Capitol Prayers

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Once a fledgling minister was sitting quietly in the back of presbytery. He had not yet learned all the ropes, and was silently enduring until the time came when he would be called upon to speak. He had made it through three meetings of presbytery this way, and it looked as if it was soon to be a fourth.

The last agenda item was a request from a prayer breakfast organization in the state capital, the request being that they would like the presbytery to supply someone to join the rotation of ministers who opened the legislative proceedings with prayer. When it became apparent to our young minister that the request was being seriously entertained, he was provoked beyond endurance, and rose to speak. When he did, it was in opposition to the motion, and when called upon to give an account of his reasoning, he simply appealed to Scripture.

“It is not right to turn a den of thieves into a house of prayer.”

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