A Lifting Up for the Downcast

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A Lifting Up for the Downcast Book Cover A Lifting Up for the Downcast
William Bridge
Banner of Truth
1649, 1979

A marvelous book. I have been chipping away at this book for some time, using a page or two of it as a quarry for my weekly meditations on the Lord’s Supper. My reason for doing that is that I wanted those meditations to be encouraging, and who is more encouraging than the Puritans?

And this book once again puts the lie to the ludicrous notion that the Puritans were a censorious lot. The best cure for that is actually to read them. When it comes to the cure of souls, the Puritan pastors are unparalleled — scriptural, sympathetic, insightful, encouraging, comforting, and wise. This book one more glorious representative of that wisdom.

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