An Uncommon Common Meal

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We are gathered here to eat the Lord’s Supper, not our own suppers. We all have homes of our own, and kitchens in them, and dining rooms. We have left behind our own food. This is not because we are ungrateful for it, but rather because we know that our food is not the food God supplies to us in this covenant context.

We are not here to seek our own. When you are at home, you eat your own lunch, and not someone else’s. But here, we share a common meal, taken from one loaf. Therefore, in eating and drinking here, you are acknowledging that God wants you to seek the good of others, to see Christ in your brother and sister, and to eat to the strengthening of their body, of which you are a part.

Your physical body does need nourishment — you have houses to eat and drink in. But you are fundamentally members of this house, and you are fed here. By faith, you feed on Christ. Christ is seated at the head of the table, Christ is the meal on the table, and Christ is present in all those who sit around the table together with you. This can only be seen by faith, and you are charged to see it. Put away all sin, repent of it, turn away from it, and eat by faith what grace has prepared.

So come, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.