Nicodemus and Judas

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The current controversy over the objectivity of the covenant is caused, in part, by the penchant certain theologians have for ignoring the importance of plot lines in story. These plot lines obviously show up in the stories of Scripture, and consequently, a lot of confusion results from theologians treating plot problems as though they were math problems. But Nicodemus was a card-carrying member of the Sanhedrin, the body which condemned Jesus. And Judas was a card-carrying member of the Twelve. Plot involves plot twists, of the kind one ought not to get while doing a math problem. “And then the 7 betrayed his fellow odd numbers and became a 6!”

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Kevin Brendler
Kevin Brendler
6 years ago

” … confusion results from theologians treating plot problems as though they were math problems.”

That’s EXACTLY what happens when you major in the ordo salutis and neglect the historia salutis. You get theological computationists.

The Reformed would be FAR better off had they not regarded Ridderbos and Gaffin as electives.