Rebuild and Do Battle

The seed of the serpent, subtle and crafty, Beguiles the good, and then goes for the throat. God made us for mercy, in mercy we conquer.   Doubt and despair are the devil’s two fists, So know that no knowledge or notion can save us. The grace of the gospel will guard what we have.   Our lusts are his lures, our loves are deranged. With baubles from Babel to break every heart. Our choices are chains, His choices free us.   The word fights this war, with weapons deployed, High arguments, angular, but able to topple All voices of vanities, vicious companions.   Our Savior was sent and was seed of the woman, And wisdom is winsome. That woman was all, Cornerstone, capstone, and columns of marble.   With wrath on our wreckage, smoke rises deserted, Our temples temptations, yet trials are hopeful. Our blessings are brutal, but brought by our Father.   So shovels and swords are the sum of … [Read more...]

Falling on Deaf Ears

So then, what is the point of recycling basement tapes if actual tapes are not involved? It was long enough ago that I am not sure about the basement, but in addition to some songs from Angelfood, I hope also gradually to post some other songs here as well -- these from an album called Falling on Deaf Ears. The attached photo is what we used for the cover art. This set of songs was sort of an in betweeny thing with Mountain Angel Band on one side and The Jenny Geddes Band on the other. Here is one cut from that if-you-want-you-can-call-it-an-album -- it was on cassette only. This song is called White Falls Down From the Streetlight. The lyrics are below. Sorry for the one part that cuts out near the end. White Falls Down From the Streetlight White falls down from the streetlight, The sidewalk is gray like a bone, A young man dies in a street fight; He dies alone. Red light is over the doorway, A young girl is standing inside. I don't think that her … [Read more...]

Peace Peace Peace

Angelfood Front

So one of the things I am trying to learn how to do in these new digs -- like the foolish women in Paul, I am always learning and never coming to a knowledge of the truth -- is how to post an audio. In the spirit of adventure, let us try this . . . And of course, it is another cut from Angelfood.           Correction: this song is actually from Falling on Deaf Ears. Just goes to show how long ago it all was. … [Read more...]

Hold Your Peace: ICYMI

So, then, there is this little side activity of mine that shows up in public from from time to time, and which would seem to require some explanation. The Jenny Geddes Band is a group of friends that like music as much as I do, and which has a floating, inchoate, but very loyal membership. The band is named after the stalwart Scottish woman who threw her milking stool at the head of the minister when he attempted to introduce Anglican forms of prayer at St. Giles Cathedral in 1637. When she threw the stool, she yelled, "De'il gie you colic, the wame o’ ye, fause thief; daur ye say Mass in my lug?" which was a quaint way of expressing the pious wish that the devil would give the minister colic in the stomach, for he was a false thief, who dared to say Mass in her ear. None of this was printed beforehand in the bulletin, and it all led to the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. She needs more things named after her, and so we obliged. But I got distracted. The Jenny Geddes Band is pleased … [Read more...]

A Mind-Bending Apologetic

Hound Heaven

The Hound of Heaven is premiering in London later this week at the Raindance Film Festival, and you can see the trailer for it here at The Hollywood Reporter. It is a short film, so it will not be releasing in the usual theater way. When it is available I will beat the drum here in such a way as to help you find out how to see it. This short film is remarkable in any number of ways, but the most remarkable thing about it is that it exists at all. A Victorian opium addict wrote a Victorian poem about all the baubles he had decided to pursue instead of Christ, and as he pursued them, he realized that he was being inexorably pursued. Bring this poem into a 21st century setting, have the pursuing hound of Heaven be represented by the rap artist Propaganda, mix in a hard series of surrealistic images, and you have a short movie that can speak across centuries. When you consider the dilemma of mankind, you realize that there is nothing peculiarly Victorian about it -- although the … [Read more...]

Being Out of Place Doesn’t Mean Uncomfortable . . .

Roll Coal

I had the pleasure of filling the pulpit this morning at All Souls in Lewiston, a church plant of Christ Church. We were joined there by IV Conerly, who was visiting, along with the Chocolate Knox and his delightful family. After the service IV gave us his recent (rap) album entitled The Unknown God. A little bit later, Nancy and I had our nice drive back to Moscow, and so we listened to our very first rap album together. Now I cannot claim that I rolled down the windows at intersections, in order to make the windows of the other cars throb, but I have to confess that I did at least think about it. Before making my (appreciative) comments, let me confess that I really am out of my element. I am like the owner of a Prius at a Rolling Coal conference. I am like Chris Rock at a Monster Truck rally. I am like Richard Dawkins at a soup kitchen testimony meeting. The first thing is that it reinforced my earlier thoughts on rap. This was good work, and a great example of what I was … [Read more...]