Content Cluster Muster [09-21-23]

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Keepin’ Cool

A Trippy Little AI Pentecost

And if you want to do this to your own self, check it out here.

Open Road

And more here.

A Song I Really Like for Some Reason

Funny How That Goes

HT: Samuel Cherubin

Iosif Buianovskii

And Another Podcast Also

And here is the audio version, if you do things that way . . .

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Steven Opp
Steven Opp
2 months ago

Did you mean to post your podcast episode with Chase Davis, not his interview with Rainbow?

Nice One, Gilder. Very Cool
Nice One, Gilder. Very Cool
2 months ago

For those wondering, here’s Doug’s podcast

2 months ago

Thanks for reviewing Mangalwadi’s excellent book. I am surprised how little traction it has gained in Christendom, given how important the topic and the quality with which it is delivered.  In regards to your analogy of living off the credit of our Christian heritage, I find it interesting that while the United States left the Father’s house a few decades later than Europe, it seems hell-bent on spending down the inheritance faster in one bodacious binge of debauchery. Euro culture is starting to look friendlier every day. Any thoughts on that, or just a reflection of our doing everything bigger,… Read more »