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some human
some human
6 months ago

Best cluster muster in a while. Well done, sir!

6 months ago

Who can even know whether the specimens are male or female? Sounds more like cisgender bias to me.