The Plow of God

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God plows his people. He deals with us, and He deals with us here in the Supper. He deals with sin in the Supper.

This is very different from us trying to deal with sin on our own before we come, in order to make ourselves worthy. That misses the point, almost entirely. You do not improve yourselves, and then come here for the reward. Of course, living in known and overt sin is inconsistent with coming to the Table, and we do require you to confess your sins in the service before coming to the Table. But this does not mean you arrive at this Table in a sinless condition. God still is dealing with us, gently, patiently, for He is God our Savior.

God plows us here, and as He plows, rocks that were buried deep start coming to the surface. The rocks that we lying on the surface should have been confessed by you already. But when God uses this Table to cause rocks to arise from the depths of your heart, and they confront you here, do not be dismayed. God is dealing with all of us.

And when the rock is lying on the surface, it is not your job to remove it. It is not as though God’s part is to point, and your part is the hard work of hauling it off. God’s work in your life is to identify, and He enables you to confess, honestly and openly, surrendered to Him completely. And then He takes it away. He is our Savior.

Our task in this is to be saved. It is quite true that you have been saved already; you are freely justified through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. But according to the Word, we are also being saved, and at the last day, we will be saved. And each day that we live before God is part of this sovereign process that He oversees.

In this, what does He call you to? Be patient, for you are the patient.

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