The God Who Dwells With Us

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Our gracious Father and only-wise God, You have made a way for us to approach You through the kind name of Jesus Christ our Lord. We worship You now in and through Him, confident that You will receive our worship because we come to You through Christ the Lord

Through Your Son, You are Immanuel, the God who dwells with us. We praise You, not as the distant God, or an absent God, but rather as the God who has shaped us into a Temple, living stones brought together, in which Your holiness is content to reside. How you have fashioned such a holy Temple out of such sinful materials is beyond all praise, and yet we acknowledge with gratitude that this is what You have done.

Your wisdom is beyond us, and yet, Your wisdom dwells among us. We come before You now, therefore, in order to render the worship to You that You have made possible.

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