Distinctions Within the Covenant

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God makes distinctions between particular congregations. He does not divide the world into two great categories, the baptized and unbaptized, and treat them all accordingly.

But neither does He treat everyone according to their individual status alone. It is true that everyone stands or falls at the Last Day one at a time, and God deals with each individual human heart. But this is not all He does.

God speaks to particular congregations, to particular generations, to groups of people in particular situations. So it is far too glib to invite, with great encouragement, all the baptized to approach this Table.

God speaks one way to Ephesus, and another way to Thyatira. He pronounces judgment on the Israel of the first century while at the same time rescuing the remnant. He comforts His discouraged sheep who have had burdens tied on their backs by self-important Pharisees, men who themselves carry none of the load.

You as a congregation come from a generation of recovering pietists, recovering individualists, recovering introspectionists. You are therefore summoned to come, and to come with great gladness. But do not turn this into a universal, one-size-fits-all approach.

You might wonder, what is His Word to mainstream Presbyterians? To strict, conservative Lutherans? To fundamental Baptists? But this is not the place for that question. What is that to you? You follow Christ. You must fellowship with Him here. To their own master they will answer, and to your master you will answer. In the great covenant God has established, that master is the Lord Jesus, and it is sufficient for us that His wisdom distinguishes.

Come, learn from Him now.

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