Some Adventures of Fun Dad


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Some years ago, I decided I wanted to write a picture book for kids. In my typical foot-dragging way, I fooled around with this and that. The initial working title was The Attack of the Goofniggles, but that got changed—even though goofniggles do enter into it.

Eventually I got the text more or less done, and recruited my granddaughter Lucia to do the illustrations. Because of the nature of the beast, the price of this one going to be a little bit bigger than the usual one clam that I charge. This one will be two clams. I mean, there are pictures involved in it In color.

The digital version can be obtained here in the usual way. But if you want something to wrap up and put under the tree—which is a noble desire which should everywhere be encouraged—it will be possible to obtain hardback and paperback copies through Amazon here. Because those books are not made out of ones and zeros the way these digital puppies are, they are a good deal more expensive. The hardback over there is $21.50, and the paperback is $13.00. In fact, you should click on that link and go look at those prices directly for no other reason than that you might be amazed at what a deal we are offering here.

We can’t help it. We are just that way.

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