The Miracle Below

“He might tell us about the time He sent one of His celestial glories down into our sky over Bethlehem. And He did this to especially mark the most remarkable thing that He ever did — His eternal Word took the form of a baby boy. And the miracle in the sky above was nothing in comparison to the miracle in Mary’s arms in the house below” (God Rest Ye Merry, pp. 40-41).

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3 comments on “The Miracle Below

  1. We’ve grown so accustomed to thinking of the world in terms of mechanism, with the machine as metaphor.  Miracles in this scheme are thought to be suspensions of natural laws.  To understand the world as created, upheld, and governed by God is to see it as a miracle in itself; the world is miracle in this broadest sense.  It is full of miracles.  God is providential, but we often don’t read life that way.

  2. @Jon.
    Chesterton would give your comment a thumbs up!.

  3. C. S. Lewis wrote a book called “Miracles,” which is worth reading.  It’s amazing how narrowly defined miracles often are in pentecostal circles.  If God doesn’t visibly and audibly penetrate their surroundings, no miracles are said to happen.  It’s terrible.  They write off everything God does in our lives and in our world.  Meanwhile, they insist on praying for ultimate healing and grow impatient when it does not occur.  Then they accuse each other of not possessing faith, yet they are without faith for missing every other miracle around them!

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