Content Cluster Muster [05-19-22]

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Jokes I Like to Tell

Once there was an elderly couple who lived a few miles out in the country. They had a nice country home, with a few out buildings. It was a wonderful view, and was very suitable most of the time, but it was located on a desolate stretch of road. One of the downsides of living there was that it could get pretty worrisome and scary.

One night, just before the couple were about to turn in, they heard unmistakable noises coming from their shed. There was some kind of intruder. The husband had installed cameras everywhere because of how deserted it was out there, and a quick check revealed that there were burglars out in the shed—three of them.

He quickly called 911, and reported that he had just confirmed that there were three intruders in his shed, and they were in fact loading stuff into their pick-up.

The woman at dispatch said that she was really sorry, but that there were no officers currently available. They were all out on call. He said, “Are you sure?” And she said, “Yes,” and that they would send someone the moment someone became available. “Lock your doors, and stay safe,” she said.

The husband hung up, and with fear in her eyes his wife said, “What are we going to do?”

With a twinkle in his eye, the husband picked up the phone again, called 911 again and said, “Never mind, ma’am. I shot all three of ‘em, and now it looks like the dogs are eatin’ ‘em.” And with that he hung up.

Within minutes a number of cop cars came screaming down the driveway, and they swarmed the shed, and caught all three burglars red-handed. They were promptly hauled, and when the sergeant came to the door of the house to wrap things up, he said, “Dispatch said that you said that you shot those guys, and that the dogs were eating them.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t pay any attention to that,” the husband said. “Dispatch also said that no officers were available.”

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1 year ago

Speaking of links, here’s something any sane U.S. Christian (or simply citizen) should happily sign and email.
Yes to HR 419 – Remove the US from the WHO (

1 year ago

Great joke!! :)