Dual Knowledge

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Knowledge of Self (section 1)

1. In what sense can we say that Calvin’s epistemology has dual starting points?

2. Does Calvin argue for God’s existence, or does he assume it?

3. Would Calvin agree that in order to know God a man must know himself as knowing?

4. Would Calvin agree that this means that a man should start his epistemological journey by trying to come to a knowledge of himself?

5. What is the motive a man should have in turning from knowledge of himself to knowing God?

Knowledge of God (section 2)

1. What does knowledge of God reveal to a man?

2. Who is the sole standard of all judgment of man?

3. Why is man easily satisfied with counterfeit righteousness?

4. What is the relation between that which is “less vile” and that which is “most pure?”

5. What is Calvin’s view of autonomous ethics?

6. What will a vision of God do to our view of the study of philosophy?

Fearing God (section 3)

1. How does Scripture commonly represent saints who have felt the presence of God?

2. What is necessary before a man rightly understands his own lowly state?

3. What powerful argument overwhelms men?

4. Although the knowledge of God and self are intertwined, what does right teaching require us to discuss first?

5. What can we do in our corporate worship to cultivate a right view of God?

The daily readings can be found here.

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