Prayer for the King

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Prefatory Address to King Francis 1 of France

Tumults Alleged to Result from Reformation Preaching (7)

1. When the Word of God is active, what is the response of Satan?

2. What did Satan try first to oppose the Reformation? What was his second move?

3. What examples from Scripture does Calvin produce with regard to the same charge? List three.

4. In the New Testament, when the apostles saw that the gospel was resulting in tumults, what ought they to have done?

Prefatory Address to King Francis 1 of France

Let the King Beware of Acting on False Charges: The Innocent Await Divine Vindication (8)

1. How does Calvin address the charge that the Reformers were seditious?

2. Even though they are on the run, what do the Protestants continue to pray for?

3. What does Calvin believe should be done with those who “deck out” their vices in the liberty of God’s grace?

4. If the king determines not to listen, how does Calvin warn him?

5. What is Calvin’s final prayer for the king?

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