Sardonic Laughter

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Book I/Chapter 3

Natural Knowledge (section 1)

1. Does the human mind have a natural and innate knowledge of God?

2. In Calvin’s mind, is this up for dispute?

3. What effect does this knowledge have upon sinful men?

4. How is idolatry a testimony to this knowledge of God?

Religious Invention (section 2)

1. Have men crafted various religious superstitions in order to manipulate and control other men?

2. How can we say that this is not the origin of religion or piety itself?

3. Does defiance of God make men bold?

4. How does atheism testify to this knowledge of God?

Impossible Atheism (section 3)

1. Can men successfully eradicate the knowledge of God which is planted within them?

2. How does “sardonic laughter” testify to the living God?

3. What does Calvin mean when he refers to “degeneration from the law of our creation?”

4. Was this understood by pagan philosophers?

5. What distinguishes man from beast?

These questions are for the readings for January 9, 2009, day 9, and can be found here.

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