For the Giant’s Forehead

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We are the Church militant. We have not yet entered into the final Sabbath rest of the resurrection, and we still contend with unbelieving forces that array themselves against the God of heaven, and which, like Goliath, taunt the armies of God.

Like the armies of Israel at that time, the church today is largely cowering in the tents, wondering if anything can be done. After all, Goliath, with his booming voice, controlled the media of the day, and dominated all the airwaves.

David was not daunted, but was rather greatly offended that such an uncircumcised lout would be permitted by the faithful to continue his tirade. David, in faith, picked up five smooth stones, as should we. If I may use a figure, the book of Psalms is divided into five books, each of them well-suited for a giant’s forehead. The Church militant has forgotten her condition, and we have left our spiritual guns at home. We do not employ the weapons given to us by God, and if prevailed upon to speak, it is to complain about people like David, who would unsettle the rabbit-hearted truce we have worked out with the Philistines.

In the history of the Church, God has used the psalms we are recovering as a wonderful means of bringing down unbelieving, uncircumcised giants. And not only this, but they are also a means of rousing and restoring unbelieving, circumcised armies. Sing the psalms and hymns this morning as though you were in David’s position, because you are.

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