Getting a One Day Jump On It

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Book I/Chapter 4

Superstition (section 1)

1. If men fall into superstition through ignorance, does this excuse them?

2. What is their blindness combined with?

3. How do ignorant and superstitious men measure God?

4. What is the object of such men’s worship?

5. What is the danger of wanting to know more than is fitting?

Rebellion (section 2)

1. How do men deliberately befuddle themselves?

2. Does Calvin believe that Ps. 14:1 and 53:1 are describing what might be called “pure” atheism? Is God’s existence denied?

3. Can someone deny God without formally denying His existence?

4. Can men through this rebellion get completely away from God?

Idolatry (section 3)

1. What is a common defense for superstition?

2. When men fashion an idol, what are they really worshipping?

Hypocrisy (section 4)

1. Can unbelievers fear God?

2. What kind of fear is it? What distinguishes it from righteous fear?

3. What does the hypocrite want to seem to be doing?

4. What is the confidence of the hypocrite?

5. What does a hypocrite do in times of trouble?

These questions are for the readings for January 10, 2009, day 10, and can be found here.


Starting today, I am going to try to post these questions one day ahead. This means that those (for example) in the UK won’t have to do the reading and answer the questions at midnight if I post them in the afternoon. Having them a day ahead might give good heads up time for Americans too.

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